Every post on my blog is written in my own words, contains my own content, thoughts, photographs, and opinion. Each item that I feature on my blog, is purchased by myself with my own money, unless otherwise stated (see below).

Products sent to me, in consideration of a review.
I will always be honest if a product featured on my blog isn't purchased with my own money, and if it is something that is kindly sent to me by a company for free, in return of a review or not.

A product/sample that has been sent to me courtesy of a company will clearly be marked 'c/o of' or '*' to mark the product as sent to me, for free, in return of a review, or mention in a blog post. I may also mention that the product was sent to me, by using wording such as 'X kindly sent me X to try'. I will always clearly state when a product is sent to me, for free.

 By marking the post/product it clearly shows which products I have purchased with my own money, and which products were kindly sent to me. The majority of products mentioned on my blog are purchased with my own money.

Sponsored Content/Ads
If a company has contacted me and asked me to share their content on my blog, or to write a post featuring links to their website, or brand in return of a payment, via content such as sponsored posts, at the bottom of the blog post it will  state '*sponsored post'

Reviews will always contain my honest opinion..
If I do accept PR, and choose to work with brands whether it be through product reviews or sponsored posts, I will always give my 100% honest opinion. If a company send me a product and it doesn't work well for me, I will state this in the blog post, giving a clear reason why it didn't work for me, in a tactful way. This is the way I have always been on my blog and I will never lie to my readers and tell them a product is the best thing since sliced bread just for the sake of a free product. My reader's trust is something I value highly. It has taken me a long time to build readers trust, no amount of free products will sway this or my opinion. I believe that honesty is the best policy and that I'm here to help my readers, share new and exciting products and not pull the wool over their eyes.

PR / Sponsor Opportunities
If you are a company looking to work with me, I would absolutely love to hear from you.  I am currently blogging full time and I am keen to get involved in any blogging opportunities that are available to me!

Affilate Marketing links -
My blog contains some affilate marketing links via Shop Style Collective. An example is on the left sidebar, where I show products I'm currently 'lusting' over via my 'Current Wishlist'. This is simply a display of products I like, and want to share with my lovely, likeminded readers. Another way I share affilate marketing links is through wishlist type posts, for example '20 things for under £20', or 'Payday Wishlist' as well as general posts where I may link a product to the website it is available to purchase from. Usually you will be able to see when I have used an affilate link, as the text will be pink and if you click on it, it will take you to a website that the product is available from, via Shop Style Collective. This means if you click on any of the items, or then go on to buy any of the items through clicking on the affilate links, I may make a small amount of money. You do not have to click or buy any items, however if you choose to purchase items through my links it will not cost you any more or less. I would never choose to promote something, that I don't genuinely love and that I wouldn't buy myself, I simply love sharing pretty things and helping you guys out by linking the items to websites where they are available to purchase from! I may also share affilate links through, Twitter or Instagram. In this case, I will clearly mark affilate links ''#af' I hope you understand why I choose to do this, I've got to feed that lipstick addiction somehow. :)

 If you have any questions about my disclaimer policy, you can find ways to contact me here  or alternatively email me directly > theperksofbeingsharna@hotmail.com 

All photographs are my own, and are edited by me unless otherwise stated. If I use an image that is not my own, I will always leave the image source below the image. 

If you have any questions about my disclaimer, or if you are a company looking to work with me, I would love to hear from you, please feel free to email me -  theperksofbeingsharna@hotmail.com

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