Be Back Soon. ♥

Sunday, 3 December 2017

♥ Hi my loves,
Just wanted to leave you a short note to say I haven't forgotten about my little corner of the web, or any of you guys for that matter, it's just that this little space has to take a back seat for a little while. As you know I'm currently renovating my dream home, so spare time is very rare and any time I do get I'm trying to spend with loved ones, and indulge in a bit of self care. It's been a really stressful few months but I can say it's totally going to be worth it once the house is finished. I'm in love with it already.

 I've also had some problems with my wisdom teeth and have been really poorly over the past few weeks, so sorry I've been so quiet on here! I really hope that you're all enjoying the festive season and getting into the Christmas spirit. I promise I will be back with lots of exciting content as soon as I can. I'm constantly updating my Instagram and posting on Insta Stories so follow me here on Insta for a daily dose of all things Sharna, or on Twitter, here to keep up to date with my daily life!

I will be back very, very soon! I cannot wait to get back into writing on here!
Lots of love,
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