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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Hiya, you lovely lot! Well, if you've been reading my blog for quite some time, you'll know that I'm a lady that is quite obsessed with all things Haircare. I've been on the biggest haircare journey, being every hair colour you can possibly imagine, letting my poor locks go through the stress of going from blonde, to brunette, to blonde to brunette, to red, to blonde, just one more time. Before finally settling on blonde, as I feel like it's the only colour that's actually suited me after all these years. Thrown into the mix is all the extra heat damage from the excessive straightening of my hair during my teenage years. Anywho, as you can probably imagine my hair has been left fairly damaged after everything I'd put it through, and over a year ago, I decided enough was enough. I needed to invest in some good haircare products and at least try to restore some health and love back into my poor locks. Fast forward to now, I can say it's finally worked and my blonde hair is looking a lot less dry and frazzled. As a beauty blogger, I'm forever trying new products, and never stick to the same old thing on my hair, so today I thought I'd share a few of the haircare products that have made a difference to my hair in the last few months, and ones that I've really enjoyed using! I hope you find something you love too! ♥

♥ Olaplex No3 Take Home Treatment - £32 - I would only recommend buying this from a salon, as there are a lot of fake options online that aren't safe. So pop into your local salon and see if they're a stockist. 

If you haven't heard of Olaplex before, where have you been hiding for the past year?! It's been the talks of the haircare/beauty world with major stars including Kim Kardashian using Olaplex to keep her hair in good condition as she went from dark brunette to bleach blonde in one sitting. Olaplex aims to repair and reconnect the bonds that are damaged through hair colouring. It promises stronger, healthier hair, with longer lasting colour and if you're going blonde, or maintaining bleached, or blonde hair, then this is a must in your haircare routine. My hair stylist won't even touch my hair without applying Olaplex, as she says the damage just isn't worth it. 

Olaplex No3 is the take home treatment that can be used at home. To get the full Olaplex experience you must get your hair dyed in the salon, where your stylist will mix Olaplex No1 into your hair dye, and apply it to your hair, this will then be washed away as you wash the dye away, and the second Olaplex treatment, you got it right, Olaplex No2, will be applied after rinsing. The No1 and No2 Olaplex Treatments are for professional use only, but the No3 treatment, which is an absolute life saver, can be used at home! 

You use the treatment by rinsing your hair first, and then you apply a generous amount of the Olaplex No3 treatment from roots to ends, combing through with a wide toothed comb to ensure even coverage. You can then leave the product on from anywhere between 10 minutes or overnight. Obviously the longer you leave the product on, the more time it has to work wonders on your hair. I like to try and sleep in the treatment where I can and then rinse away in the morning, followed by shampoo and conditioning my hair, as this is where I see the real results.

And wow, are the results amazing!! After using it only once, the results are immediate. Over time I've also noticed a dramatic difference in how my hair looks and feels since using Olaplex No3. My hair is much softer, shinier, hydrated, and there is much less breakage than before I was using Olaplex No3. My hair is so much stronger! I just cannot get enough of using it and I'm not sure how my hair ever lived without it, well actually I lived a pretty lifeless, dry and damaged life. If you're blonde or not, I'd recommend giving this treatment a go, although it's pricey for the small bottle, the results really are amazing, and a little goes a long way! I find the bottle lasts me around 2 months, when applied weekly.  

♥ Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Treatment (basically the entire range!) 
♥ Shampoo - £7.49 - available here
♥  Conditioner - £7.49 - available here
♥  Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask - £8.49 - available here 

I've been the biggest Lee Stafford haircare fan for as long as I can remember. There is just something so amazing about the scent of the products, and the packaging, that has me falling in love. I've always been a big fan of his protein based, Hair Growth range, and have recently fallen back in love with it again. Don't you just love when you rediscover products that you once loved, and the love affair starts all over again? I've been using the Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner alongside the Hair Growth Mask Treatment, every other wash, and I'm really impressed with the results. Every time I use these products together my hair just feels SO lovely: thoroughly cleansed, hydrated, silky soft, light, nourished and much stronger, even with a bit of added, extra volume. I mean what's not to love?! Overtime I can definitely say that the hair growth range from Lee Stafford has contributed to the growth of my hair, as it gets it in the perfect condition for maximum hair growth and I've always had good results over the years when using this range. If you're wanting to improve the condition of your hair and gain hair growth, I'd recommend the entire Hair Growth collection, it's amazing and the pinkness makes your bathroom look extra pretty too! 

♥ Kind Natured Colour Care Coconut & Shea 
♥  Shampoo* - £4.99 - available here
♥  Conditioner* - £4.99 - available here 

Another shampoo and conditioner combo that I've been loving recently is from a gorgeous brand called Kind Natured, which can be found in Boots! The packaging is so pretty, and best of all, Kind Natured is a brand that is 97% natural, with their products being free from Parabens, Sulphates, Silicones and Petrochemicals. They're also vegan and vegetarian friendly, and they don't test on animals. ♥♥♥ so they're definitely a brand worth checking out. You can find their website, and the full range of their amazing products here. Anywho, back to this amazing shampoo and conditioner which is perfect for coloured hair, they boast of colour enhancing Rooibos, with nourishing botanicals to keep coloured hair vibrant and protected.  

The coconut ingredients within the shampoo and conditioner offer amazing nourishment, hydration and moisture for your locks, as well as preventing fading of colour. And of course, the Shea within the products locks in moisture and helps to replenish hair damaged by colour, restoring health and vitality back into your hair. It's an almighty combo, and they work so well on my hair leaving it feeling thoroughly cleansed, vibrant, hydrated and super soft. Oh and the scent of the products is out of this world, almost good enough to eat! If you have coloured hair, these are well worth a try, and are often on 3 for 2 offer in Boots! 

♥ The Wet Brush* - £11.99 - available here 

Ahh now this is something we all definitely need in our lives. The Wet Brush is the perfect haircare companion. It has been described as 'the best detangling brush, ever' and yes, I do have to agree! I've tried many detangling brushes over the years, and despite their claims they've always detangled, but also caused a shed load of unnecessary breakage for my hair. I've been really trying to get my hair in the best condition over the past few months by using good products, less heat, and just generally being as a lovely as possible to my hair. 

You can use amazing products on your hair and stop using heat, but if you're using a bad quality hair brush that snaps your hair every time you brush, you're not going to get anywhere and all of the time, money and effort you've spent on getting your hair, back in good condition, will be wasted. I'd really recommend The Wet Brush, not only do they come in so many beautiful colours (I've got my eyes on the pastel coloured brushes, next!) but you can use the brush on both wet and dry hair, for detangling purposes. The brush has strong and flexible Intelliflex bristles that glide through your hair like a dream, with no pain. 

 The Wet Brush is suitable for all hair types, with no pulling or tugging involved, it's always effortless and pain free brushing, even with the worst of tangles and knots. Best of all, The Wet Brush is really sensitive on your scalp, it's SofTips deliver a stimulating massage to the scalp, which encourages hair growth, and circulation. 

The rubber coated handle makes it perfect for carrying on the go, the brush never slips out of your hands and it's really lightweight. Whenever I've used The Wet Brush, I'm left with super sleek, soft, detangled hair, with no unnecessary breakage! I'm really happy with the results, and I think I've found my Holy Grail Hair Brush! 

♥ Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Beach Mate Deep Treatment - £4.99 - available here

Finally, one of my ultimate favourite hair treatments this month has to be the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Beach Mate Deep Treatment. For years, Aussie has been a brand that I'll always repurchase, the scent of their products are honestly out of this world, and smell absolutely GORGEOUS. Best of all, I always know that whenever I buy Aussie products, I'll be left with amazing results. It was no exception when I tried Aussie Beach mate which is designed to reconstruct, and replenish hair that has spent way too much time being frazzled, dried out, and beached out in the sunshine. So many of us have been lucky enough to go away this Summer, and I know that whenever I go away my hair is in desperate need of a pick me up, when I get home. Well this is the perfect post holiday pick me up, for your hair! 

You simply apply a generous amount of this gorgeous deep conditioning, treatment, from roots, to ends, remembering, a little does go a long way,  and then you simply leave on for 3 minutes and then rinse away! 

The deep treatment, contains Australian Balm Mint which aims to restore your hair back to health, adding silkiness, shine, and much needed moisture and hydration. Frizziness is always banished after using this product, and it just gives my hair a much needed boost of life, restoring health within 3 minutes!! I cannot get enough of using this stuff! Honestly, if you've been on holiday recently, or simply spend too much time in the sun, this is the perfect treat for sun damaged hair! 

I hope you've all enjoyed todays post, and that you've found a haircare product that you're interested in! I'd love to know what your favourite haircare products are, so do let me know in the comments! 

Have a lovely day!

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