44 Blog Photography Props for Under £10 ♥

Sunday, 15 October 2017

So, if you've been reading my blog for quite some time, you'll know I love a good blog photography prop. You know, those pretty things that linger ever so nicely in the backgrounds of blog photos, adding personal and pretty touches to your photos. Having blog photography props can actually be your secret key to good photos, you can make your photos unique, and personal to you, so that as soon as people see your photo and notice your photo style/choice of props, they know it belongs to you. Also if thats not an excuse to buy pretty blog photography props, then they make pretty lovely homeware accessories too. Today I thought I'd share 44 of my favourite blog photography props with you all, but best of all they're all under £10, so they're all bargains, that don't break the bank! I got you guys!!! ♥
I hope you all found a blog photography prop that you love, and want to sneakily add to your basket, the fact that all of these are super affordable and under £10 is just fab, if I do say so myself. Sorry in advance to your bank balance!! :) 

Have an amazing day!
What do you like to use as blog photography props? Which props have you got your eyes on?

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