My Favourite Summer Boho Chic Outfit. ♥

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Despite the fact that the weather has been pretty awful in the UK of late, with an apperance of any warm temperatures looking highly unlikely as September approaches, I've been trying to make the most of any sunshine, by wearing all of my Summery outfits, rocking as many pairs of sunglasses as possible and wearing all the bright make up, before Autumn rolls around again.

I've noticed recently that I always opt for the same sort of style each Summer - my go to look on sunny, summery days has always been a Boho Chic sort of look. For me, Boho Chic just screams all things Summer! Whether it be the festival, Coachella vibes it gives off, or just the generally bright colours, tassels, embroidery, ripped denim, I always feel SO good and confident when rocking a Boho Chic look. I love waving my hair, and feeling free, and I'm forever lusting over the Coachella outfits every year of celebrities that attend the festival. It gives me major FOMO but also major style envy and inspiration.

I was recently contacted by the lovely brand Jules B, who have been discussing the idea of a 2010's Time Capsule - a look back on the fashion trends in the 2010's and what the fashion trend of the 2010's could possibly be. Obviously, decades are defined by their trends, whether it be the Mod vibe of the 60s, the Hippie and Disco trend of the 70s, the 'Casual-Cool' 90's kid trend that rocked the 90s. Fashion trends stick forever but today in the 2010s, they are harder to define than ever as there are just so many influencers and icons out there, and so much choice, with social media playing a HUGE role in what we wear.  I found the idea of the Jules B 2010s Time Capsule, really interesting and it got me thinking about the trends I've followed over the 2010s. If you hadn't guessed already - my favourite and most worn trend by far would have to be the Boho Chic trend.

So to celebrate all things Boho Chic (any excuse!), today I thought I'd share one of my favourite Boho Chic outfits that I've LOVED wearing this Summer with you all - because for me, it is my most favourite and most worn trend of the 2010s. ♥

♥ Dress - Miss Selfridge - £28 - similar here
♥ Espadrilles - Oasis - was £28 now only £10!!!! Omg...
♥ Jewellery (except engagement ring!) - Pandora/Tiffany and Co
♥ Sunglasses - New Look - £6 
♥ Micahel Kors Studded Bag* - Jules B - £169
♥ Michael Kors Studded Purse* - Jules B - was £74.99  now only £37.50 ... bargain!!!  
♥ Lipstick - Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick 'Passion'* - £8.99 - available here

Jules B have such an amazing website, they stock so many gorgeous designer brands at a fraction of the price, including Michael Kors, Paul Smith, Fred Perry, Kendall and Kylie Collection, Vivienne Westwood,  and so many more! See their full list of designers, that they stock here. They currently have an amazing sale going on, here, so be sure to check that out! ♥

Jules B have created some really beautiful illustrations of the fashion trends they think have made history during the 2010s, the illustrations are absolutely amazing, and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic when looking at them myself. It brought back so many memories of trends I've failed at miserably, trends I miss and trends that will always have a special place in my heart!

Ok, so let's just talk about how beautiful these illustrations are?! They're not only amazingly detailed but I just loved how perfectly put together the outfits are and how well the different illustrations represent the different looks of the 2010s decade. 

Illustrations - Jules B. 

The Kardashian Effect - They dominate social media, TV screens, magazines and represent a new trend that's hit 2010s fashion. The Kardashians, particularly Kim have controversially become fashion icons and huge influencers in the fashion world, with millions across the world flocking the internet to copy their looks and recreate their styles. Myself, I'm not a HUGE fan of their fashion trends, but you cannot mention 2010s fashion without noting the influence the Kardashian's have had in the fashion world. 

Boho - Boho fashion has been massive for decades, but the 2010s brought a new twist to the fashion trend, influenced massively by festival fashion including the likes of Coachella. Boho Chic screams all things Summer and has a special place in my heart, being my most worn trend and particular favourite of the 2010s fashion trend. Boho fashion is all about: Long flowing skirts, Maxi Dresses, Wavy Hair, Crochet, Vintage Sunglasses, Distressed Denim, Embroidery, Bardot Tops, Wide Leg Trousers, and Wide Brim Hats - basically my entire Summer wardrobe. I just can't get enough of all things Boho Chic and will forever be obsessed with it! 

Sports Luxe - The perfect combination of comfy clothing, that is appropriate for wear in the gym, or lounging with a twist that also makes it appropriate for the office or evenings out. Interest in healthy eating and working out has possibly pushed this trend to the surface, and influencers including Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora, and many more who rock this casual yet classy look on a regular basis. Key pieces of the Sports Luxe trend include Trainers, Joggers, Yoga Pants, Printed Leggings, and Geometric Prints. 

Illustrations - Jules B. 

Hipster - One of the most surprising trends of the 2010s would have to be the Lumbersexual/Hipster, where men ditched the more polished look, and rejected skinny jeans and polished grooming, instead opting for unkept manliness, rocking untidy facial hair and, embracing tattoos and general manliness. Key pieces in this trend were Flannel Shirts, Straight Leg Denim, Leather Boots, Full Beards, and LOTS of tattoos! 

90s Kid - Yet another of my favourite trends of the 2010s. One of the best decades for fashion in my opinion was the 90s, full of retro vibes, rebellion and grunge. So of course when it repeated itself, as influencers like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne recreated many 90s looks, I was delighted! Even brands such as Adidas, Ellesse, and Puma made a comeback in the 2010s with people all over the world craving the retro 90s collections that were so popular in the 90s. I feel like this particular trend is HUGE at the moment with many key pieces including Chokers, Band T-Shirts, Retro Sportswear (yep, I'm talking Adidas), Mom Jeans, Birkenstocks, Plaid and Denim. 

I think in years to come it will be SO interesting to see the trend that defines the 2010s, as it's definitely been a decade where anything goes. Social media has played a HUGE part on how people style themselves and has allowed girls like me, to access fashion in ways that people previously were unable to do. We can access the latest trends, and icons not just through Catwalk Shows and Glossy Magazines but with one click of a button on our mobile phones, fashion trends and icons are so accessible to us now and the role that social media, bloggers and influencers play on our fashion choices is insane!

 I'm so proud to say I'm part of a community that is defining fashion trends, and changing fashion forever. 

Which look do you think will define the 2010s?

What is your go to trend of the 2010s mentioned in the Jules B Time Capsule
Which look have you worn the most? 
Which was your favourite? Have you got any fashion trends that you have LOVED during the 2010s, or any you failed miserably at? 

Don't forget to shop for all your favourite designer brands, at bargain prices on the Jules B website here

Have a lovely day!
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