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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Ok lovelies, I have something very, very exciting to share with you prepared to swoon, fall in love and feel very nostalgic! The stunning nail polish brand Essie have very kindly allowed me to share a sneak peek of their new, Fall 2017 'Dressed to the Nineties' collection with you all. I've been obsessed with Essie nail polishes for as long as I can remember...Mint Candy Apple anyone? So I'm really excited to be sharing their new collection with you all!

As a 90s kid myself, I was thrilled to see that Essie's new, limited edition Fall 2017 collection was inspired by, in my opinion, the best decade, ever. Thought the 90s were over? AS IF. Essie's Fall 2017 collection is described as being inspired by the relaxed and approachable cool vibes, that defined 90's style.

For me the 90's were all about The Spice Girls, ridiculously high platforms, tons of shimmer, plaid mini skirts, butterfly clips, etc, etc. I can't help but feel slightly in love with this collection as it just brings back all the 90's feels and ticks every single one of my 90's boxes. The shades are girly, grungy, sweet, shimmery, and very Spice Girl's inspired with a shade to compliment all personalities. I feel like I could probably name which one of the Spice Girls would rock the shades and with which outfit! So let's see what all of the fuss is about...swatches and descriptions of the shades in the new 2017 Fall Collection, below -

♥ Girlie Grunge - This is a beautiful soft, shimmery, silvery metallic with a hint of purple shine. It's SO, SO pretty! Definitely one of my favourites!

♥ Saved By The Belle - I absolutely love the name of this one, this is definitely another one of my favourites from the collection, very Baby Spice, girly, sweet, and innocent. Described as a light baby, pink, with a subtle blue undertone.

As If - yet another shade name I adore - Clueless anyone? The description of this powdery, baby blue with red undertones is 'Does he think this powdery periwinkle blue with a hint of red, will give him the time of day? Like, whatever!' - Omg...amazing and so Cher from Clueless!  
Mixtaupe - This is a really lovely shade, a nude, pale, warm ivory, with a slight dash of pink. Such a classic that would compliment so many outfits! 

Knee Highlife - This is another one of my most worn of the collection. I can tell this will be an Autumn staple of mine, as it's a classic Autumnal shade: a deep, wine, red with beautiful purple undertones! I'm in love! Another favourite of mine, is it possible for all of the shades to be my favourite?! 

Dressed to the Nineties - This is a classic, shimmery, grunge 90's shade. A beautiful dark purple, with green and blue undertones and shimmer. 

The pigmentation of the nail polishes from the Fall 2017 Collection, is classic Essie - out of this world, as always. You literally, only need 1-2 swipes of their dreamy formula and you're left with full colour and coverage. The nail polishes are all really lovely to apply, with a great quality brush that makes application simple and easy too, which is always a bonus.

Something I've always adored about Essie nail polishes is the gorgeous, shiny, glossy, gel like finish. The new collection is no different. It's a very professional look that can only be likened to a salon manicure and finish at a fraction of the price.

Lasting power is amazing, with just two coats of any of these polishes I can have up to 5 to 7 days of chip free nails, which is SO fab!

Honestly I just can't enough of this beautiful. unique collection, it is different to any other nail polish collection I have seen before, and I really love the 90's inspired shades, which will compliment every skin tone. I also love that there are shades to suit different tastes, occasions and personalities. I'm so impressed, Essie, you've made me fall even more, in love with your brand, and I didn't even think that was possible.

You can find the Essie 'Dressed to the Nineties' 2017 Fall Collection for £7.99 each from Boots or Superdrug. See availability dates below - 

- Superdrug- Full collection available 23rd August 2017 until 17th October 2017. 
- Boots - Full collection available 30th August 2017 until 26th September 2017 

You've only got a limited time to get your hands on these beautiful polishes, so go get them while you can, you cannot miss out on these beauties! You'll regret it! 

Which of the new Essie 2017 Fall Collection shades is your favourite?
Will you be purchasing the new Essie Fall 2017 Collection? Which shade? 
What do you think of the 90's inspired collection? 

Have a lovely day, 

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