Stationery Lust List. ♥

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Whether you're going back to school, college or uni soon, there is a fresh new year starting which means new, pretty, stationery = a must!!! Or if you just fancy yourself a little self indulgent treat, you can never, ever go wrong with pretty, girly stationery. It's my not so guilty pleasure. I'm a sucker for pretty stationery! Today I thought I'd share a wishlist of my favourite, pretty stationery with you all. ♥

Which of the stationery featured today, is your fave? 
Will you be purchasing any new, lovely, pretty stationery before you go back to school, college, or uni? 
Will you be treating yourself?

 Have a lovely day! 


Essie Fall Collection 2017 - Review and Swatches.♥

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Ok lovelies, I have something very, very exciting to share with you prepared to swoon, fall in love and feel very nostalgic! The stunning nail polish brand Essie have very kindly allowed me to share a sneak peek of their new, Fall 2017 'Dressed to the Nineties' collection with you all. I've been obsessed with Essie nail polishes for as long as I can remember...Mint Candy Apple anyone? So I'm really excited to be sharing their new collection with you all!

As a 90s kid myself, I was thrilled to see that Essie's new, limited edition Fall 2017 collection was inspired by, in my opinion, the best decade, ever. Thought the 90s were over? AS IF. Essie's Fall 2017 collection is described as being inspired by the relaxed and approachable cool vibes, that defined 90's style.

For me the 90's were all about The Spice Girls, ridiculously high platforms, tons of shimmer, plaid mini skirts, butterfly clips, etc, etc. I can't help but feel slightly in love with this collection as it just brings back all the 90's feels and ticks every single one of my 90's boxes. The shades are girly, grungy, sweet, shimmery, and very Spice Girl's inspired with a shade to compliment all personalities. I feel like I could probably name which one of the Spice Girls would rock the shades and with which outfit! So let's see what all of the fuss is about...swatches and descriptions of the shades in the new 2017 Fall Collection, below -

Essentials for a Good Nights Sleep ♥

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

There are only a few things in the world that I actually love more than sleep. As a child, most of us hate going to sleep each night, and having to get in bed, but as an adult sleep becomes one of your favourite things, and you look forward to hitting your pillow each evening! I've discussed the topic of sleep previously on my blog, and ways that you can all get a good and easy nights sleep, here, where I mentioned the role that your bedrooms apperance plays in your ease of getting to sleep each evening.

 I don't know about you, but for me, having a homely, peaceful, comfortable and cosy bedroom is essential for a good nights sleep. I like my bedroom to be my little sanctuary, full of my favourite, calming and relaxing things - whether it be duvets, cushions, throws, candles or pretty homeware accessories- you name it, if it helps me get to sleep, and makes me feel relaxed, peaceful and cosy, I've got to have it. Today I thought I'd put together a few of my bedroom essentials for a good nights sleep, to help you all feel bright eyed and bushy tailed! ♥

My Favourite Summer Boho Chic Outfit. ♥

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Despite the fact that the weather has been pretty awful in the UK of late, with an apperance of any warm temperatures looking highly unlikely as September approaches, I've been trying to make the most of any sunshine, by wearing all of my Summery outfits, rocking as many pairs of sunglasses as possible and wearing all the bright make up, before Autumn rolls around again.

I've noticed recently that I always opt for the same sort of style each Summer - my go to look on sunny, summery days has always been a Boho Chic sort of look. For me, Boho Chic just screams all things Summer! Whether it be the festival, Coachella vibes it gives off, or just the generally bright colours, tassels, embroidery, ripped denim, I always feel SO good and confident when rocking a Boho Chic look. I love waving my hair, and feeling free, and I'm forever lusting over the Coachella outfits every year of celebrities that attend the festival. It gives me major FOMO but also major style envy and inspiration.

I was recently contacted by the lovely brand Jules B, who have been discussing the idea of a 2010's Time Capsule - a look back on the fashion trends in the 2010's and what the fashion trend of the 2010's could possibly be. Obviously, decades are defined by their trends, whether it be the Mod vibe of the 60s, the Hippie and Disco trend of the 70s, the 'Casual-Cool' 90's kid trend that rocked the 90s. Fashion trends stick forever but today in the 2010s, they are harder to define than ever as there are just so many influencers and icons out there, and so much choice, with social media playing a HUGE role in what we wear.  I found the idea of the Jules B 2010s Time Capsule, really interesting and it got me thinking about the trends I've followed over the 2010s. If you hadn't guessed already - my favourite and most worn trend by far would have to be the Boho Chic trend.

So to celebrate all things Boho Chic (any excuse!), today I thought I'd share one of my favourite Boho Chic outfits that I've LOVED wearing this Summer with you all - because for me, it is my most favourite and most worn trend of the 2010s. ♥

Things that Suck in Your 20s ♥

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Being 20 something years of age, is supposed to be the best years of your life: you're supposedly young, free and able to get away with making more mistakes because you've still got so many years left to experience. It's supposed to be the years of being selfish, free, travelling, finding yourself and just living your life like theres no tomorrow. I often hear people say 'Oh the 20s are the best years of your life, make the most of it' or 'I wish I was in my 20s again, you're free, you have no responsibilities' which got me thinking...what is it that's so special about your 20s? Why do people say it's the best years of your life? Don't get me wrong, being youthful is obviously lovely and maybe I will look back on my 20s as the best years of my life when I'm 90, but there are some downfalls to being in your 20s too, so today I thought I'd share the struggles of being a 20 something year old, as honestly sometimes you just cannot win and it can be really hard.

Comparing yourself to other people your age - this is probably one of the worst things about being 20 something. Luckily, I hardly talk to anybody I went to school or college with, but I can imagine if you have Facebook and have constant life updates about what other people your age are up to, it could get you down, making you feel like you're not good enough. So what if they've passed their driving test the 1st time, and you're on your 8th try, so what if they're expecting a little one... it's not a race. Trust the timing of your life. You're doing just fine. ♥

People thinking you should have your career path figured out - it's one of the main topics of conversation when you speak to distant relatives at family functions 'Oh so what are you planning to do next? What career moves are you making right now?' Sorry Brenda, the last time I saw you I was 5, since when did you take such an interest in my life? Honestly, I've spoken to people in their 30's and 40's who still haven't got their career figured out, or know what they want to do with their life. That's totally normal and okay, there is no rush, and you don't have to settle on a definite answer as to what you want to do career wise.

People expecting you to go to university - It's often drilled into you from a young age, that to earn a good salary, and to be stable and successful, you MUST go to university. Let's be real here, you don't have to do anything that won't better your life or you as a person. In my opinion, if something is going to make you miserable and you're only doing it to please other people, what's the point, why put yourself through that? I have plenty of friends that chose not to go to uni and I'm so proud of them for doing what is best for them and not living up to the expectations of society, they earn a good salary, they're stable, they're in jobs they love. Most importantly they're happy! I think uni is a great idea and opens up so many opportunties if you know where you're going, and what you want to do in your life. But it doesn't make somebody a better person because they've gone to uni...nor does it make you happier.

The High End Cleanser You NEED in Your Life. ♥

Sunday, 13 August 2017

♥ Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm* - £36 - available here

If you read my blog often you'll know, I'm not somebody that is HUGE on spending tons on skincare. I often find with some higher end skincare products that despite the cost, the cheaper alternatives do just as good of a job, sometimes even better. So you'll know and understand that if I recommend a luxury, higher end skincare product, it's worth every, single penny and that you need it in your life! With that being said, today I thought I'd share a review of a high end cleanser that I've been become obsessed with recently, using it twice daily over the past two months. It's changed the apperance of my skin, and made it look brighter and more radiant than I ever knew it could be. In my opinion it's definitely worth the high end price tag! Heres why...

The Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm*, is a lightweight cleansing balm, that feels so lovely and luxurious to use. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin like mine, best of all, it hasn't broke me out, which makes it amazing! It is gentle, and thoroughly cleanses my skin without any irritation. It's not harsh in the slightest and the balm consistency that turns into a liquid once massaged and melted into the skin, makes cleansing an enjoyable and luxurious experience. You can definitely tell that you're using a high end cleanser when using this product - it just feels so rich and relaxing to use. It melts into your skin like a dream, melting away make up traces and impurities in a matter of minutes with no fuss! 

The cleansing balm contains a number of natural, skin loving ingredients, nutrients and oils including Marula, Grapeseed, Bitter Orange and Almond Oils. These oils all blend perfectly together creating the best combination of oils to remove impurities, leaving skin feeling cleansed and hydrated.  

I use the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm, morning and night as the perfect base to start make up application, as well as removing all traces of make up, at night. I start off by scooping out a small amount of the cleansing balm from the glass jar, a little goes a long way, so I take around a small grape sized amount, and massage it gently into my dry face and neck. I continue to do this until the balm turns into a liquid consistency. The product absorbs quite quickly, and you can really feel it working into your skin. It feels like you're having a lovely, little facial or massage whilst cleansing- which is always fab! 

♥ Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm* - £36 - available here

I then use the very handy and helpful damp Vitage Essential Daily Cleansing Cloth ( which is also included in the price, and very lovely to use!) and gently wipe away the cleansing balm, with warm water. Honestly this is my favourite part of the cleansing process, because despite it being a gentle removal of impurities/make up traces you can really feel the product working, and cleansing your skin. The thing I love about this cleansing balm is that there is no need to double cleanse your skin when using this, it removes make up and impurities with no problems, so you aren't stripping or drying out you skin, something I found all too often when I was double cleansing my skin with other skincare products! As I mentioned before, the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm doesn't irritate my sensitive, acne prone skin and best of all it hasn't broke me out!!! I'm in love! 

I then pat my skin dry and the results are amazing. I'm left with squeaky clean skin, that is so soft to touch, and not dry in the slighest. The Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm, adds hydration while it cleanses your skin, so it doesn't highlight drier areas or irritate the skin. My skin looks and feels hydrated after each use, and the results get better every time. Since starting to use this cleansing balm two months ago, I've noticed such a difference in how my skin looks and feels. It not only looks radiant and glowing, but to touch it just feels amazing. So healthy, soft and moisturised! I look at photographs of my skin without make up, before using this cleanser and I didn't realise it at the time but it looks really dull. Now, my skin just looks really radiant, and has a glow from within that I cannot describe. Go Vitage!

♥ Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm* - £36 - available here

The packaging is simple yet luxurious. I love that it comes in a glass jar - it definitely looks and feels expensive and it sits very prettily on my bathroom shelf. The 100ml glass jar is also very generously sized, and will last you quite a long time, as a little bit of product goes a long way and you don't need to use loads of the balm to see results and cleanse your skin well. The circle shaped jar makes it very simple and easy to scoop out just the right amount of product you need, without any wastage. 

The scent of the cleansing balm is stunning, without being too overpowering or harsh. It's a natural and fresh scent with hints of rose, that makes cleansing morning night even more enjoyable. The cleansing balm can even be used as a relaxing massage oil - I mean what's not to love about this stuff? 

I'm a lady obsessed. I just can't get enough of using the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm. If you try one thing this month, and you want to make your skin look and feel amazing - give this beauty a go. You will not regret it. Thank you Vitage - I can't believe I ever lived without this cleanser. Be right back - buying a life time supply of this stuff! 

                                   ♥ Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm* - £36 - available here 

Will you be trying the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm?
What is your current favourite cleanser?



Life Update. ♥

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

♥ Hiya,
It's me, and I've finally had the chance to sit down and write a little blog post on my corner of the web. Sorry I've been a bit quiet these past few weeks - it's been the craziest two months of my life. I know that people say that life is a rollercoaster, but wow, recently it's just been downs after downs with barely any ups. What kind of rollercoaster is that? I hate to be negative, as my little corner of the web, is usually full of feel good writing, positivity and smiles, but lets be honest, life isn't always fairy lights, cupcakes, and sunshine and it's definitely not always the highlight reel we all try to share. So I've got to keep it real with you.

 I feel as though I owe you an explanation as to why I haven't really been writing as much as I usually do. I've still been active on Twitter and Instagram and there have been the usual amount of blog posts, up until last week, where I had to give myself a break for my own sanity, some of you might not have even noticed I'd be gone, to be honest, but I'll explain anyway. With so much going on in my personal life, actually finding the time to sit down and write a post has been really, really hard. I've found the pressure of remaining chirpy and happy and like everything is ok, quite difficult, so I've sort of remained quiet, but still also tried to remain as normal as possible.

Life has been hard - my Grandma passed away recently. I don't want to go into too much detail as it's something really close to my heart, that is so personal, but my heart is broken.
My Grandma influenced my life and who I am today in so many ways. She will be missed so much and it was really hard to say goodbye. Although I knew the time was coming, it's never easy losing somebody, I spent her final few days by her side which was heartbreaking, but heartwarming to be with her in those final moments, all at the same time. These past two months have been really, really difficult. I've never felt so many mixed emotions. I've tried to stay positive and as 'normal' as possible, doing things I would usually do, but it's easier said than done. I will miss her, so much. What a woman she was. I only hope that one day, I can be half of the lady that she was. ♥

Here are a few of the things I've been up to these past few months, with some exciting news to share too!

♥ 1. My fiance, who is on the shy side, so if you read my blog regularly, you'll know, I refer to as Mr B, (my Mr Big, Mr Darcey, Noah from The Notebook, etc, etc) has been SO supportive and amazing lately. I don't know how I could have coped these past few months without him. Team work makes the dream work. When I was feeling quite down, with everything that has gone on - he bought me the prettiest, most colourful, lovely flowers, out of the blue, for no reason at all - I mean come on? Keeper much?

♥ 2.  Despite everything, like I said before, I've tried to remain as positive and normal as possible. I mean my Grandma wouldn't want me to be down or sad, she'd want me to go out for cocktails with the girls and live my life, so I've kinda just been trying to get on with things as best as I can and keep smiling. :) Some days, all I've wanted to do is stay in bed all day, and binge watch Vampire Diaries on Netflix, but days like the one above, where I even managed a selfie, I made the most of, because believe me, they didn't happen very often. Ice cream and PJs are always a better option.

♥ 3. Something I've loved doing to clear my head is just going for walks. Walks on the beach. Walks in the countryside. Walks anywhere to be honest. Fresh air has been a god send on the days where I've moped around, eating ridiculous amounts of Kinder Chocolate, and watched Gilmore Girls on repeat. In the early days, I didn't leave the house at all, but as the weeks went by, I found fresh air did me the world of good. Even if it was just 10 mins a day.

♥ 4. I'm obsessed with my new Ombre Nails. I changed my shape too, which NEVER happens. I'm living on the edge people. I've gone for the classic blogger Coffin shape and I'm a little bit in love. I've always wanted to try Ombre Nails but, I usually opt for short, square acrylics - so this was totally out of my comfort zone and I LOVE them.

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