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Sunday, 9 July 2017

A few months back, I decided to share my Top 5 Spring Lipstick shades (you can read that here, if you missed it) and you lovelies really seemed to enjoy it, so today I thought I'd share my Top 5 Summer Lip Colours with you guys. I'm a sucker for a bright, Summer lip shade, these lip colours featured today, are the ones that I've found myself reaching for constantly recently, to compliment my tan. (Fake one, of course?) and ones that I've been teaming up with lots of highlight and bronzer! They're basically Summer in a lip product! I've included a variety of shades, mostly high street brands, as well as my lovely little MAC 'Coral Bliss', which is one of my all time favourite shades. Hopefully there is something everyone will love - natural pinks, bright pinks, light corals, and brighter corals. I hope you love the summery shades just as much as I do, I've included close up shots of the shades, with mini reviews and swatches at the very end of the post! Do let me know which is your favourite!

From left to right: 
♥ Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color 'Devotion'* - £8.99 - available here 
♥ MAC 'Coral Bliss' - £16.50 - available here 
♥ L'oreal Color Riche 'Pink Passion' - £6.99 - available here
♥ Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color 'Devotion' - £8.99 - available here 
♥ L'oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pink Range - Eva's Delicate Rose - £3.91 (oh my goodness! Bargain!) - available here
♥ Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colour 'Tropical' - £7.99 - available here 

♥ Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color 'Devotion'* - £8.99 - available here 

I have fallen in love with the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors recently! They're such amazing lip products, and the selection of shades are stunning! One of my favourites is the shade 'Devotion' which is a beautiful, matte, natural, pink shade. It's got mauve undertones, and is the perfect, pink Summer lip colour, if you want to maintain a natural look. I've been reaching for this beauty so much as it adds a touch of bright, Summer colour to any outfit and really compliments my skin tone. I really like the formula because it perfectly combines the colour and pigmentation of a lipstick, with the hydrating and lightweight feel of a lipgloss. The Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors are incredibly smooth and such a dream to apply. You cannot feel the lip product sitting on your lips, and Devotion is so comfortable and lovely to wear. 

Pigmentation is out of this world, with just one swipe over your lips, you are left with bold, pigmented, gorgeous colour. No need for two coats. At first, you will notice that the colour looks quite glossy, however, don't be fooled, this glossy finish disappears after around 5-10 seconds of drying and you are left with a beautifully semi-matte/matte finish.  

It does transfer slightly, but rather than banishing the entire lip product after transferring, it leaves a lovely stain of colour on your lips that is really pigmented so you don't feel the need to keep reapplying the product. If I do tend to reapply it's after 3-4 hours, or even more. I'm really impressed with the lasting power and the lovely stain it leaves on your lips. I'm in love with this shade, it's honestly so perfect for Summer, and again is an excellent pink alternative, if you prefer more natural pinks, over the brighter ones for Summer. Best of all, the fruity, Vanilla scent reminds me of Summery days! 

♥ Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colour 'Tropical'* - £7.99 - available here 

If you're looking for a make up product to rave about this Summer, get yourself one of these beauties. The Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colours are INSANE. Honestly, hands down, one of the best lip product formulas, I've ever tried! The formula is super hydrating, and a dream to apply to your lips because of the creamy, smooth, soft, gel texture. It boasts of an ultra hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid. 

There are 15 different shades available, but I'm in love with the shade Tropical, which is a stunning, vibrant, and very bright, pink shade, with purple undertones! You'll see from the swatches it's probably the brightest of the lip products today and despite the amazing, hydrating formula, the lipstick is amazingly pigmented. It glides like a dream onto my lips, and the lasting power is honestly witchcraft!!! You'd think that because of the hydrating, smooth and moisturizing qualities of the formula, that the longevity of the lipstick would be lacking, but no...Revlon have done it again, you can expect this shade to leave a gorgeous, semi matte stain on your lips for at least 3-4 hours before having to reapply! The finish is gorgeous, it's somewhere in between glossy and matte, leaning slightly more on the glossy side, without looking super shiny, it's a really complimenting finish!

The sleek design is really cute, I love that you can see the lip colour on the glossy packaging and the precision tip makes applying top ups on the go, fuss free and easy!

Revlon forever have me falling in love with the scent of their products. I am constantly having a whiff of the scent of this lipstick before I apply, it smells so fruity, and sweet, with a mango and vanilla fragrance! If you love a bright lip, this one is for you! 

♥ L'oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pink Range - Eva's Delicate Rose - £3.91 (oh my goodness! Bargain!) - available here

This little beauty is such a gorgeous shade, and it compliments a tan so nicely. I love pairing it with a cute simple, summery outfit, and it looks gorgeous in contrast to a crisp white top, with a swirl of your favourite bronzer, onto the apples of your cheeks! The shade is a stunning, bold, rich, medium, pink created specifically for skin tones and hair colours similar to that of Eva Longoria, one of the L'oreal make up ambassadors. Although, I don't have lovely naturally, tanned skin like Eva, I'm pretty pale with blonde hair, and I feel like this still suits me, so don't worry too much if you haven't got a similar skin tone/hair colour to Eva, as I'm sure it will still look amazing on you! 

This is definitely more of a darker and more natural pink in comparison to other pinks I've featured in today's post, so I definitely recommend this if you're wanting to wear a lovely, pink shade during the warm Summer months, without wearing something too bright. The colour simply enhances your natural lip colour, whilst adding a lovely, little splash of pink. You don't have to worry about lip liner, or application as the lipstick is fuss free and really easy to use. Even without a mirror, you simply swipe one coat of this dreamy, pigmented stuff across your lips and you're good to go.

I love to apply this lipstick as the formula is so velvety, and soft on your lips. It's fairly long lasting, with top ups only needed every 3-4 hours. A pink stain is left behind on your lips once dried, even after eating or drinking. Perfect for summery days, with lots of delicious snacks and tasty refreshments! The finish you're left with is stunning, it's a matte finish, that adds a gorgeous, natural pop of pink to your lips. 

Sadly this little beaut is limited edition, and is no longer sold in Highstreet stores such as Boots or Superdrug, but I have managed to find it being sold on Amazon for the bargain price of £3.91, so if you're interested, I would totally recommend this little beauty!

♥ L'oreal Color Riche 'Pink Passion' - £6.99 - available here.  

I adore this striking, bright pink shade so much! It's one that will forever be a Summer favourite of mine, because it just screams all things Summer to me. I team it with lots of bronzer and highlight, and it's become my go to Summer lipstick. The shade itself, is a very, vibrant, bright, pink with coral and pastel undertones. Despite the brightness, it's honestly so wearable, and it would enhance and compliment most skin tones. 

The texture is out of this world, it's so buttery and creamy. I'm in love with how it simply smooths into my lips and glides on like a dream. The finish is undeniably gorgeous, very glossy, and glam but it dries into a gorgeous semi-matte look. Lasting power is anywhere between 2-3 hours before needing a top up, which I think is great for such a lovely, hydrating formula.

I've always been a huge fan of L'oreal Lipsticks (I actually prefer them to the beauty blogger police) because they're such great quality, they're affordable, they have an amazing variety of shade choices, and they last so long! What's not to love? My favourite collection has to be the Color Riche Collection, because the formula is just honestly out of this world and Pink Passion is no exception. The formula combines luxurious colour, with lovely, long lasting colour and hydration. The packaging is also really cute, and looks quite classy! I really do recommend this one, if you love bright, pink, lip shades!

♥ MAC 'Coral Bliss' - £16.50 - available here 

I actually wear this gorgeous lipstick during both Spring and Summer, because it's one of those MAC lipsticks that I'll forever repurchase and constantly find myself reaching for, so I couldn't write this post without featuring it. 'Coral Bliss' is the perfect peachy, pink coral shade that isn't too overpowering or bright. It suits my pale skin and blonde hair perfectly as it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, on my lips, but instead enhances my complexion, and adds a touch of coral without being too light and washing me out! I think this is one of the shades where you've got to swatch it against your own skin first, to see if it will suit you as it's such a unique shade, that will look different, on different people. However, do give it a go, because it's honestly stunning and such a lovely Coral shade.

The best way to describe the shade would be, a gorgeous light coral, that has just the right amount of coral in it, without looking overly orange or pink. It's simply a coral! The cremesheen formula makes it lush to apply the lipstick, and pigmentation is just what you'd expect from a MAC Lipstick = amazing! With just one application, you have the perfect amount of colour, and you're good to go. I adore the soft, hydrating feel of the Cremesheen formulas, and they'll forever be my favourite range from MAC.

Lasting power is anywhere between 2-3 hours, it's probably the least long lasting out of the shades mentioned today, but it's truly stunning and such a gorgeous shade to wear in the warmer months which makes it all the worthwhile. 

Swatches from top to bottom:
♥ L'oreal Color Riche 'Pink Passion' - £6.99 - available here
♥ Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color 'Devotion' - £8.99 - available here 
♥ MAC 'Coral Bliss' - £16.50 - available here 
♥ L'oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pink Range - Eva's Delicate Rose - £3.91 (oh my goodness! Bargain!) - available here
♥ Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colour 'Tropical' - £7.99 - available here 

I hope you've enjoyed todays post, and that you've spotted a Summer lipstick that you love!
Do let me know in the comments which shade mentioned today, is your favourite and if you'll be purchasing any!

What lipstick are you reaching for the most at the moment?

Have a lovely day!

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