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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

♥ This is probably one of my most highly requested blog posts, ever. I just never really knew the right time to post this sort of blog post, because I'm constantly changing and purchasing little, pretty things for my bedroom, and little office space. But I did want to share a few little snippets of my favourite place to be, with you guys, as well as share the pretty homeware bargains and accessories that I have with you all too. My bedroom is definitely still a work in progress, so please don't judge. It's definitely not Pinterest worthy, but I like it and I guess thats all that matters! Rather than taking a huge photograph of my actual bedroom, I thought I'd give you a tour, of the little details that I love instead. Anyway, enough of the rambling, lets have a little peek inside (warning: this post contains lots of photographs, pink and rose gold!)

♥ Rose Gold Drawers - £14.99 - eBay
♥ You'll probably recognise this photograph from my Instagram page (which you can follow here), this is my cute little office space, which I absolutely love. I spend quite a lot of my time here, keeping up with blog stuff, writing posts, and editing photographs so I obviously had to sprinkle a few pretty accessories here and there. My desk is the Micke Workstation, which is £90 from Ikea. It has added storage at the bottom too, where I keep notepads, and pens, and it's super handy to have extra storage. I hate clutter and definitely abide by the saying 'tidy space, tidy mind'. 

♥ I picked up this cute little shoe rack from eBay. It's so adorable, and very shabby chic. It was only £12. You can find it here
♥ I really do believe it's all about the details. I like to purchase lots of accessories for my bedroom, but keep the actual decoration pretty simple in just classic grey and white. That way you can switch up your accessories, and change your entire room whenever you like, without the hassle of decorating. I love this little Rose Gold plant, from New Look. It was only £8.99. If you couldn't tell by now, I'm obsessed with Rose Gold. 
♥ I love to keep a book on my bedside table. I'm re-reading Paige Toon's The One We Fell in Love With, at the moment, it's one of my all time favourite chick-lits. If you haven't read it before, I really recommend it. ♥
♥ I probably didn't even need to include this adorable little kitty cat, as you all already know, I'm obsessed with it. It appears in so many of my blog and Instagram photographs! It's actually a ring holder, and it's from Oliver Bonas. It was only £8.50, and I'm so in love with it.  
♥ I'm a huge candle fan, and I constantly have candles lit throughout my home. I'm really loving these summer scents at the moment from Yankee Candle. 
♥ Bedding - George @ Asda (old) - similar here 
 ♥ Pug Cushion - Primark (old)-  similar here 
♥ Round Classic Cushion - £5 George @ Asda. 
♥ Rose Gold Tumbler - £3- George @ Asda
♥ Straws - £1.99 - eBay 
♥ Rose Gold & White Candle Light Holders (Set of 3) - £8 - Tesco
♥ I'm in love with this beautiful Rose Gold & Pink Marble effect trinket tray, with the quote 'Little Things' scribbled on the top of it. It adds such a pretty touch of colour and prettiness to my room. It was £11 from Oliver Bonas.
♥ This cute little lipstick holder, is from eBay. I managed to get it for just under £3, which is a total bargain in my opinion. I use it to store my most worn, and current favourite lipsticks! You can find it here
♥ What would my bedroom be without some of my favourite beauty and self help/love books?

I hope you've enjoyed todays post, I've really enjoed photographing and sharing little snippets of my bedroom with you all! I hope you've found something that you love in the post too! 

Have a lovely day,

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