5 Summer Road Trip Essentials. ♥

Saturday, 15 July 2017

One thing that I adore about Summer is going on a good old Road Trip, when the sun is shining. My fiancé and I try our best to go on a summery, road trip, to a destination we've never been before, every, single summer. There's just something so exciting about jumping in your car, and just driving some place new! It doesn't matter where you're going, near or far, road trips are always a good idea! Today I thought I'd share my Summer Road Trip Essentials with you all, to give you a bit of inspiration if you're planning on going on a little road trip this summer!

♥ A Good Playlist - this goes without saying really. Nothing screams Summer Road Trip more than a good playlist right? Having music that you love playing in the background as you're driving, with the windows rolled down, is just THE BEST. Some of my favourite songs that are added onto my Summer Road Trip Playlist at the moment are - Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts, Justin Bieber - Despacito   Drake- Signs, DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber - I'm the One  :) What are your current favourite Summer songs?

♥ Sunglasses - what would any car journey be without your favourite pair of shades? I make any excuse to purchase a new pair of sunglasses, so of course a Summer Road Trip is the perfect excuse to convince my fiance I need another pair! I love my Rose Gold sunglasses from New Look, they were so affordable yet SO pretty!

♥ Snacks - what would a road trip be, without your favourite snacks in hand (not whilst driving obviously!) I mean, I adore food and you'll often find me snacking on all sorts of goodies including my current favourite Drumstick Squashies *heart faced emoji*, and can you ever beat Kinder chocolate? I don't think so. So it absolutely makes sense to keep yourself refreshed with your favourite summery drink, and summery snacks whilst on a Summer Road Trip!

♥ Beauty Essentials - I thought I'd include a few of my favourite beauty essentials that I take on a road trip with me, especially for long journeys. I never go far without a few of my beauty must haves!

- So... Body Mists - As soon as I saw these beauties released a few months ago, I knew I had to give them a try myself. My favourite fragrance has to be the Vanilla fragrance, as it's such a sweet, summery scent. So... fragrances are just so nostalgic to me, and remind me of my teenage years. The reason I love taking a body mist with me on a road trip, is because they're so refreshing, and they instantly leave you with the most loveliest scent on warm, summery days! For just £3.99 from Boots, they're a bargain! However they're also often offer for £2, here ... winner!

- The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist - This is a recent purchase of mine, but it's become an absolute staple in my skincare collection. I never knew how refreshing a face mist could feel on a hot, summery day but oh my goodness...I've been missing out! This face mist instantly refreshes my skin, boosts hydration (which is SO needed on a warm day!) and it sets my make up so nicely! It's suitable for all skin types and includes skin loving ingredients including Rose Water, and Vitamin E. As soon as you spritz this gorgeous stuff onto your face, you're instantly given a hydration boost, without any mess or fuss. This is the perfect companion, for clear, hydrated skin on your Summer Road Trip. It is available here for £10 from The Body Shop.

- Benefit Benebalm Lip Balm - This little beauty has been a favourite in my make up bag for years. It's actually a product I reach for daily, because it's so lightweight and wearable. The rose tint, screams all things Summer, it provides the perfect boost of colour whilst adding hydration and moisture to the lips with it's mango butter ingredients. It's also really long lasting, and even if you want to wear just a little bit of make up, this lip tint makes the world of difference! It's on the pricey side at £15.50, however a tube of this lasts me months and it's such good value for money as I use it daily! It is available here

 - I like to take my beloved Simple Facial Wipes, yep call the beauty blogger police, but there's nothing that can cleanse your skin quick enough, without mess or fuss, correct make up mistakes, and leave your skin feeling refreshed on a long journey than good old facial wipes. As long as you don't use them too often, I don't see anything wrong with them, they do the job well in my opinion! They're fairly reasonably priced too at just £3, however they're often on offer in supermarkets like Tesco for just £1.50

♥ Check your car - As lovely as it is to go on a Summer Road trip, and just get in the car and go, it's so important that you make sure your car is safe to use and well prepared for any journey ahead. Warmer weather can really take its toll on your car, damaging both the car and tyres through overheating. Some of the things that I like to do to ensure my car is safe before heading out is:

- Make sure my tyres are free from puncture/wear and tear
- Ensure that my car has enough water
- Ensure that engine oil is fresh
- Check tyre pressure on all tyres, including the spare tyre
- Make sure that all of my lights are working properly
- Check my air con is working correctly!
- Check wiper blades for wear and tear
- Top up my coolant if it's low

These are just some of the basic things that you can do to ensure that your car is well prepared for long journeys in the warm weather. Ensuring that you carry out car checks regularly also helps to prolong your cars life. If you're unsure about how to carry out any of these checks, you could always ask a friend or relative for some help, or check our your local garage for some support. I know it can be quite worrying to go into your local car garage and ask for advice, especially if they charge hefty fees. However if you're local to Dundee, and looking for cheap tyres or affordable car service, I recommend a visit to Fife Autocentre. You can find their website here.

♥ So that's it my Top 5 Summer Road Trip Essentials! I hope you've found this post helpful. If you take one thing from it, please do check your car before heading out and make sure it's safe to use and well prepared for the warm, long journey ahead - it's really important! :) What are your Summer Road Trip Essentials? Are you planning a Road Trip this Summer? 

Have a good day!

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