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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Ok, so I officially have a new favourite lip product. Scrap that, I have three favourite new, lip products. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I've always been a huge fan of Revlon make up products, so when I was lucky enough to try three of the gorgeous Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors, I was delighted. If you're a fan of velvety, matte finishes, gorgeous shades and exciting formulas, you need these in your life as soon as possible!  

In true Revlon style, the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors boast of 12 stunning, vivid and natural shades, sure to compliment any skin tones, ranging from nudes to bright, bold shades. Today I'll be discussing shades that you all need in your collection and love: a nude, a pink and a red. 

I don't usually opt for matte finishes, due to bad experiences using matte lipsticks, and them clinging to drier areas and making me look ridiculous. I'm much more of a glossy lip kinda girl, but after giving these a try, I was really surprised and instantly fell in love with the amazing formula, and wearable matte shades. I just had to share these with you guys, the formula is seriously insane, and has really converted me to a matte/semi-matte kinda gal.

♥ Revlon Ultra HD Lip Color £8.99 - available here (from left to right) - Seduction*, Passion*, Devotion* 

My Shades -

Seduction is my personal favourite, and most worn! It is described as a peachy, nude. The perfect 'my lips but better' shade, and very Kylie Jenner like, it's got a somewhat semi-matte finish and is slightly glossier than the other two shades, which I quite prefer. I don't usually opt for matte finishes as I mentioned before, so this is the perfect day time shade for me, that adds a little bit of matte in my life, without pushing me in at the deep end. If you're  a matte newbie, I'd really recommend this one! 


'Passion' -  this is a stunning, bright and striking red shade. I would describe it as a red, that would compliment most skin tones, as it's such a wearable shade! It's a red that is really easy to apply, you don't need a lip liner to stop the colour from bleeding. Just one swipe of this lip colour and you're good to go. It's amazing. Passion would look so lovely all year, round, I can't wait to rock this on a night out for a more dramatic evening look, and in Autumn or over Christmas time which it would be perfect for too! 


Finally 'Devotion' is a beautiful, natural, bright pink shade. It's got mauve undertones, and is the perfect, bright, pink, Spring/Summer shade. I've been reaching for this beauty so much as it adds a touch of bright, Summer colour to any outfit and really compliments my skin tone. This is definitely the most matte shade out of the three, and I've really loved experimenting with it. If you're a matte lover, but find matte lip products quite drying, prepare to be seriously impressed by this formula, you totally need to try this! 

♥ Packaging 
The packaging of the lip products is sleek, simple and sturdy. It is the perfect size to keep in your handbag for top ups on the go. I adore that you can see the shade you will be applying through the packaging, it's something I've always loved to see in make up products. Best of all the shades shown, are almost identical to the colour you actually apply on your lips! 

♥ Application 
Application couldn't be easier. I absolutely love the doe-foot applicator, it makes applying the lip colour a dream, with its soft and velvety cushioning, its also the perfect size for easy application, with no mess or fuss. You do not need a lip liner, although I'd recommend a mirror for on the go top ups, especially if you're applying a vivid, brighter colour. 

♥ Pigmentation, Formula and Finish
My main concern when opting for a matte lip is the formula. Many matte lip formulas don't cut it for me, many brands have really beautiful, pigmented shades but the formula lacks moisture, and clings to drier areas, flakes and generally looks awful. However Revlon haven't sacrificed formula with these beauties. I will hands down say that this is the best matte liquid lipstick formula I've ever used, it perfectly combines the colour and pigmentation of a lipstick, with the hydrating and lightweight feel of a lipgloss. The formula is incredibly smooth and such a dream to apply. You cannot feel the lip product sitting on your lips, and the colours are so comfortable and lovely to wear on your lips. 

On first application, you can see for yourself how amazingly pigmented the lip colours are. With just one swipe over your lips, you are left with bold, pigmented, gorgeous colour. No need for two coats. At first, you will notice that the colour looks quite glossy, however, don't be fooled, this glossy finish disappears after around 5-10 seconds of drying and you are left with a beautifully semi-matte/matte finish.  

See more swatches below. 

♥ Lasting Power
Lasting power is just what you'd expect from a matte/semi-matte finish. It lasts HOURS. Honestly I've been on a night out with this stuff on and even after eating and drinking it remains the same. It does transfer slightly, but rather than banishing the entire lip product after transferring, it leaves a lovely stain of colour on your lips that is really pigmented so you don't feel the need to keep reapplying the product. If I do tend to reapply it's after 3-4 hours, or even more. I'm really impressed with the lasting power and the lovely stain it leaves on your lips and can't praise the lip products enough! 

♥ Scent 
The scent is to die for and it tastes pretty amazing to! It combines the lovely fragrance of creamy mango and whipped vanilla, so it's very fruity and sweet! I'm obsessed with it. I find myself just sniffing the lip product every time I apply, it's that GOOD. 

♥ Swatches
Swatches after applying 1 coat, before drying vs after being left to dry for 1 minute. 
From top to bottom: Seduction, Passion and Devotion. 

♥ Verdict 
Revlon never fails to amaze me, and they continue to make me fall in love with their products! I adore the combination of a moisturised lip, and a velvety matte finish. If only all matte, liquid lip products could have this lovely Revlon formula. It would make rocking a matte lip, easy! Be right back, I'm just going to buy every single shade available in Boots. The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors are definitely a strong 10/10 for me. 

For just £8.99 the Revlon Ultra HD Lip Color's are complete bargains! If you try at least one, new make up product this month, it NEEDS to be these! 

♥ Revlon Ultra HD Lip Color £8.99 - available here 

Have a lovely day!
What is your favourite lip product at the moment?

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