9 Easy Ways To De-Stress Every Day. ♥

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Lately, I've been feeling like I have no time in the world for myself. It's been such a crazy month with work, and I often let it get to me way more than I should. I think it's so easy for people to forget that most of us bloggers, have lives outside of blogging. We have homes, families and very crazy full time jobs. One thing I promised myself when I started blogging again at the beginning of 2017, was that I wasn't going to let it consume me like I used to years ago, read that post here. I think I've definitely learned to get better at not letting blogging take over my life. But now, I'm letting work take over my life instead. What is it about me? I simply can't do things by halves. I have to go the full way. Honeslty I day dream sometimes about quitting my job and just becoming a full time blogger. That would literally be THE DREAM. Because trust me, if I could, I'd quit the day job and take up this blogging thing full time. I absolutely adore having this place where I can talk to anybody from all over the world within a matter of minutes, speak to likeminded people who understand me, and I can share my penchant for all things life and beauty. There is nothing I love more than coming home and typing away like a crazy lady, with a hot chocolate and candles lit. I LOVE it. It calms me and it makes me feel good. But it's hard. So hard fitting everything in. There's not enough hours in the day, and definitely not enough hours in the day to blog and get everything done on my to do list, so yes I've been feeling stressed, but not necessarily about blogging just about everything else in general. In fact blogging has been making me feel really good. Over the past few weeks, I've taken a step back and tried to focus on little things that make me feel good because that helps me feel less stressed. I've been doing quite a few things that have helped me to de-stress, every, single, day and it's definitely working. Even if it's just 5 minutes of my day doing something I LOVE. It's making me feel great. I know so many of you are quite similar to me and often let things stress you out, or make you feel rubbish so I thought I'd share a few of the things that have been getting me through lately, and making me feel a whole lot, less stressed. I hope you find them helpful. :) ♥

Turn off social media - This is such a hard one for me, because I really do adore social media and think it's amazing, but I have such a love/hate relationship with it at the moment. It can make me feel really rubbish about myself, even without me realising it sometimes. It's so important sometimes to just live in the moment, and have a break from what everybody else is doing in their lives and just truly focus on yourself. Even if it's just for an hour a day. I can spend hours a day on social media, scrolling, thinking 'oh look, she's on holiday in Barbados again, and I've got to get up for shitty work at 6am' and then it gets to 10pm and I'm like "What have I done with my day?" so instead of spending far too much of my life on social media and comparing my life to everybody else's highlight reel, I'm trying to invest my time in doing things I love that make me really happy, as well as reminding myself that nobodies lives are perfect. 

♥ Read - I'm such a little book geek, and a true bookworm at heart. There is honestly nothing I love more than getting lost into a book. It takes me away from my crazy, hectic life, and makes me feel so good. I don't understand why I don't do it as often as I should? I always say to myself that I simply don't have the time. However recently I'm trying to save an hour of my day to just get lost into a book. If you don't like reading actual books, try reading your favourite blogs. I'm somebody that loves to feel the pages of an actual book, if that makes sense, like I'm really not a Kindle person at all, so that wouldn't work for me. But do whatever floats your boat and makes you happy! :) 

Watch something that warms your heart & makes you laugh - I really enjoy watching quite intense documentaries, or crime shows, but recently I've been reaching towards more light hearted TV shows, and trying to watch things that make me laugh, or guilty pleasure reality TV shows like Geordie Shore. I love a good Rom Com, and again it really takes my mind off any stress or anything intense. Again, whatever makes you feel good, do it! Some of my favourites to watch when I'm feeling stressed are: Gilmore Girls, Gavin & Stacey, Celebs Go Dating, TOWIE, Geordie Shore, Catfish, etc. 

Light your candles, put a face mask on, and paint your nails - a favourite of mine at the moment. I try and do this at least once a week anyway, because it makes me feel really good. But have a little spa at home, paint your nails and put your favourite face mask on. Take care of your body, moisturise. Make yourself look good, because ultimately it will make you feel good too. Lighting candles is literally my favourite thing to do at the moment, it makes me feel so calm, and relaxed.

Have a bath - I guess this is quite similar to the spa at home idea above, but seriously have a bath. There's nothing better than soaking away all that stress and washing away your worries with all of your favourite pampering products. Making time for yourself is SO important, and if having a bath is your way of getting time to yourself, go for it. Read at the same time, or watch your guilty pleasure TV Show. Multi-tasking and making time for yourself at it's best!

Go for a walk, alone - can we just appreciate how pretty those trainers are? ^ ok, back to the post, in my opinion, going out for a walk is so precious. I appreciate that some may struggle to fit this into their day, or may not feel comfortable going for a walk alone, however if you can, try it! I promise you won't regret it. I force myself to just go for a small walk, alone, even for 10 minutes, after a really stressful day. I like the time I get alone, where I'm in my own thoughts, and I'm left feeling refreshed, my mind clears and I feel so much better about any stress that was on my mind. Vitamin D always works a treat.

Close your eyes, and just rest - I try and do this after a really tough day. Even for just 5 minutes. I don't mean having a nap. I mean literally being alone, in your own thoughts. Counting to 10, taking a big, deep breath and chilling for 5 minutes. It sounds ridiculous but, similar to going for a walk, it refreshes your mind and makes you feel good. 

♥  Start your day well by getting up early, & having a good breakfast - this one makes the world of difference. How awful do you feel if you're rushing around in the morning, with not a minute spare, worried you're going to miss the bus, or not have enough time to finish that job on your to do list? It makes you feel shit. I used to be such a sleep person, and even if it meant sleeping in bed for an extra 2 minutes, I'd prefer to rush around all morning than just wake up, because I loved sleep. This sets you up for the worst day. I don't mean to sound Mumsy, but it's so true. Get yourself a good breakfast, one that's healthy, that makes you feel good. Get up 10 minutes earlier, so that you have enough time to do everything. This will set you up for the whole day. If you wake up feeling stressed, that feeling will follow you throughout the day.

Listen to your favourite music - this is a big one for me. If I listen to music that I love, it makes me feel good. It raises my mood. There's nothing better than listening to your favourite songs, and singing along as loudly as possible. Do it! Sing your stresses away, I promise it will work! :) I do this when I'm walking alone too and it works a treat!

I guess my main point throughout this post is to just do what makes you happy. Do whatever makes you feel GOOD. Everybody is so different, and even though these are the things that make me feel less stressed and make me feel good, they may not work for everyone. It's really about personal preference. But doing something that warms your heart, and makes you feel amazing is the best medicine for stress. Even if that's just for 5 minutes of your day, or even if you're working but you have candles lit at the same time. Do whatever you can, to help yourself feel good and I'm sure you'll feel a whole lot less stressed in the mean time. 

What are your top tips for de-stressing?

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