The Ultimate Lazy Sunday. ♥

Sunday, 9 April 2017

It's been such a busy month or two for me. Almost every, single weekend and most evenings I've had something planned and I've just got back from the most amazing trip travelling around Ibiza. It was gorgeous and the weather was beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I love having plans but there is also something so amazing about having no plans at all, just chilling and having a really lazy day. I feel like everyone needs a lazy day every once in a while, or as much as possible. I'm somebody that has such a busy mind, and I'm constantly doing things or thinking of things to do, even when I'm chilling or trying to relax, so in order for me to relax and shut off I try to have one 'Lazy Sunday' every month to keep my mind, body and soul relaxed without working myself too hard. I thought I'd share with you guys my ultimate lazy Sunday, so that you can all feel just as chilled, relaxed and super lazy as I try to do. Who doesn't love a lazy day? Pyjamas all day? Yes pls.

 ♥ 1. Read - I've put this at the top of my list because it's SO important, but after this nothing goes in a particular order. Reading is one of those things that I absolutely adore doing but find it difficult to allocate time for. There's always something that comes before reading as my schedule is so busy but during my lazy Sunday's I try my best to pick up an actual book and READ. It really lifts my bookworm heart and mood. 

 ♥ 2. Have a big pampering sesh - tan (talking of fake tans, I've found a real new fave that I will be sharing very soon!), paint your nails, put a face mask on, moisturise, cleanse, put on a hair mask - do whatever makes you feel good. I find that if I dedicate a small chunk of my lazy Sunday to having a pamper session, I feel AMAZING and ready to chill without feeling gross. It's not just about LOOKING good, it's about feeling amazing. 

 ♥ 3. Read your favourite blogs/ comment and share the love - this is one of my favourite things to do, I just find it tricky finding the time to squeeze it into my busy routine. I think it's so important as bloggers to support one another and share the love so I always comment on posts I read and find enjoyable, or comment on Instagram photos I find pretty! :) 

 ♥ 4. Dedicate a small amount of time to social media but then log off - I stress 'logging off' here. I really LOVE social media but I spend far too much of my time scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. On my lazy days I limit how much time I spend scrolling because I use social media every day anyway. Whereas I use my lazy days for catching up on all the things I love doing, but don't have the time to do often enough. I spent a few days away from social media while I was in Ibiza and it was honestly amazing

 ♥ 5. Catch up on your favourite box sets - (current faves: Riverdale, Celebs Go Dating, Scandal, The Crown, Geordie Shore (yep, how cringe!) and Gilmore Girls) This goes without saying really. I do watch far too much Netflix but what would a lazy Sunday be without a bit  lots of Netflix and your favourite box sets?

 ♥ 6. Eat all the rubbish food in the world - Sorry I'm such a bad influence. I try my best to eat as healthy as I can for the majority of the week, so by the time Sunday rolls around I feel like I deserve a little all the treats. You only live once and all that right?

 ♥ 7.  Have the biggest hot chocolate - again, you only live once, don't forget the marshmallows, chocolate shavings and whipped cream though. 

 ♥ 8. Cosy up in your most comfy PJ's - again this one goes without saying. I feel like it's not a lazy day if you aren't in your most favourite and most importantly COMFY pjs. 

   ♥ 9. Light your favourite candles - current fave is 'Summer Scoop' by Yankee Candle, it reminds me of all things summery, which is perfect right now. You can purchase here

 ♥ 10. Cosy up under your favourite blanket or throw - no matter what the season, nothing beats being lazy and cuddling up with your fave and cosiest throw. 

 ♥ 11. Listen to your favourite playlist - LOUD - nothing lifts my spirits like listening to feel good music. I try to listen to as much music as possible on my lazy days and every day, to be honest! 

 ♥ 12. Browse Pinterest - ahh, I could get lost in Pinterest for hours. True story. I like to use it more often on my lazy days, to find inspiration. 

 ♥ 13. No make up and a top knot - again this goes without saying. You cannot wear a full face of make up on your lazy Sunday, it is absolutely, NOT allowed. 

What do you like to do to relax and have the ultimate lazy day?
Have a lovely Sunday - I hope you're being very lazy.


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