Review - Benefit GALifornia Blush. ♥

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Benefit GALifornia Blush - £24.50 - available here ♥

As promised in my previous blog post where I discussed all of my current favourites,  today I'm sharing a review of a make up product that has been the talk of the beauty bloggersphere over the past  couple of months and that is the infamous GALifornia Blush from Benefit Cosmetics. If you didn't know already, I'm such a sucker for anything by Benefit. It will always be that beauty brand that reminds me of my teenage days when I saved up all my pocket money to buy their latest launch. I think their packaging is so beautiful and never disappoints but the actual products themselves are also pretty amazing and swoon-worthy. I always get very excited by their new launches, and their box-o powders have always been favourites of mine, and this gorgeous, summery blush is no exception, so let's see what all the fuss is about...

Ok first off, let's discuss the packaging, oh my goodness, how beautiful? It ticks all the Benefit boxes for me, it's pretty, bright, colourful and very girly. It's right up my street very boho chic, and inspired by 1970's California Girls, it's undeniably pretty.  I also love the name of the blush. I don't know why, but I think it's really cute. I like the box, compact packaging as it's lightweight and easy to carry on the go. As always with Benefit Box-O-Powder's a small application brush is supplied, though I never use these myself.

Now onto the actual blush itself. Wow, if you thought the packaging was beautiful, wait until you see the stunning blush itself. It is embossed with such a pretty design and if you look closely, you will notice a gorgeous gold overspray, which I was so excited by, as I love a a bit of shimmer in my life, however sadly it's just an overspray and after first application, there is little shimmer in this blush. It is quite a soft matte finish, which I will say I was a little saddened by, however many will be pleased to know because I know shimmer isn't for everybody. The shade however makes up for the lack of shimmer in the blush, in my opinion.

It is a shade that will without a doubt compliment all skin tones, and suit many, it's such a golden sunny, coral pink shade that I find so hard to find on the shelves these days. I love coral blushes, especially for this time of year when you want a pop of colour on your cheeks, however many coral blushes are either too overpowering or orange, or boring and rosy. Fear no more, Benefit has created such a beautiful, natural and complimenting shade here, with flattering orange based pink tones that will compliment many skin tones. It's just what we all needed.

Pigmentation is brilliant, it's just what you'd expect from your typical Benefit blush. As this is a coral shade, you don't want pigmentation to be too harsh anyway, as you will end up with a clown looking finish. However GALifornia offers just the right pigmentation to leave you looking healthy, glowing and gorgeous.

Application is honestly like a dream, I use a fluffy brush to apply and sweep it into the apples of my cheeks in an upwards motion. The blush doesn't highlight pores or any fine lines and lasting power is pretty insane too. I apply this in the morning before work, at around 6am, and it is still noticeable and looking rather pretty at 5pm, it doesn't smudge or travel across your face. It stays in place perfectly, leaving you with a gorgeous summery, golden glow all day long.

Swatch of GALifornia Blush - £24.50 - Benefit - available here. ♥

An added bonus is that the blush itself is scented, and fear not, the fragrance doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. GALifornia has a gorgeous, summery vanilla and fruity scent, that leaves you wanting to sniff the blush all day long. If only Benefit could bring out a perfume and spray that has the same scent as this gorgeous blush, I would be a very happy customer indeed. :)

If you want summer in a box, and a healthy, summery, golden glow all year round, Benefit have got you covered with this gorgeous blush. I'd totally recommend it, I know I'm going to be reaching for it so much over the coming months.

Have you tried GALifornia? What are your thoughts?

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