My Top 5 Spring Lipsticks. ♥

Sunday, 23 April 2017

♥ Today I thought I'd talk about one of the greatest loves of my life: lipsticks. Ahh I'm such a lipstick girl. Honestly, I hate to think of the amount of money I've spent on lipsticks over the years. There is just something so special in my heart about lipsticks, the make up lover in me swoons when I find a pretty shade in Boots, I swatch away until I'm given funny looks by Boots staff. Now that warmer weather is finally upon us, and the flowers are finally blooming, we can officially say Spring has sprung. There's nothing I love more than changing up my make up during Spring, and obviously what would my make up change be without swapping some of my winter berry and plum shades for some bright, pretty pink and corals? Here are my top 5 Spring lipsticks, that scream all things pretty and spring!

♥ From left to right: MAC Fan Fare, L'oreal Collection Exclusive by Naomi, MAC Peach Blossom, L'oreal Collection Exclusive by Eva, MAC Coral Bliss. Swatches and in depth reviews of each lipstick below.

♥ MAC Coral Bliss - £16.50 - available here 

If this lipstick doesn't scream all things Spring then I don't know what will?! Who doesn't love a bit of Coral in their lives, especially during the warmer months? The only problem for me, is that I'm not one of those people who suit a bright, pink coral. So when I spotted this little beauty in my local MAC, I knew it would suit my pale skin and blonde hair perfectly, and enhance my skin tone, without washing me out. I was right!! However don't be put off, as this would suit darker skin tones and compliment them so well, as it looks beaut paired with a tan too. Coral Bliss is a gorgeous, light coral, that has just the right amount of coral without looking overly orange. Best of all, it's not one of those corals that have loads of pink in either, it's just what it says on the tin, Coral. It's extremely easy to wear. The cremesheen formula makes it lush to apply this lipstick, and the pigmentation makes colour pay off quite a thrill too. With just one application, you have the perfect amount of colour and you're good to go, with soft, hydrated and creamy lips too! It fades nicely and evenly throughout the day, and lasts anywhere between 3-4 hours. Honestly if you haven't swatched this before, you really need to. I think you will all love it so much! :) 

♥ L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive by Eva - £4.50 available here

Sadly this little beaut is limited edition and is no longer sold in highstreet stores such as Boots or Superdrug but I have managed to find it being sold on Amazon for just £4.50, so if you're interested I would definitely recommend it. This gorgeous shade is perfect for Spring and Summer, it really compliments a tan and any outfit on a warm, gorgeous day. The shade itself is a gorgeous, rich, bold, medium, bright pink, created specifically for skin tones and hair colours similar to Eva Longoria, one of L'oreal's brand ambassadors, although I don't have lovely, naturally tanned skin like Eva, and I'm pretty pale with blonde hair, this really suits me, so don't worry so much if you haven't got the same skin tone or hair colour as Eva, as I'm sure it will look just as amazing on you! I like to wear this especially on holiday, or on a sunny day with some bronzer and it looks amazing! The colour looks really bold when you look at the bullet, however the pigmentation is much less strong and bold once applied, something which I believe is a great thing, as the colour enhances your natural colour, and gives you that gorgeous pop of colour you crave, without worrying about application, or lip liner. This couldn't be any easier to apply, it has enough pigmentation so that you can apply on the go, fuss free, even without a mirror, with one swipe of this dreamy stuff over your lips, you're good to go. The formula is fairly long lasting, with top ups needed every 3-4 hours, though once applied it leaves a gorgeous stain on your lips. The best thing about this lipstick is the gorgeous texture, it leaves a somewhat matte finish, adding a gorgeous coral pink, pop of colour but it keeps your lips hydrated and is so comfortable to wear. I can't recommend this beaut enough! 

♥ MAC Peach Blossom - £16.50 - available here

Ahh this is my all time favourite lipstick. It's that shade, that is my lips but better. I wear this all year round anyway, but when the flowers are blooming, and Spring has sprung, I'm pretty much wearing this beauty, most days. Every body needs this colour in their collection no matter what skin tone you have. However, calling all you pale girls out there, with a similar skin tone to myself, if you want that 'my lips but better shade' this one is THE ONE.♥♥♥ When you see this, it probably doesn't really shout out to you much, and when you're in MAC it's probably the shade you don't even bat an eyelid to, however if you haven't tried this, girl you're missing out. It matches every make up look and outfit without fail, the shade itself is a light rose, nude with a lovely mixture of peach thrown into the mix too. The pigmentation is good, and the colour in the bullet is similar to the colour pay off, when applied only once. The cremesheen formula makes application a dream the final colour pay off once applied is even, comfortable to wear and feels gorgeous on your lips, it keeps your lips feeling creamy, soft and hydrated, and the formula doesn't cling to dry areas at all. The only downside is that its not as long lasting as I'd like, it probably lasts around 1-2 hours before having to reapply, but the gorgeous shade, amazing formula and ease of application, makes it worth the while. 

♥ L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive by Naomi - £6.99 - available here

I mentioned this gorgeous pink lipstick collection by L'oreal , which is sadly limited edition, above. However, like I said before I have found a very cheap seller on Amazon that is selling these beauties, so you're in luck if you like the look of this beauty. This is a gorgeous subtle, natural, light, rose pink shade that adds that little bit of Spring pink into your make up collection, without shouting it from the roof tops. If you aren't a pink lipstick fan, or you find pink shades don't suit you very much, I'd highly recommend this beauty. It's pretty much a nude lipstick with a hint of pink. This lipstick doesn't take the focus away from different parts of your make up, so if you're rocking that gorgeous smokey eye or winged liner, this is perfect because it enhances your lip colour, adding a gorgeous rose pink shade, without going wild. The lovely, natural rose pink shade would probably compliment every skin tone. Again, just like the Eva lipstick above, the Naomi shade is really comfortable to wear, adding hydration to your lips, and giving you a gorgeous semi-matte finish without enhancing or clinging to drier areas. It lasts around 3-4 hours before having to reapply. 

♥ MAC Fan Fare - £16.50 - available here

The photograph above makes this lipstick look pretty light in the bullet, but if you look at the swatches below you'll see how truly beautiful this shade is. It's been one of my all time favourite MAC lipsticks for as long as I can remember, I reach for it all year round as it's so natural but the pink hues in it have me reaching for it so much more, come Spring time. This gorgeous shade is a salmon pink, with coral undertones. It's a mid tone pink that would compliment most skin tones, it especially suits my pale skin as the pink really stands out, and you can see the coral undertones very clearly, they are so complimenting and add a gorgeous look to any outfit or make up look. However obviously depending on your skintone, a different colour pay off will show, so I'm sure it will look beautiful paired next to most, if not all skin tones. This is a cremesheen formula, which means it's an absolute dream to apply, and so comfortable to wear. You simply cream this into your lips and with one application, you get an excellent colour pay off, and you're good to go. Application is made easy for on the go, there's no fuss or mess and as always with MAC lipsticks, pigmentation is amazing. Staying power is fairly good, it lasts around 2-3 hours before having to reapply, and leaves a lovely stain of colour on your lips. If you want an every day, Spring lip colour that adds a pop of pink, and a slight hint of coral, this is the one! 

♥ Swatches from top to bottom: L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive by Naomi, MAC Peach Blossom,  MAC Coral Bliss, MAC Fan Fare, L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive by Eva ♥ 

I hope you've all found a lipstick that you love today, and that you're keen to try for yourselves this Spring. I would love to hear what your favourite lipstick or lipgloss is at the moment, as I'm always on the look out for new beauty and make up finds, especially when it comes to lipsticks.

Have a fab day!
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