Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Dark Review ♥

Sunday, 30 April 2017

If you read my last post about my trip to Ibiza and what I'd been up to lately, you will know I mentioned a gorgeous tanning product that I've been obsessed with over the past month. I've always been a huge lover of all things fake tan. I feel like I look so much healthier, and better with a bit of tan in my life, and I know the dangers of tanning beds, and sunbathing, not that we can do much sunbathing in the UK anyway, but you get my drift, UV rays can be so harmful and not worth the risk when you can get an even better, natural looking tan out of a bottle. Over the years I've tried so many fake tans, whether it be gradual ones, foams, mouses, shower tans, you name it, I've tried them. I have two firm favourites when it comes to fake tans, but of course like many like minded beauty geeks that doesn't stop me trying more products. I've heard loads about Bondi Sands over the past couple of months, so when I noticed a bottle of their raved about self tanning foam on offer in Superdrug I had to try it for myself and see what all the fuss was about. So here are my thoughts, it's quite a lengthy post, but this is my new favourite tan, and I'm not sure I'll ever go back now I've used this stuff. It's honestly SO amazing, I promise if you read to the end, it will be really worth it ...

♥ Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in DARK - £14.99 - Available here

♥ Price -
Ok so lets talk about the price. I know compared to the likes of St Moritz, and other tanning foams on the market, this probably seems quite expensive at £14.99, however for the quality of the tan after application, it honestly is worth the price tag and every single penny, and for a 200ml bottle, when you don't have to use tons of this stuff to see results, you can't really complain.

♥ Scent -
Something which instantly made me swoon as soon as I applied this gorgeous stuff, was the lovely scent of this tan. To me, it smells like all things holiday and coconuts. None of that disgusting biscuit smell that sadly lingers for hours, with many fake tans. No, just all things fresh and coconut, and best of all, the scent lingers, and doesn't fade into any other scent after a few hours. Another thing I've  found with many fake tans that don't smell like biscuits is, they smell really good for the first hour after you've applied them, but then once the tan is developed your back to that, good old biscuit scent again. Not with Bondi Sands, you'll smell like coconuts until you shower the tan off.

 ♥ Application and Formula- 
To apply I use this tanning mitt, which is really affordable, and super easy to use. I used the pump function to simply squirt the tan from the bottle, onto my mitt, and then apply the tan in circular motions. Something I adore about this tan, is the actual colour of the tan itself when you're applying it, it's a brown shade with a green undertone - yet another thing I was really impressed with because green undertones in a tan, ensure you don't go orange, but instead turn into a tanned goddess! Anyway back to application, the colour is like I said, a dull, dark brown, don't be alarmed by this because this isn't the colour that your tan develops into. However it does really help with application because you can see exactly where you need to blend in the tan, and also if the tan is uneven.

The texture of the tan is quite velvety, it smoothes really easily into the skin, and is applied with no fuss at all. It's not messy either and best of all doesn't stain everything it comes into contact with! I'm usually not a fan of a foam tan, but I find this one really simple and enjoyable to use. I really like that he formula doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky either! In my opinion the worst thing about applying fake tan is feeling like you can't put your clothes on afterwards, because you're a sticky mess, not with this stuff girls, it absorbs into the skin within 5 minutes, so that you are able to put clothes on without worrying the tan will transfer and stain your clothing. Still be wary that you have tan on though, because I would say it's not fully dry until after around 30 minutes.

Once you've applied your tan, got your clothes on and are chilling with some magazines and a hot chocolate, it's up to you to decide how long you'd like to leave the tan on to develop. Bondi Sands say that you can leave it on to develop anywhere between 1 hour and 6 hours, depending on your desired tan. Obviously the longer you leave it on, the more tanned you will be. I tend to apply this after showering and prepping my skin by exfoliating, and then leave the tan on overnight. Oops call the beauty blogger police, as I know it states to only leave it on 6 hours, but like I said I'm such a tan freak that I like to be as tanned as possible, and this way, it allows me to wear the tan without having to go out in the day and feel uncomfortable wearing it whilst it's developing. Don't quote me on this, but I'm guessing the tan will just stop developing after 6 hours anyway. I've had no problems doing this and have only ever woken up to gorgeous, deep, tanned skin!

I bought the shade Dark, even though my skin is naturally quite pale, I like to be quite tanned and feel that light to medium tan options, barely touch the surface for me. I always buy the Dark option no matter what tan I use. However colour pay off wise, this is the best 'Dark' option I've ever used. It doesn't leave you looking a ridiculously unnatural shade of brown or should I say orange? Nor is it too pale. It's that perfect shade, it's somewhere in between. I was quite surprised that the 'Dark' Bondi Sands option wasn't actually as 'Dark' as I had imagined when I left the tan to develop overnight, with just one coat, it gives me a gorgeous, even sun kissed tan, that isn't orange or streaky in the slightest. However to get my desired level of tan, because I'm quite the tan freak, I tend to apply two coats and leave it to develop overnight, and the finish is honestly so beautiful, it's a real deep, sunkissed, olive brown tan. I can't emphasise enough how natural it looks. I always receive so many compliments from people who think I've been holiday because it's that natural, with not even the smallest amount of orange in sight.

When I apply two layers of this tan, I do my first coat, leave it for 30 minutes and then go onto apply my second coat. However on my second coat, I avoid areas such as elbow, ankles, hands, kneecaps and feet and just apply 1 coat to those otherwise it can start to look a little unnatural and patchy. True story.

Once you've left the tan on to develop for your desired amount of time, it will probably appear quite dull and darker than you'd imagine, however this is just the formula of the tan and not the actual tan itself. You simply wash it off in the shower with medium heat water. If it's too hot it will ruin your tan, if it's too cold it wont wash away properly. Don't use shower gel or anything, simply use the water to wash away the tan. Once you've washed the tan away, you pat your skin dry with a towel, you are left with the most beautiful, even and best of all natural results. You just have to see it for yourselves, honestly it's amazing.

 ♥ Lasting Power -
Now for the best part? LASTING POWER. This is the best tan I've used both for colour results and lasting power. Believe me, I am the worst person at moisturising my skin, I'm not one of those people that moisturise day and night and if I was I'm sure this tan would last me a whole month. Instead I apply this tan on a weekly basis, after showering and exfoliating, I don't really moisturise at all over the next 7 days, and it tends to just fade gradually over the following week, after around 7 days, I find that it does start to look a little bit patchy in certain areas, however not massively noticeable and a lot less patchy than some tans after 7 days. At that point, I will do the same routine over again, shower, exfoliate and reapply. It's really simple and straightforward.

 ♥ Cons- 
With all products, there of course is a couple of cons. The only thing I can fault about the Bondi Sands foam,  is how difficult it can be to remove if you apply a bit too much to drier areas such as your hands, elbows etc. I guess it emphasises how good this gorgeous tan is at actually staying on, but it can be awkward to remove if it went a bit wrong. Like I said true story. But definitely my own fault. I did this my second time applying, when I got a bit too brave, and decided to go in for the 3rd coat just to see what the results would be like (never again on my pale skin), I ended up looking too dark in drier areas with a bit of build up, however, now I know my limits are to take it easy and only apply 2 coats because I'm quite pale. FYI a little tip from one fake tan lover to another, add a bit of lemon juice, into your regular exfoliator or scrub when trying to remove tough fake tan if you ever find yourself in that situation and it really does the trick.

Also my only other tiny, warning with this product is to definitely let the tan dry thoroughly before applying clothing or going to sleep as it can leave an annoying red transfer if you don't allow it to dry properly before applying clothing or getting into bed. However, these stains do come out, so not to fret if you're freezing and want to put your clothes on as soon as possible aha.

Overall I'm SO impressed with this tan and I can't believe how beautiful and natural the tans results are and how well it lasts on my skin! I've finally found my holy grail fake tan! I'm not sure anything will ever top this one! :) You can purchase the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Dark for £14.99 here.

I'm really looking forward to trying more of the Bondi Sands range, which products would you recommend from them?


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