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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

If you didn't know already, I'm the biggest bookworm. One of my favourite things to do, is cosy up and get lost in a good book. So when four of my favourite things collide: beauty, self help, fashion, and BOOKS I'm hooked. I've been obsessed with beauty, fashion and self help books for as long as I remember and though I've read these same books many times, I always find new tips and advice from them every time I pick them up and get lost into them. I know many of you guys are just as obsessed with reading and of course love a bit of beauty, fashion or self help in your lives too, so today I thought I would share my favourite and most helpful, and unique beauty, self help and fashion books with you all, that have inspired me in some way. In no particular order here are my lovely faves and ones that I would recommend to you all...

♥ 1. Eat Pretty Every Day by Jolene Hart £10.99 - the ultimate guide to self care, beauty, health and nutrition. I was eager to give this book a read when I spotted it's all kinds of pretty illustrations on Instagram. It's so pretty to look at but also super insightful and inspiring, giving you all kinds of helpful tips on how to glow mind, body and soul. I'd recommend this if you're into beauty, health and wellbeing and general self help/love. It's super easy to read and you can dip in and out of it when you're looking for fresh inspiration.

♥ 2. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso £6.99 - I still haven't finished reading all of this, but my, oh my, it's AMAZING and so inspiring! Who doesn't wanna be a Girl Boss for goodness sake? This book is packed full of informative, helpful and fabulous tips, advice and past experiences from the original Girl Boss herself Sophia Amoruso who is the founder of Nasty Gal. It's straight talking, no bull, ambitious and strong minded. Everything you need in your life. I found this book totally amazing when I was restarting my blog, and I would recommend it to every, single blogger as it so motivating, and full of inspiration from the very first page. It's just so sassy! If you want to be motivated to chase your dreams, build your own empire, start your own business and you're willing to work hard, give this a go -you won't regret it!

♥ 3. Pretty Honest - Sali Hughes £11.89 - the ultimate beauty companion in my opinion. If you're a beauty blogger, or you just adore beauty and make up, this is the book you NEED in your life, on your bedside or coffee table. I've dipped into this beauty many times, when I'm looking for sharp, passionate, warm, witty and helpful beauty advice. My copy of this is in the worst condition as it's been everywhere with me, and continues to do so. I'm just obsessed with Sali's writing style throughout this book, it's like you're speaking to your bestie, she's so to the point and honest, it's amazing. It's not full of the usual glossy, pretty photographs spread throughout many beauty books these days, it's full of helpful, interesting, unique advice and experiences that will continue to help you for many years to come. It's real beauty advice, for real women with tips that aren't hard to follow, or tricky to do. It deals with everything from skincare, to make up, to anti-ageing and teenage beauty. Try this, you honestly won't regret it.

♥ 4. Lauren Conrad - Beauty - £14.88  - Hands up if you were obsessed with The Hills? Me, me, me. Hands up if you had the biggest girl crush on Lauren Conrad and wanted to be her? Also, me, me, me. Where do I even start with this book? It's been out for YEARS, and has been a firm favourite of mine since the beginning. It's probably no surprise that this is one of my favourite beauty books, as it's raved about by many likeminded beauty bloggers and lovers. If you're a Lauren Conrad fan, and haven't read this, what are you doing with your life? Lauren shares her most favourite beauty advice, stories and secrets throughout this book from make up, and skincare, to hair and nutrition. I didn't really learn anything massively new, as she shares pretty basic tips and advice, but I love having it in my collection. If you aren't a fan of Lauren, or you're a teen or new beauty lover this would still be perfect for you as it's super informative, and well written, sharing some great tips and advice.

♥ 5. The Glam Guide - Fleur De Force £14.88 - I'm all for supporting fellow beauty bloggers and YouTubers, and though I'm not a huge fan of Fleur, I was interested in trying her beauty book for myself. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful illustrations and pretty photographs throughout the book, and it's well written, informative writing style. Fleur shares some of her best beauty, fashion, love, fitness, self help and general advice throughout this book and again it feels like you're speaking to one of your closest friends. If you're looking to try out a beauty blogger or YouTuber's advice book, this would by far be my best recommendation. I've tried out many from Tanya Burr, Louise Pentland's (which is a close favourite and almost ended up in this post.) and also Fleur's other book The Luxe Life, but this one is the most useful, helpful, well written, pretty and interesting to date! The Glam Guide would suit all ages, and doesn't come across as childish, there are plenty of new tips that I have learnt in all kinds of areas including beauty, despite being a beauty blogger myself. It's just a really cute, little book that again you can dip in and out of whenever you need motivation, inspiration or advice.

♥ 6. Lauren Conrad - Style - £10.59 - Yes, all the heart eyed emojis for Lauren Conrad. But again my collection would simply not be the same without this book or LC in it. This book focuses solely on fashion, offering interesting, unique, helpful and cute fashion tips and advice from the beaut that is, LC. I've always loved Lauren's style and the way she effortlessly puts outfits together since her Laguna Beach days, so to have all of her best advice, tips and stories in a cute little book with lots of pretty and stunning photographs is perfect for me. Style is such a brilliant guide to building the perfect wardrobe, starting from your Basics, to statement pieces, Lauren discusses everything from t-shirts, to jewellery. The book covers everything you can think of, and if you are a fashion lover, it's a must to have in your collection! 

Have a wonderful day! I hope you've enjoyed todays post. What are your favourite beauty, fashion or self help books that I need to try?

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