25 Easy Ways To Practice Self Care and Love Every Single Day. ♥

Sunday, 19 March 2017

It's no secret by now just how important self love is. In recent years we've had the whole concept of self love shoved down our throats, and for all the right reasons too. Self love has been proven to have a huge impact on self esteem, confidence, wellbeing and general happiness. It's basically the best possible medicine you can give yourself! I feel like over the past year, I've really learned a lot about self love and so much about myself too. This past year has really been the year of 'like realising stuff' soz but I had to throw that Kylie Jenner thing in there, but seriously, it's been the year of growing up and learning a lot about myself. Along that journey of finding myself and learning to love who I truly am, although I'm still not 100% there, I've also learned quite a bit about self love and how to add tiny, easy snippets of self love into your everyday life to make you feel happier and better about yourself. Don't get me wrong the journey to true self discovery and love is a pretty long one, full of lots of hard work and obstacles but I just wanted to share the easy ways in which I practice self love and care every single, day! I hope you find them helpful. :) 

♥ 1. Treat yourself like your 7 year old self/ child/best friend - if you wouldn't say something to them, don't say it to yourself. "Your face looks so spotty today." "Eurgh, you look so fat." "You cannot wear that, it looks awful." instead practice things you would say to a child/your best friend. "Be proud of yourself." "You're amazing." "You're beautiful", "Your hair looks gorgeous." etc, you get my drift. Be kinder to yourself.
♥ 2. Have a breakfast you enjoy, every, single day.

♥ 3. Take time to practice a good skincare routine every morning and every evening - you'll feel so good and your skin will thank you for it too, win, win.
♥ 4. Get your nails done every once in a while - this always makes me feel great and ready to challenge anything that comes my way.
♥ 5. Smile more often.
♥ 6. Indulge - eat the cake, life is way too short to eat shit food that doesn't make you feel good.
♥ 7. Light all the candles!
♥ 8. Book a massage - hot stone massages are my current favourite but any will do.

♥ 9. Have a social media break - enough said. This can be particularly difficult if you love social media and are part of the blogging world, but honestly it will do you the world of good. Don't let social media consume you.
♥ 10. Have a spa at home with all your favourite bath and beauty products - basically a bath full of Soap & Glory and LUSH. Yes please :) :) :)
♥ 11. Clean - the house, the car, the wardrobe. Whatever it is, cleaning can be a good way of letting go of stress and taking your mind off things.
♥ 12. Spend time with people that make you feel good and cut out the people who make you feel rubbish. Ain't nobody got time for toxic people.
♥ 13. Read - and I'm not talking your Twitter feed, or anything on a screen for that matter, read a good, old book!

♥ 14. Do something you love every day - even if it's snuggling up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and Netflix on the TV.
♥ 15. Don't compare - comparison is the thief of JOY.
♥ 16. Don't be so hard on yourself - you didn't complete all the things you had to do for the day, but promise yourself you'll try better next time and it's no big deal.

♥ 17. Make yourself a hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows.
♥ 18. Drink enough water - the benefits of drinking water are insane and you'll feel SO good.
♥ 19. Try and rest and get a good nights sleep - I know it's not always possible but you'll feel the difference.
♥ 20. Play your favourite music L O U D - sing your worries away!
♥ 21. Don't save things for special occasions - every day is a special occasion, wear your favourite perfume, jewellery, clothing, shoes etc. Every day is so precious and often wearing something that is special always make you look and feel good.
♥ 22. Spend at least one day a month doing absolutely nothing!
♥ 23. Treat yo self. Life is way too short, buy the lipstick. I live by this motto way too often but it's so true.
♥ 24. Have 30 minutes to yourself with no interruptions every day - I know this can be difficult if you're a parent but try your best, even if it's less time you'll feel so much better for it.
♥ 25. Remind yourself every day, self love and care isn't optional, it's essential to being the best version of yourself.

and if all else fails. Hug puppies or stroke all the dogs. These two, fix e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!

I'm really trying my best to devote 2017, to completely taking care of myself and loving myself for exactly who I am, as well as putting myself at the very top of my to do list and I've found these easy steps really helpful. Hope you guys have to. What do you do everyday to practice self love and care?

 Hands up if you want to join the self love club? 
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