10 Goals for 2017. ♥

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hello, me again!
Yep, I know we're almost at the end of Feb, but I missed out on this whole '2017 goals' thing way back at the start of the year and thought it was my turn to throw my goals into the mix as I love reading these posts. I feel like it's never too late to make a few goals in your life. Regardless if I'm three months late, I feel like the beginning of March should be the beginning of 2017 for me anyway, these past two months have been crazy and I'd like a fresh start pls and thanks. Anywho before I ramble and go off on a tangent, here are my 2017 goals.

 1. Don't take any sh#it from anybody. - enough said.
 2. Drink more water (always. I always have this goal each year but I'm so bad at sticking to it.)
 3. Don't let things bother me so much - people at work/work in general/small little worries that are teeny tiny and irrelevant. Oh I lost a follower on Instagram, boo hoo.

 4. Don't be too pressured to eat healthily - at this time of year everybody is on some crazy diet, been there done that. It's all about balance this year for me. Life is way too short. If I want the cake, or the huge box of Maltesers, I'm just gonna do it. :)
 5. Don't let blogging consume me - I've spoken about my experiences of blogging and the pressure I put on myself in the past. But this goes without saying really, this year my main is aim to blog like nobody is reading, do it because I'm obsessed with it, adore it and enjoy helping you guys out with all things beauty and life related. Don't add pressure on myself if I miss a post/can't take blog photos at the weekend because I'm out enjoying myself/ and definitely, do NOT compare! I've fallen back in love with blogging again recently, and yes I'm going to give it my absolute all but there's a fine line between adoring blogging and letting it consume you!
 6. Make more time for myself - I'm talking bubble baths with loads of Soap & Glory, and lots of LUSH, putting my phone down once in a while, having a break from social media and actually reading a book or watching one of my favourite shows on Netflix. I don't do this often enough  and I think it's super important if you want to remain sane.

 7. Make more of an effort with my skincare - Honestly, beauty blogger wise I probably commit the worst skincare sins daily. I am just the laziest person when it comes to skincare. I do the basics, cleansing, toning & moisturising and I always remove my make up each night however, I don't really make too much of an effort and I'd like to explore more skincare products this year to see if it changes the apperance of my skin at all.
 8. Moisturise - same as above, I can be so lazy when it comes to moisturising my body but as long as I have plenty of this stuff stocked up, which is almost good enough to eat - I'll know I'll try my best to keep my skin hydrated, as its so important!
 9. Be brave - attend more blogger events, put my face on the interwebs (this is a big deal for me as I can be so shy!) maybe even start a YouTube channel? Or vlog on Snapchat or Insta Stories? Whats the worst that could happen?
 10. Be happy - I can sometimes let things get the better of me and especially when my anxiety flares up, I can focus on negative thoughts rather than positive. This year I'm really going to try my best to live each day to the full and take happiness from the small things in life, because there truly is so much to be happy about in life.

What are your goals for 2017? 
Have a lovely day!

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