Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review. ♥

Sunday, 24 September 2017

♥ Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette* - £39 - available here 

I'm SO excited to share todays review with you all, I've been desperate to rave about this eyeshadow palette for WEEKS and today is finally the day where I'm going to share my thoughts on it and explain why I'm pretty much obsessed. I've always been a huge fan of Too Faced make up, and their eyeshadow palettes forever have me falling in love. It was no exception when I tried the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette around a month ago. If you love a good, old, nude eyeshadow palette that has a slight pop of girly, colour, this is the palette for you! I've been wearing it pretty much every day, both for work, casual and evening occasions, as the palette is so versatile and the shade range means you can alter your look depending on the occasion really easily! So enough of the rambling, here are my thoughts on the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, and why you all need it in your lives... ♥♥♥

♥ Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette* - £39 - available here

♥ Packaging 
Ok so lets discuss the packaging, I mean, if this isn't packaging goals I don't know what is? It's SO beautiful, incredibly, pink and girly, and basically my dream packaging with the pastel, baby pink casing, heart shaped eyeshadows and promising chocolate scent. As soon as I spotted the packaging, I was in love. It's very ME. I think it's my favourite make up product packaging - ever, and definitely my favourite Too Faced Palette. And that's saying something! It's just so pretty to have displayed, sitting on your dressing table and it's very Instagrammable. If you're anything like me and swoon over anything pink and girly - you'll be obsessed with this palette's packaging. It's beautiful and reminds me of something Barbie would opt for, for some reason. The packaging is also very durable, and has a metal tinned, outer shell, making it incredibly fool proof, and perfect for travelling. There is also a really handy mirror inside the palette, once it's opened up, which makes it perfect for applying the eyeshadows on the go.

♥ Scent
So once you open to the palette itself, almost immediately you're welcomed by the sweetest, most delicious scent of chocolate - yep, that's right, the eyeshadows themselves are actually chocolate scented. Too Faced really went to town with this beauty! I mean if the actual shades themselves weren't already amazing enough, they had to make them smell like chocolate too?! On many occasions when using the handy, compact mirror (which FYI is really nicely sized, and is fairly large for an eyeshadow palette compact mirror) I find myself just sniffing the eyeshadows themselves. They're almost good enough to eat, and smell so yummy! I mean who doesn't want chocolate scented eyelids?

8 Less Hyped, High Street Make Up Favourites ♥

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Who doesn't love a bargain? I know I certainly do! I'm forever on the hunt for affordable make up, that ticks all of the boxes of high end products, but at a fraction of the price! Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite bits of make up with you all, but best of all these beauties are all highly affordable and can all be found in Highstreet stores including Boots, Superdrug and Wilkos! I thought I'd include products, that despite the fact they're amazing, they're not as hyped up as your typical Collection Lasting Perfection Concealers and are sort of like little hidden beauties in the High Street make up world. Hope you find something you love! ♥♥♥

♥ Essence Volume Stylist Curl & Hold 18 Hour Mascara* - £3 - available here 

So first up, is an amazing mascara from a brand I've become obsessed with over the past 6 months, Essence products can be found in Wilkos. If you haven't tried their products before, I recommend them 1000000%. They're such amazing quality products, yet they're so affordable, with most of their products being under £4, how insane?!  You see a full range of their products on the Wilkos website here. I couldn't write this post today without discussing the Essence Volume Stylist Curl and Hold Mascara which is just £3.... yep go out and buy 10 guys, it's only £3!!! You all need this in your make up bags. It boasts of incredible lash curl, and up to 18 hours of lasting volume. The wand is a fully loaded paddle brush, with long bristles on one side, and shorter ones on the opposite side.

 It keeps my lashes separated, and coats the lashes evenly, with no fuss, or problems and gives them that all important curl I'm constantly craving from a mascara!  The formula is stunning, it boasts of of micro styling waxes that give extra hold, volume and curl. The texture of the mascara is creamy and wet and it coats the lashes perfectly giving you a dark, black, bold finish that really does last all, day long! SO GOOD! It's a buildable mascara that you can keep applying to reach your desired finish,

 I find one to two coats of this enough to give me the full effect, and I'd only recommend applying two coats of this onto your lashes, before it starts to look a little clumpy for my own personal liking. This mascara doesn't start to come off throughout the day, it says in place really nicely, and doesn't flake. It's survived the long 12 hour shifts at work, which is witchcraft, as even some high end mascaras can't do that for me. I'm so impressed with it, and for just £3, I think it's a mascara we all need in our lives. 

♥ Revlon Photo Ready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick 'Gold Light'* -£9.99 - available here 

A highlighter I've become obsessed with recently, and definitely one I'd recommend you all giving a go for yourself, is the Revlon Photo Ready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick in 'Gold Light'.  It leaves me with such a lovely, natural, luminous glow that I simply cannot get enough of! The Golden shade gives you a gorgeous shimmer that's not too overpowering, just a lovely, healthy glow that makes you look amazing and feel confident! 

It's really simple and easy to apply to your skin. I tend to apply it to my forehead, cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin, underneath my eyebrows and anywhere my skin would naturally attract a bit of a glow! The stick function makes application easy and precise, especially for on the go top ups! Lasting power is fantastic, the glow lasts for most of the day, and will last my 9-5, with just one top up at lunch time - which is amazing right?!

Pigmentation is fantastic, as you can see from the swatch above, where I only swatched one coat. I tend to use just one coat during the day for a more natural, subtle glow but if I'm on a night out, or it's a special occasion I will build the product up for an even more glowy, luminous, strobed finish. The stick will last a fair while too, as a little goes a long way! Revlon also do another variation of this highlighting stick in the shade 'Champagne' - which I really want to get my hands on! For the price, amazing pigmentation, lasting power, finish and quality, you simply cannot go wrong! 

10 Ways to Boost Your Mood Today. ♥

Sunday, 17 September 2017

We've all been there, when no matter we try and do, or what anybody else does to try and help, we're in the worst mood ever, something sets you off and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Those days are the worst. Or if you've had a really bad day at work, and you're just taking it on yourself and those around you. It sucks right? Often I find it's really hard to snap out of moods, and it's so easy to feel sorry for yourself and hate everything and everyone. Recently if I've been feeling like this, there are 10 things, based upon self care, and looking after myself, that will always make me feel better. In no particular order, here are 10 Mood Boosters that are sure to snap you out of that bad mood, in no time! Often it's just the little things that truly make a big difference to how you feel. ♥

Wear your favourite make up - I don't know what it is about wearing my favourite make up, whether it be a lip product, my all time favourite eyeshadow palette (as shown above!) or, just an amazing mascara that really makes my eyes POP. I actually love applying make up, you wouldn't have ever thought it would you? And it instantly boosts my mood whenever I use my favourite products because I feel more confident, and I just adore using my faves! I know your mood shouldn't be affected based upon your apperance and how you look, but let's be honest, are you gonna feel amazing and is your mood going to be increased if you look like rubbish? If I'm in a bad mood, a slick of a good, bright lipstick often makes me feel that little bit cheerier. Honestly it does work, try it. 

♥  Pamper yourself - Another instant mood boost for me, when I'm feeling down or I've had a really long, tough day at work, is to come home and have a good old pamper session. By this I mean quite literally turning my bathroom into a relaxing spa, candles lit, bubble bath, all of my favourite pampering products, a good book/tv show playing on my iPad and all of my favourite snacks on hand. Just thinking about this makes me happy! :) It's all about self care, slowing down and making time for yourself, and making myself relaxed, and pampering myself always does the trick. 

♥  Eat your favourite food - Please don't binge eat, that's not what I'm saying here. But everything in moderation is of course fine. Don't starve yourself of your favourite treats, sometimes the only thing that's gonna make you feel good after a really shitty day is a Dominos Pizza and a share size bag of Maltesers. That's ok... do what makes you happy! I don't want to be that person that promotes comfort eating, and rewarding your body with unhealthy good etc, but sometimes, just sometimes, the chocolate bar will make you feel good and it tastes bloody amazing. Don't deny it ladies...

 Work out - just to counteract all of healthy living police who are cursing me for allowing myself a treat on a bad day, I thought I'd include working out in this list too, because guess what, sometimes after a long day, and three chocolate bars, working out also makes me feel pretty amazing and boosts my mood. I never used to think I'd be that person, where I'd come home from work really stressed, and exercise would be my mood booster, and release, but honestly it does make you feel amazing and the endorphins (happy hormones) it releases in your body increase your mood massively. It can sound like a chore, and the last thing you'd want to do if you're in a bad mood, but believe me, try it, it can make you feel amazing: just do something you love, whether it be yoga, going to the gym, weights, a dance class, football, whatever type of exercise you love, do that. You'll feel amazing! For me, it's always Yoga it calms me and makes me feel SO good.

Read a book - There's just something so therapeutic to me about reading a book. Although as I start reading the book, I'll admit I'm in the worst mood, but as I begin to turn the pages and get lost in another fantasy, another world, another storyline, I feel as though I've escaped. It doesn't matter what I'm reading, it just instantly makes me feel better and I feel good. Accompanied by a strawberry milkshake, or a hot chocolate and you're on your way to feeling amazing.

Catch up with a relative/friend - I don't mean the type of toxic friends or relatives that you've been putting off talking to for months because they make you feel crappy, cut those sorts of people out of your life. I mean the kinds of people in your life that always make you feel good, that make you laugh, that support you and are there for you. Give them a text, or a call, better than that meet up if you can, it will boost your mood instantly! You don't have to talk about your problems, or theirs, just being in there presence will make you feel better.

 Listen to your favourite music - loud - is there any other way to listen to music other than LOUD, especially when you're feeling down! Create a playlist of all your favourite songs, and whenever you're feeling down, pop those headphones in and get singing at the top of your voice, the louder, the better. This one always works and makes me feel good.

Have a hot chocolate - especially in your most favourite, pretty mug. With all the toppings: marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate shavings. Go for it! I mean whoever thought to create hot chocolates was clearly all about self care and indulgence because as soon as I sip a hot chocolate, with marshmallows and whipped cream, I feel good, cosy and in a much better mood. Allow yourself 5 minutes out, longer if possible. Drink your hot chocolate and don't dwell on bad thoughts, remind yourself that you have so many positive things to be happy about. :)

♥ Go outside - A breath of fresh air, big, deep breathes, and counting to 10, taking in the scenery always makes me feel better. It reminds me that everything will be ok. I love going outside, although I'm a real homely person, sometimes you've just got to escape and a 10 minute walk, away from the craziness can do wonders for the mind and soul.

♥ Stop feeling sorry for yourself - If all else fails, girl stop feeling so sorry for yourself. You've overcome everything in your life so far, what you're worrying about could be really silly, or it could feel like you've got the whole world on your shoulders. Talk it out if you can, but stop feeling sorry for yourself. You've got to get on with things, especially if you're worrying that you haven't got anything to wear in your wardrobe and it's stressing you the eff out... girl we've all been there. But we've just got to get on with it... Pinterest outfit inspiration, and put together a new outfit with something you already have in your wardrobe... problem sorted. In most cases, minor mood swings and problems can be solved with a little bit of self care and positive thinking. But if you're seriously worried about something, and feeling down a problem shared is a problem halved. Talk to people you trust and get some help. You don't have to struggle alone. ♥

I hope you've found something that helps you feel happier, and will boost your mood today! 
What do you do when you need an instant mood boost? 

Have a lovely day,

10 Things I've Loved This Summer. ♥

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

It's been a really hard Summer for me this year, and not one I'll necessarily remember as one of the happiest Summer's of my life. As some of you may know, I lost my lovely Gran, read more here, which was incredibly difficult. But I've tried my best, despite the circumstances, to be happy, content and enjoy my Summer. It's really flew by, I know we're like mid September already, and Autumn is well and truly on it's way (my favourite time of year, bring on all the hot chocolates, knit wear, crunchy, Autumn leaves, candles, and cosy evenings!) and despite all of the sadness, there has been some pretty exciting, lovely and amazing things that have happened to me this Summer so I thought I'd share 10 of my favourite things that I've loved about Summer 2017, with you all, today. 

♥ 1. We bought a house - This is probably one of the happiest and most exciting times of this Summer. I mentioned it slightly in this post, but Mr B and I have bought our dream home, and we're currently in the process of renovating which has been all sorts of crazy but so much fun and excitement all at the same time - it's also meant that I get to go to Ikea and lots of pretty homeware places rather a lot, which I never complain about :) We're so happy and we cannot wait for this next chapter in our lives!

♥ 2. Reading in the garden - or just reading in general. Despite the lack of amazing weather in the UK this summer, I love reading in the garden in warmer weather, there's just something so relaxing about it. :) I've really enjoyed reading No Filter by Grace Victory this Summer and Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon - what has been your favourite read this Summer?

♥ 3. Making the most of Summer Fashion & Make Up - I've well and truly made the most of wearing my Summer wardrobe, and rocked way too many bright lips this Summer. You only get the chance of wearing bright, Summery colours once a year so you may as well make the most of it right? I've loved wearing bright nail colours too, and wearing all the pretty, embellished sandals.

♥ 4. Working with amazing brands - So this Summer has been insane for The Perks of Being Sharna. I've been so lucky and fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands and collaborate on content that I never even dreamed of happening, on my corner of the web. I still sometimes have to pinch myself that I'm lucky enough to work with brands and I can't believe that they, actually want to work with little old me! :) :) :)

♥ 5. Weekends away - With the craziness of everything going on my life, a Summer holiday was the least of my priorities. I went away to Ibiza earlier this year anyway, but this is the first time in years that I haven't gone away over the Summer. I'm not gonna lie, I've been so jealous of everybody Instagramming photos of themselves tanned on the beach, but there's always next year, and we've enjoyed some pretty, special weekends away which have been really lovely! No matter where in the world it is, visiting the beach is always lovely and I've loved our weekends away this Summer! :)

♥ 6. Celebrating one year of being engaged - Summer 2016 was a major year for me, probably one of the happiest of my life as Mr B and I got engaged! One of my most happy and favourite moments of this Summer was celebrating one year of being engaged to my lovely Fiance. Once we're moved into our new home, I cannot wait to start wedding planning... eeeeek!!! :)

♥ 7. Spending quality time with family and friends - This summer I've tried to make an effort to spend quality time with my loved ones. If this Summer has taught me anything it's that life is so short, and you've really got to do what makes you happy, surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good. So I've been trying to do just that, and I've loved making memories with all of my favourite people.

♥ 8. Journalling - I've been journalling this Summer which is a new venture for me. I've always been into keeping a journal and writing my thoughts down, but this Summer I've been more serious about it, and have been trying to remember to do it daily, so far it's been a success, and I cannot wait to look back on my thoughts of Summer 2017 in years to come, I just need to keep it up! Next I want to try Bullet Journalling! :)

♥  9. Chilled days - Another thing I've loved this Summer is just doing absolutely nothing at all. It's been a CRAZY Summer to say the least and I've had SO much going on in my life, so I've been grabbing every bit of free time that I have and treating myself to lots of lazy time, watching my favourite shows on Netflix (see below), reading, painting my nails, drinking lots of hot chocolate and strawberry milkshake, just generally making more time for the things I love and it's really helped in terms of my mental health, especially on days where I've felt like I'm going crazy and there aren't enough hours in the day.

♥ 10. Jane the Virgin & Power - Finally two of my favourite TV shows that I've absolutely LOVED this Summer are these two beauties. They're so completely different but they're both available on Netflix. Check them out and watch the trailers if you haven't already, because you're seriously missing out.

I hope you've enjoyed today's post. It's been lovely to look back on Summer 2017, despite how crazy it's been there's been so much I've enjoyed. I'm really looking forward to Autumn and Winter though - it's my absolute favourite time of year! CHRISTMASSSS!!!! (Sorry. Not Sorry, to throw that in there Mid September, for all you scrooges!)

I just wanted to thank you all so much for your support this Summer, I couldn't have done it without you guys and I was really blown away by all of your kind words when I was having a hard time. You're the best. 

What did you guys love about Summer 2017? What was your favourite memory? What are you looking forward to about the following months in Autumn and Winter?

11 Things I'm Loving Right Now. ♥

Sunday, 10 September 2017

You guys know that I love sharing all of my favourites with you, and I haven't written this type of post in a while, so I thought I'd share a few of the things I'm loving right now, in no particular order. From mugs, to make up, to books, shoes, stationery, bags, purses and even fragrances! I hope you find something you love! ♥
♥ Cath Kidston x 101 Dalmatians Mug - £10 - available here 
I purchased this beautiful Cath Kidston mug a few months ago and I'm just obsessed. 101 Dalmatians has always been one of my all time favourite Disney films, so that fact that they've combined with my love for Cath Kidston is just the dream! 
♥ Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color 'Embrace'* - £8.99 - available here (see swatch below!)
♥ Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color 'Embrace'* - £8.99 - available here

Ok let's discuss how beautiful this Revlon lip colour is! I've always been a massive fan of Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lip Color formulas, but this pretty, girly, soft, rose shade is just stunning and has become my go to lip colour recently! It's a really complimenting, wearable, pink shade, that would suit and compliment most skin tones. It's perfect for this time of year, as summer is drawing to a close, when you still want a touch of colour on your lips, but nothing too overpowering! The finish is matte, but not drying on your lips in the slightest. It's a dream to apply the lip colour, it's incredibly smooth, soft and velvety in terms of texture. You cannot feel the lip product sitting on the lips, and it's very comfortable to wear. 

Pigmentation is out of this world, with just one swipe over your lips, you are left with bold, pigmented, gorgeous colour. No need for two coats. At first, you will notice that the colour looks quite glossy, however, don't be fooled, this glossy finish disappears after around 5-10 seconds of drying and you are left with a beautiful semi-matte/matte finish.  

 I'm really impressed with the lasting power and the lovely stain it leaves on your lips, it lasts for around 3-4 hours before I need to top up. Best of all, the fruity, Vanilla scent reminds me of Summery days and is almost good enough to eat! I can't recommend the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors enough -there's an amazing variety of shades available so be sure to check them out next time you're in Boots.  

 ♥ Revlon Photo Ready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick 'Gold Light'* -£9.99 - available here (see swatch below)
♥ Revlon Photo Ready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick 'Gold Light'* -£9.99 - available here 

Ok so you guys know, I'm a sucker for a highlight. Give me all the glow! I adore having a make up finish that is glowy, dewy and radiant. Recently I've been using the Revlon Photo Ready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick in 'Gold Light' and I've become obsessed with the natural, luminous glow it gives my skin! The Golden shade gives you a gorgeous shimmer that's not too overpowering, just a lovely, healthy glow that makes you look amazing and feel confident! 

It's really simple and easy to apply to your skin. I tend to apply it to my forehead, cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin, underneath my eyebrows and anywhere my skin would naturally attract light! The stick function makes application easy and precise, especially for on the go! Lasting power is fantastic, the glow lasts for most of the day, and will last my 9-5 day, with just one top up at lunch time - which is amazing!

Pigmentation is fab, as you can see from the swatch above, where I only swatched one coat. I tend to use just one coat during the day for a more natural, subtle glow but if I'm on a night out, or it's a special occasion I will build the product up for an even more glowy, luminous, strobed finish. This stick will last forever as a little really does go a long way! I'm obsessed! Revlon also do another variation of this highlighting stick in the shade 'Champagne' - I'm really looking forward to trying that one. For the price, amazing pigmentation, lasting power, finish and quality, you simply cannot go wrong! 
♥ Academic Diary - £2.50 - Wilkos - available here 
I can't get enough of this cute, little, bargain that I picked up from Wilkos a few weeks ago! I thought the rose gold and pink design was gorgeous and I'm always looking for lovely, pretty, academic diaries at this time of year. At just £2.50 it was such a bargain! They also sold it in Mint Green which was equally as gorgeous! 
♥ Grace Victory - No Filter - £12 - available here
I've been a viewer of Grace's since she started her channel, and have always admired her honesty and amazing sense of humour, plus she's an absolute BABE. Look at her! If you're a viewer of Grace's or not, you really do need to buy this book - it's the perfect companion for young women and men. Grace openly discusses her struggles from Body Image, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Anxiety, Sex, Food, and so much more, you name it - Grace discusses it and she makes you feel a whole lot less alone in your struggles. She gives advice, and by sharing her own experiences, she creates awareness for so many taboo subjects. It made me laugh and cry! Not only is it relatable, but like you're having a deep convo with your bestie - I read it within 2 days - it was that good!  Totally recommend! If you aren't already subscribed to Grace's channel - get yourself there girl. You can find it here. 
♥ Oasis Embroidery Espadrilles - was £28 now only £10!!!!! (Bargain!) - available here
As soon as I spotted these gorgeous black, embroidery espadrilles on the Oasis website, I had to have them in my life! I just loved how unique they were, and I hadn't seen anything as good as quality as them anywhere else online. Plus black goes with everything and they're really easy to style. I've been such a huge fan of the embroidery trend this summer - so I'm literally wearing these to death before Summer comes to an end in a few weeks! I originally bought them for full price, but now they're only £10, which is such a bargain because the quality is beautiful, and the design is even more stunning! Get yourself a bargain, girls! 
♥ Vitage Illuminating Tanning Drops* - £39- available here
You guys all know how obsessed I am with tanning products - I'm literally turning into a tanning product expert and I'm finally finding the ones that really work the best for me, my skin and give me the best results. I featured these lovely Illuminating Tanning drops on both my blog, here and on my Instagram page here, this past month and you guys cannot get enough of hearing about them, so I thought I'd give them a more in depth mention in this post and explain why I've become obsessed with them! The tanning drops are really simple, quick and easy to use. You simply add your desired amount of drops (more drops = more tanned) into your regular moisturiser, and allow the tan to develop throughout the day or overnight. Over the following days, you're left with flawless, natural, streak-free, radiant, tanned and golden skin! You can use this stuff on your face and body, and it's the perfect solution if you want to personalise your tan, and create a colour that's buildable and suitable for you! I really like using the drops on areas like my elbows, knees, feet, hands and face, where I want an even, tanned, glow but nothing too harsh, patchy or disastrous! I can't recommend these tanning drops enough! You need them in your life! 
♥ Micahel Kors Studded Bag* - Jules B - £169
♥ Michael Kors Studded Purse* - Jules B - was £74.99  now only £37.50 ... bargain!!!  

Ok let's talk about how beautiful this matching Michael Kors bag and purse are? These have literally been my go to companions of late, and they haven't left my side. I absolutely love the quality of them, and how easy they are to pair alongside different outfits. They're really classy, and will never go out of style! I'm a little bit in love...
♥ So...? 'Wild Berries'* and 'Floriental'* Body Mists - £3.99 each - available here 

For as long as I can remember, I've been a fan of So...? Fragrances and body sprays. When I was at school as a teenager, you were simply not cool if you were not equipped with the fruitest, So...? fragrance. I remember I would carry their So...? Sinful fragrance every where I went, and even now when I catch a whiff of it, it reminds me of being a teenager and brings back so much nostalgia. Recently, I fell back in love with So...? but this time with their stunning Body Mists. If you haven't tried these Body Mists already, you've been seriously missing out and need to get yourself stocked up, as soon as possible! First of all, how cute is the packaging? So girly, feminine and lovely to have sitting on my dressing table! So...? have 6 body mists available so there will definitely be a fragrance that we'll all fall in love with! The scents are also focused on either: Deliciously fruity or beautifully floral. Sounds amazing right? Best of all, the fragrances are not overpowering, and they're so fresh and easy to wear. They're also a perfect addition to your fragrance collection in Summer, when I like to keep my Body Mists in the fridge, so that they're cool and refreshing every time I spritz some onto my skin, in the warm weather! 

 Two of my favourite body mists from the So...? Body Mist range, have to be: 

Wild Berries - This is such a stunning fragrance, described as a wild scent that teases your senses! It's full of fruity, wild berry notes. I've been wearing this beauty almost daily, and I know it will be even more lovely to wear in the Autumn months. 

Floriental -  Again another beautiful fragrance, this body mist is a more floral based scent. Described as a cocktail blend of floral and fruity notes. Perfection from start to finish. With notes of mouth watering Manadrin, and Apple it awakes your senses before melting you into a medley of freesia and violet = heavenly! 

I can't recommend the So...? Body mists enough. At just £3.99 for 100ml bottles, they're an absolute bargain and the scents are just beautiful! 

I hope you've enjoyed todays post and that you've found something you love!
Which products have you got your eyes on?
What are you currently loving?


Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Tanning Foam Review. ♥

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

♥ Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam* - £17.99 - available here

Ok, so you guys have been asking me for ages to write a review of the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam, which has been the talks of the beauty bloggersphere for the past year and for good reason too! Bondi Sands is a relatively new love in my tanning collection, for years I was using Gradual Tanners from High Street brands like Garnier, Palmer's, and Dove, and then I tried the Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam and it just changed the tanning game forever, for me. Read my full review of my favourite tanner, ever Bondi Sands, Dark Self Tanning Foam here. It's been the only tan I've been using since March, which is HUGE for me as I'm such a tanning addict and I'm forever swapping tans and trying new ones. Obviously when I heard that they did my most favourite tan, in an Ultra Dark shade, I had to see what all the fuss was about. So here are my thoughts: 

♥ Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam* - £17.99 - available here

♥ Price -
I thought we should get the price out of the way first! This little beauty is slightly on the expensive side. The Ultra Dark foam is priced at £17.99 rather than the Dark Tanning Foam which is priced at £14.99, which is a shame, but you're obviously paying for darker results, which is understandable, although the medium/light option of this tan isn't any cheaper than the dark shade, so I'm not sure why Ultra Dark is slightly more expensive! I know that this tan is obviously in the higher end section of tanners, however if you like the results and how dark, yet natural you look, you can justify the price tag, that little bit more.

♥ Scent -
The scent of the Ultra Dark foam is similar to that of the Dark tanning foam by Bondi Sands. It has a lovely scent which reminds me of all things coconut and Summer holidays!  Amazingly there isn't a trace of that biscuity smell, that we all hate, that is disappointingly, in so many other great tanning products! The scent also sticks around, which is a lovely addition to the product, leaving you smelling like fresh coconuts, until you wash the tan off in the shower, it doesn't develop into any other scent whilst the tan develops either = winner!

♥ Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam* - £17.99 - available here

 ♥ Application and Formula- 

I apply the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark tanning foam, with the Bondi Sands Exfoliating Mitt, which is £5.99 but is so worth the purchase if you want ease of application. It preps your skin for tanning, whilst applying the tan so it's a dual purpose tanning mitt that makes application a dream. I use the pump function, to pump out 2-3 pumps of the tan, onto my mitt, and then I apply the foam in circular motions. Like the Bondi Sands Dark Foam, Ultra Dark is a brown shade that is darker than my skin colour, this makes application really lovely because you can see any areas that you've missed easily, and apply more foam accordingly. The formula has green undertones in it too, which should ensure you don't go orange, but instead turn into a tanned goddess! More about that later! Anyway back to application, the colour is like I said, a dull, dark brown, don't be alarmed by this because this isn't the colour that your tan develops into. 

The texture of Ultra Dark is the same as the Dark version, it's quite velvety, smoothing really easily into the skin, with no fuss! Application isn't messy, and best of all, the foam doesn't stain everything it comes into contact with! Much like the Bondi Sands Dark Foam, this is a really simple, easy and fun tan to use, even if you're a tanning newbie and want to plunge into Tanned Goddess mode, you cannot go wrong with this stuff! I found the Ultra Dark Foam slightly stickier than the Dark Foam, which wasn't sticky at all, but it's not unbearable and after around 30 minutes there is practically no sticky residue at all. You can put on your clothes pretty much straight away, as the tan doesn't transfer at all. With the Dark tan, I do slightly have a red/brown transfer (not sure why it's red) especially on my sheets, but with the Ultra Dark I have no transfer at all - which is always fab!

I tend to apply just 1 coat of the Ultra Dark tan, as any more would probably look ridiculous on me! 

Once you've applied your tan, got your clothes on and are chilling with some magazines and a hot chocolate, it's up to you to decide how long you'd like to leave the tan on to develop. Bondi Sands say that you can leave it on to develop anywhere up to 6 hours, depending on your desired level of tan. Obviously the longer you leave it on, the more tanned you will be. I tend to apply this after showering and prepping my skin by exfoliating, and then leave the tan on overnight. Don't quote me on this, but I'm guessing the tan will just stop developing after 6 hours, so it won't go any darker than the maximum level of 6 hours, as this just makes application really easy for me being able to wear it overnight! I've had no problems doing this. 

Once you've left the tan on to develop for your desired amount of time, it will probably appear quite dull and darker than you'd imagine, however this is just the formula of the tan and not the actual tan itself. You simply wash it off in the shower with medium heat water. If it's too hot it will ruin your tan, if it's too cold it wont wash away properly. Don't use shower gel or anything, simply use the water to wash away the tan. Once you've washed the tan away, you're good to go! 

♥ Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam* - £17.99 - available here

♥ Results -
Although I'm naturally pale, you guys will know by now, I LOVE to be tanned! So I obviously was really excited to see the colour results of the Ultra Dark Foam and how they differed from the Dark Foam. Light to medium tan options, barely touch the surface for me. I always buy the Dark option no matter what tan I use. I was really impressed with the Bondi Sands Dark Foam. It gave me tanned results I could only dream of, it wasn't orange in the slightest and I just felt amazing wearing it as it was so sun kissed and incredibly natural, making me look naturally olived skin. The Ultra Dark tan results were pretty amazing too, and quite similar but obviously darker- but not massively darker! I would say I achieved similar results to using the Dark Foam twice on my skin, by just applying 1 coat of the Ultra Dark foam. Which is obviously amazing as it saves me time and I get basically the same results - the Ultra Dark Foam has a slightly different undertone once developed though, possibly aimed at the more olive skinned gals and guys, and not aimed as much at us pale folk! The Ultra Dark also has the teeniest, tiniest amount of orange tone in it once developed too, which I was disappointed by as the Dark Foam was the most natural shade of brown/tan ever and looked like I'd be on my hols for a month, with no orange tones AT ALL. Sadly, with just one coat on my elbows, and over my legs and feet I wasn't left with the same colour pay off or results as my beloved Bondi Sands Dark Foam, the results were slightly patchy and far too dark over my elbows/feet/knees. In all honesty, this is probably because I'm too pale to use this tan and I think the dark foam suits my natural skin colour better. I might even try only applying this for just a few hours, before washing away, and see if results differ.

 ♥ Lasting Power -
The Dark Foam has lasting power that is out of this world. Honestly I'm obsessed with that stuff can you tell? It is the best tan I've used both for colour results and lasting power. The Ultra Dark tan is also quite impressive, it lasts me around a week before fading, and starting to go slightly patchy in some drier areas, although nothing noticeable, (this is probably my fault because I don't moisturise as often as I should, it would probably last longer if I did) however the longer I wear the tan, the more slightly orange it gets - which is such a shame! Don't get me wrong, it's not noticeably orange, but I can see some tones of it, the longer I wear it which doesn't happen when I wear the Dark Foam - at all. I think I've just noticed this because I love the Dark Foam so much, and that can do no wrong in my eyes! When it starts to patch, I will  do the same routine over again, shower, exfoliate and reapply. It's really simple and straightforward.

♥ Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam* - £17.99 - available here

 ♥ Cons- 
So as you've probably noticed, I don't like the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Foam as much as I do the Dark version. The Ultra Dark Foam is an amazing tanner - please don't be fooled. But once you try pure heaven in a bottle, that gives you the colour pay off, staying power & results that you've always dreamed of, there's no going back. I think that the Ultra Dark Foam is aimed at more olive skinned gals and guys, as the colour results once applied are slightly different and lean towards a finish that would compliment more of a slightly darker or olive skin tone. Nevertheless, try this for yourselves, I've read some glowing reviews on it, it's a good tan - it does the job well, giving you a sunkissed, dark, olive look, that lasts but at £17.99, I'm not sure if I'd repurchase! For me, nothing will beat Bondi Sands Dark Self Tanning Foam. Read my full review on that here and see why I love it so much! It's such a dream - honestly - hands down - THE BEST TANNER I HAVE EVER USED. 

I'm really looking forward to trying more Bondi Sands products (I'm loving their Tan Eraser at the moment - let me know if you'd like to see a full review!) I'm just not sure they'll live up to my fave Bondi Sands Dark Self Tanning Foam!!!

♥ Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam* - £17.99 - available here 

Have you tried Bondi Sands Ultra Dark? What did you think?
What is your favourite tanning product, ever?! 

Have a lovely day,

5 Goals for September. ♥

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Ok, let's just talk about the fact that it's September already, I mean how did that happen? I'm sure last week it was only January and I was setting myself New Years Resolutions? I've always really liked  the idea of having goals, something to strive towards, and achieve. If you don't know what you want, you'll never get there. I always like to bullet point goals that I'd like to achieve in a certain amount of time, and I like to have them written down so I can visualise them. It's all about taking control of your life, and making the most out of it - after all you only get 1 life, you may as well try your best and get what you want out of it. I thought I'd set myself 5 Goals that I want to work on in September - I'm not going to beat myself up about it, or give myself a hard time if I don't achieve them - but I'm going to try and that's the main thing right? I'll never get anywhere if I don't try!

♥ 1. Work out 3-4 times a week - So I've sort of being slacking on the working out front for a few months now. As I mentioned in this post, it's been quite a hard time for me recently with my Grandma passing away, and a few other things going on, in my personal life, as well as buying and renovating our new home, and work slowing taking over my life, so working out has sorta, kinda, definitely been the least of my priorities. I want to make working out part of my daily routine again and stop making excuses, even as things start to get crazy with the house move, I feel like I need to be really strict with myself because working out and exercise for me, is definitely a stress relief, and it always makes me feel so good. I just find it a chore sometimes. I'm going to try my best to make working out a habit in September and hopefully carry it forward into the following months too.

♥ 2. Read more - I've always been a book worm, and once I get lost into a book, there's no way I'm putting it down. Again reading for me, is definitely a stress relief, a way of escaping my often crazy life, and getting lost into a different world. I have a huge pile of books that I want to get through and an ever-growing wishlist of books that I want to read, I just find it so hard at times to find the time to read, there's always something I've got to do, or somewhere I've got to be. For a while, I used to allocate around an hour before going to sleep, to just read, and it helped me get a better nights sleep and made me feel so content. I really want to get back into the habit of that again in September, or at least try my best to get lost into a book, regardless of how busy my life is, I know it will make me feel so much better :)

♥ 3. Get myself into a better skincare routine - I already have my favourite skincare products, I just need to be stricter with myself, and use them consistently. I really want to get my skin into the best condition it can be. When I first got rid of my acne, I followed a really simple, yet strict skincare routine and my skin never looked better, but I've sort of let that slip a bit. I'm definitely going to get myself into a better routine during September.

♥ 4. Stop getting so stressed - this one is major for me, especially because my life is rather crazy at the moment. I'm such a natural worrier, and often suffer from anxiety, so it's hard for me to just put a stop on getting so stressed, but I definitely want to try and manage my stress, and do more of the things that make me happy and provide stress relief for example: working out, reading, blogging etc. I just don't want to work myself up, into a stressed, crazy lady if I can't always do the things I love, or if work is getting too much, or the house move is taking over my life. I want to try my best to look on the positive side of things and not let things, people or situations get to me so much. Count to 10 and just smile, I have SO much to be happy about and stressing about unnecessary things that I can't necesarily change isn't good for me! :)

♥ 5.  Blog, because it always makes me happy - it's always at this time of year that I really struggle to maintain the routine of blogging, whether it be the time of year and the lead up to Christmas when work always gets busy, and life slowly starts to take over, I just always find this time of year pretty difficult to keep up with blogging despite how much I love writing and the process of creating a blog post. Never mind throwing a house move and renovating into the mix. As things start to get a little bit crazy, I just want to remind myself why I blog in the first place, why I adore it so much, why I have such a huge passion for writing and remember to use it as an escape from the craziness of everything. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, but I really want to try my best to keep up with my routine

I guess what I'm trying to do over September and definitely over the following months, is remind myself that despite all of the craziness, and what ever life throws my way, that I've got this. I'm not going to let stress take over my life and stop me doing the things that I love and enjoy the most.

I've really enjoyed writing these goals, it's been a bit like therapy for me, to get lost in my writing and write down what I want to achieve. Maybe we could make this a regular thing every few months on my corner of the web? These goals are really important to me, and not just something I'm going to work on in just September, but for the last few months of 2017 too, I want to make these goals more of a habit and not just a quick fix and quit sort of thing.

Do you have any goals for September or anything you want to work on before the new year rolls around? 

Motivate yourself and go for it - you've got to start somewhere! 
Have a lovely day,

Stationery Lust List. ♥

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Whether you're going back to school, college or uni soon, there is a fresh new year starting which means new, pretty, stationery = a must!!! Or if you just fancy yourself a little self indulgent treat, you can never, ever go wrong with pretty, girly stationery. It's my not so guilty pleasure. I'm a sucker for pretty stationery! Today I thought I'd share a wishlist of my favourite, pretty stationery with you all. ♥

Which of the stationery featured today, is your fave? 
Will you be purchasing any new, lovely, pretty stationery before you go back to school, college, or uni? 
Will you be treating yourself?

 Have a lovely day! 


Essie Fall Collection 2017 - Review and Swatches.♥

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Ok lovelies, I have something very, very exciting to share with you prepared to swoon, fall in love and feel very nostalgic! The stunning nail polish brand Essie have very kindly allowed me to share a sneak peek of their new, Fall 2017 'Dressed to the Nineties' collection with you all. I've been obsessed with Essie nail polishes for as long as I can remember...Mint Candy Apple anyone? So I'm really excited to be sharing their new collection with you all!

As a 90s kid myself, I was thrilled to see that Essie's new, limited edition Fall 2017 collection was inspired by, in my opinion, the best decade, ever. Thought the 90s were over? AS IF. Essie's Fall 2017 collection is described as being inspired by the relaxed and approachable cool vibes, that defined 90's style.

For me the 90's were all about The Spice Girls, ridiculously high platforms, tons of shimmer, plaid mini skirts, butterfly clips, etc, etc. I can't help but feel slightly in love with this collection as it just brings back all the 90's feels and ticks every single one of my 90's boxes. The shades are girly, grungy, sweet, shimmery, and very Spice Girl's inspired with a shade to compliment all personalities. I feel like I could probably name which one of the Spice Girls would rock the shades and with which outfit! So let's see what all of the fuss is about...swatches and descriptions of the shades in the new 2017 Fall Collection, below -

Essentials for a Good Nights Sleep ♥

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

There are only a few things in the world that I actually love more than sleep. As a child, most of us hate going to sleep each night, and having to get in bed, but as an adult sleep becomes one of your favourite things, and you look forward to hitting your pillow each evening! I've discussed the topic of sleep previously on my blog, and ways that you can all get a good and easy nights sleep, here, where I mentioned the role that your bedrooms apperance plays in your ease of getting to sleep each evening.

 I don't know about you, but for me, having a homely, peaceful, comfortable and cosy bedroom is essential for a good nights sleep. I like my bedroom to be my little sanctuary, full of my favourite, calming and relaxing things - whether it be duvets, cushions, throws, candles or pretty homeware accessories- you name it, if it helps me get to sleep, and makes me feel relaxed, peaceful and cosy, I've got to have it. Today I thought I'd put together a few of my bedroom essentials for a good nights sleep, to help you all feel bright eyed and bushy tailed! ♥

My Favourite Summer Boho Chic Outfit. ♥

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Despite the fact that the weather has been pretty awful in the UK of late, with an apperance of any warm temperatures looking highly unlikely as September approaches, I've been trying to make the most of any sunshine, by wearing all of my Summery outfits, rocking as many pairs of sunglasses as possible and wearing all the bright make up, before Autumn rolls around again.

I've noticed recently that I always opt for the same sort of style each Summer - my go to look on sunny, summery days has always been a Boho Chic sort of look. For me, Boho Chic just screams all things Summer! Whether it be the festival, Coachella vibes it gives off, or just the generally bright colours, tassels, embroidery, ripped denim, I always feel SO good and confident when rocking a Boho Chic look. I love waving my hair, and feeling free, and I'm forever lusting over the Coachella outfits every year of celebrities that attend the festival. It gives me major FOMO but also major style envy and inspiration.

I was recently contacted by the lovely brand Jules B, who have been discussing the idea of a 2010's Time Capsule - a look back on the fashion trends in the 2010's and what the fashion trend of the 2010's could possibly be. Obviously, decades are defined by their trends, whether it be the Mod vibe of the 60s, the Hippie and Disco trend of the 70s, the 'Casual-Cool' 90's kid trend that rocked the 90s. Fashion trends stick forever but today in the 2010s, they are harder to define than ever as there are just so many influencers and icons out there, and so much choice, with social media playing a HUGE role in what we wear.  I found the idea of the Jules B 2010s Time Capsule, really interesting and it got me thinking about the trends I've followed over the 2010s. If you hadn't guessed already - my favourite and most worn trend by far would have to be the Boho Chic trend.

So to celebrate all things Boho Chic (any excuse!), today I thought I'd share one of my favourite Boho Chic outfits that I've LOVED wearing this Summer with you all - because for me, it is my most favourite and most worn trend of the 2010s. ♥

Things that Suck in Your 20s ♥

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Being 20 something years of age, is supposed to be the best years of your life: you're supposedly young, free and able to get away with making more mistakes because you've still got so many years left to experience. It's supposed to be the years of being selfish, free, travelling, finding yourself and just living your life like theres no tomorrow. I often hear people say 'Oh the 20s are the best years of your life, make the most of it' or 'I wish I was in my 20s again, you're free, you have no responsibilities' which got me thinking...what is it that's so special about your 20s? Why do people say it's the best years of your life? Don't get me wrong, being youthful is obviously lovely and maybe I will look back on my 20s as the best years of my life when I'm 90, but there are some downfalls to being in your 20s too, so today I thought I'd share the struggles of being a 20 something year old, as honestly sometimes you just cannot win and it can be really hard.

Comparing yourself to other people your age - this is probably one of the worst things about being 20 something. Luckily, I hardly talk to anybody I went to school or college with, but I can imagine if you have Facebook and have constant life updates about what other people your age are up to, it could get you down, making you feel like you're not good enough. So what if they've passed their driving test the 1st time, and you're on your 8th try, so what if they're expecting a little one... it's not a race. Trust the timing of your life. You're doing just fine. ♥

People thinking you should have your career path figured out - it's one of the main topics of conversation when you speak to distant relatives at family functions 'Oh so what are you planning to do next? What career moves are you making right now?' Sorry Brenda, the last time I saw you I was 5, since when did you take such an interest in my life? Honestly, I've spoken to people in their 30's and 40's who still haven't got their career figured out, or know what they want to do with their life. That's totally normal and okay, there is no rush, and you don't have to settle on a definite answer as to what you want to do career wise.

People expecting you to go to university - It's often drilled into you from a young age, that to earn a good salary, and to be stable and successful, you MUST go to university. Let's be real here, you don't have to do anything that won't better your life or you as a person. In my opinion, if something is going to make you miserable and you're only doing it to please other people, what's the point, why put yourself through that? I have plenty of friends that chose not to go to uni and I'm so proud of them for doing what is best for them and not living up to the expectations of society, they earn a good salary, they're stable, they're in jobs they love. Most importantly they're happy! I think uni is a great idea and opens up so many opportunties if you know where you're going, and what you want to do in your life. But it doesn't make somebody a better person because they've gone to uni...nor does it make you happier.

The High End Cleanser You NEED in Your Life. ♥

Sunday, 13 August 2017

♥ Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm* - £36 - available here

If you read my blog often you'll know, I'm not somebody that is HUGE on spending tons on skincare. I often find with some higher end skincare products that despite the cost, the cheaper alternatives do just as good of a job, sometimes even better. So you'll know and understand that if I recommend a luxury, higher end skincare product, it's worth every, single penny and that you need it in your life! With that being said, today I thought I'd share a review of a high end cleanser that I've been become obsessed with recently, using it twice daily over the past two months. It's changed the apperance of my skin, and made it look brighter and more radiant than I ever knew it could be. In my opinion it's definitely worth the high end price tag! Heres why...

The Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm*, is a lightweight cleansing balm, that feels so lovely and luxurious to use. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin like mine, best of all, it hasn't broke me out, which makes it amazing! It is gentle, and thoroughly cleanses my skin without any irritation. It's not harsh in the slightest and the balm consistency that turns into a liquid once massaged and melted into the skin, makes cleansing an enjoyable and luxurious experience. You can definitely tell that you're using a high end cleanser when using this product - it just feels so rich and relaxing to use. It melts into your skin like a dream, melting away make up traces and impurities in a matter of minutes with no fuss! 

The cleansing balm contains a number of natural, skin loving ingredients, nutrients and oils including Marula, Grapeseed, Bitter Orange and Almond Oils. These oils all blend perfectly together creating the best combination of oils to remove impurities, leaving skin feeling cleansed and hydrated.  

I use the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm, morning and night as the perfect base to start make up application, as well as removing all traces of make up, at night. I start off by scooping out a small amount of the cleansing balm from the glass jar, a little goes a long way, so I take around a small grape sized amount, and massage it gently into my dry face and neck. I continue to do this until the balm turns into a liquid consistency. The product absorbs quite quickly, and you can really feel it working into your skin. It feels like you're having a lovely, little facial or massage whilst cleansing- which is always fab! 

♥ Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm* - £36 - available here

I then use the very handy and helpful damp Vitage Essential Daily Cleansing Cloth ( which is also included in the price, and very lovely to use!) and gently wipe away the cleansing balm, with warm water. Honestly this is my favourite part of the cleansing process, because despite it being a gentle removal of impurities/make up traces you can really feel the product working, and cleansing your skin. The thing I love about this cleansing balm is that there is no need to double cleanse your skin when using this, it removes make up and impurities with no problems, so you aren't stripping or drying out you skin, something I found all too often when I was double cleansing my skin with other skincare products! As I mentioned before, the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm doesn't irritate my sensitive, acne prone skin and best of all it hasn't broke me out!!! I'm in love! 

I then pat my skin dry and the results are amazing. I'm left with squeaky clean skin, that is so soft to touch, and not dry in the slighest. The Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm, adds hydration while it cleanses your skin, so it doesn't highlight drier areas or irritate the skin. My skin looks and feels hydrated after each use, and the results get better every time. Since starting to use this cleansing balm two months ago, I've noticed such a difference in how my skin looks and feels. It not only looks radiant and glowing, but to touch it just feels amazing. So healthy, soft and moisturised! I look at photographs of my skin without make up, before using this cleanser and I didn't realise it at the time but it looks really dull. Now, my skin just looks really radiant, and has a glow from within that I cannot describe. Go Vitage!

♥ Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm* - £36 - available here

The packaging is simple yet luxurious. I love that it comes in a glass jar - it definitely looks and feels expensive and it sits very prettily on my bathroom shelf. The 100ml glass jar is also very generously sized, and will last you quite a long time, as a little bit of product goes a long way and you don't need to use loads of the balm to see results and cleanse your skin well. The circle shaped jar makes it very simple and easy to scoop out just the right amount of product you need, without any wastage. 

The scent of the cleansing balm is stunning, without being too overpowering or harsh. It's a natural and fresh scent with hints of rose, that makes cleansing morning night even more enjoyable. The cleansing balm can even be used as a relaxing massage oil - I mean what's not to love about this stuff? 

I'm a lady obsessed. I just can't get enough of using the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm. If you try one thing this month, and you want to make your skin look and feel amazing - give this beauty a go. You will not regret it. Thank you Vitage - I can't believe I ever lived without this cleanser. Be right back - buying a life time supply of this stuff! 

                                   ♥ Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm* - £36 - available here 

Will you be trying the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm?
What is your current favourite cleanser?


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