Easy Ways to Get a Good Nights Sleep. ♥

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ahh sleep. It's one of my favourite things ever. I love to sleep! Having a good nights sleep has been proven to be really important: it helps maintain weight, it improves your performance, and your ability to pay attention and remember new information. It also lowers stress, and improves your mood. I'm honestly like Cruella De Vil (Remember her?) if I don't get enough sleep, I turn into a mess, and I just cannot function properly!

So with that in mind, you'll understand why my sleeping pattern has been driving me somewhat crazy over the past few months. Whether it's the hot, summer evenings, or because it's so light outside, as soon as it's time for bed, I've been really struggling to get to sleep, and stay asleep. What's worse is I've been feeling exhausted all day long but when it's time for me to actually get that sleep I've been craving all day, I've been really restless and unable to get to sleep! After driving myself mad, and doing some research online, a while back, I've found some really good tips that have helped me to fall into the land of nod, that little bit quicker and get myself into a good sleeping routine, so I thought I'd share my top tips with you guys, as it's been working really well for me.

♥ 1. Get into a good routine - Everyone loves a good routine, and I'm no exception. I've been training myself and my body to know that when I do certain activities in my routine, that it's nearly time for bed. For example, I'll brush my teeth, carry out my skincare routine, and then sit in bed for half an hour, without the TV on, without scrolling through Instagram (that has been so hard) and just read a book instead. I've been doing this every, single night where possible and trying my best to stick to my routine! This has been great, because it's preparing my body and my mind for what is coming next: sleep time! I've also been trying my best to stick to the routine of going to bed at the same time, every evening! That can be quite hard if you've got a busy schedule, but it really does help!

♥ 2. Go to bed by 10.30pm (or aim to get at least 7, preferably 8 hours sleep per night)- this follows on nicely from my last point. Like I said, I've been trying to go to sleep at the same time most nights and stick to my routine, even if it's the weekend. That way my body knows what's coming next, and anticipates sleeping. It sounds crazy, but it really does work! Try it for yourself, and you won't want to stop your routine. Your body will know it's time for bed, and you get to sleep faster, and stay asleep so much longer! Another thing is to try your best to get 7-8 hours sleep each night, no more than that. Too much sleep can make you restless, and cause difficulty with falling asleep each night. I also cannot function on any less than 7 hours sleep, although everybody is different and you know your body best, so do what is best for you! Sleep is important, look after yourself, and listen to your body when it says you're tired.

♥ 3. Get your bedroom right - I find it easiest to get to sleep when the room is at a fairly cool temperature, and there is no light exposure in the room. Again, every body is different, so it's about getting to know your body and preferences. I know so many people that can't fall asleep without background noise, like the TV, but I can't sleep with the TV on, so do what's best for you here, if you like your bedroom warmer, do it! I'm no sleep expert, I'm simply sharing what has been working for me lately. I also love to light a soothing candle, so that the room has a lovely, relaxing and calming scent. Also, just a little FYI,  if you don't like the cold side of the pillow at night when you turn it over, we can't be friends.

♥ 4. Switch off from social media - Ahh this is a huge one! I totally recommend this tip to anybody that is struggling to get to sleep, and stay asleep. I am such a social media addict. I honestly have major FOMO if I can't scroll through Twitter or Instagram for over an hour. Yep, I'm that sad. Before I started working on my sleeping routine, I would get into bed, with every intention of going to sleep, yet stay awake for well over an hour, and way past my bed time...scrolling. Liking pictures. Wanderlusting, wishing I was on a sunny beach, with a cocktail in hand like those Insta famous beauties I follow...but no, I have work in the morning! My best advice here is, either keep your phone in a separate room, so that you can't be tempted to scroll, or just turn your phone onto airplane mode, that way you still have your alarm in the morning, but you aren't being disturbed by notifications etc. Honestly it will be the best thing you ever do, and your dark under eye circles will thank you for it. :)

♥ 5. Avoid eating three hours before bed time - When you eat before you go to bed, it works as a stimulant, that makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. Try to avoid, caffeine (obvious one) and sugar mostly. Personally, I'm trying to avoid most eating, three hours before bed, as I've noticed such a difference in how much quicker I'm able to fall asleep if I do this.

♥ 6. Avoid technology - again this one speaks for itself, and it's really easy once you force yourself to do it. I touched on this slightly above, in regards to switching off from social media. However, the real challenge is avoiding and switching off everything, from TV's, to laptops, to iPads. If it involves technology, girl turn it off. You'll honestly thank me for it in the long run! I find it such a distraction, to have the TV on in the background, even if it's comfortable viewing like Gilmore Girls, every time I close my eyes, I hear a bit of somebody talking and have to listen to the conversation or open my eyes to watch what is going on! Although some people find it easier to sleep with background noise, the light exposure is doing you no favours, as it's this light exposure that delays the production of Melatonin (the sleep hormone!) If you like background noise, why not listen to the radio quietly whilst going to sleep or some relaxing music? I promise, you'll find that your sleep quality improves and you'll fall to sleep so much faster!

♥ 7. Stop the weekly, weekend lie in - another thing I never knew affected my sleep was the weekly lay in, over the weekend. Who else works really hard all week long and looks forward to those extra hours in bed on a Saturday and Sunday? I used to, until recently when I realised it was really messing up my sleep pattern and routine and was actually making me feel so much more exhausted in the long run. Why don't you just get yourself into a lovely sleep routine, and then you'll never feel tired enough to want to lay in at the weekend? Your body will just naturally wake up, and you'll be able to have so much more weekend time! The early bird catches the worm and all that!

♥ 8. Stop hitting snooze - Oh and another thing, snoozing is for losing! I used to be that girl that would want an extra 10 minutes in bed each morning, whether I was running late for work or not, those extra 10 minutes sleep, were everything! It always used to make me feel so much more tired, continuously hitting snooze, but I'm getting extra sleep so I'll feel better later right? Wrong!!! In fact, when you hit snooze in the mornings, it allows your body to fall into a new sleep cycle, which you never get to finish! This causes you to feel more tired, and have annoying fatigue all day long. I used to be so guilty of this. But now I've stopped hitting snooze, I feel a lot more refreshed in the mornings, and so much less tired throughout the day, than I did before.

♥ 9. Pamper yourself before bed - I've been adding a good old, pampering sesh into my 'bed time routine' each evening, that way my body is anticipating 'sleep time' and I feel really good, and relaxed before I go to sleep. Whether it's relaxing in a good, old, LUSH bubble bath, with lots of my favourite bath products or simply taking the time to do my skincare routine, with a little face mask. Whatever you do, it will make you feel amazing and relaxed, which is the perfect frame of mind to be in, before falling to sleep!

♥ 10. Read instead of being on your phone - another alternative to spending lots of time on your phone, and something really lovely to add into your new bedtime routine is to read, for at least half an hour each evening before bed. I switch on a small reading lamp, get my room prepared for sleep, and relax in bed whilst reading a book. I find this activity so relaxing and calming and the loveliest way to end my day! It's also a great way of letting your body and mind know, that when you start to read in bed, it's almost time for sleep!

♥ 11. Exercise - I don't mean exercising before bed, because in fact that will give you an energy boost. However, I've been trying to exercise, even if it's just for 20 minutes, at some point throughout the day and it's been helping me get such a good nights sleep! I prefer to exercise in the mornings where possible, as it's such a great way to start the day, and it improves my sleep quality massively, giving me the energy boost I need for the day ahead, but making me more fatigued in the evenings and able to sleep continuously throughout the night! Some great exercises that help me to get a good nights sleep are: cycling, walking, yoga or generally just hitting the gym!

♥ 12.  If you can't get to sleep after 20 minutes don't stress - read, or jot down your thoughts - for me this is probably one of the most important tips of all. I really do struggle to get to sleep at times, and when I was starting my new routine, my sleeping pattern was all over the place. My best advice for you, if you can't get to sleep after 20 minutes is - DON'T STRESS. I used to lay in bed, getting irritated and restless because I can't sleep, and it would only make matters worse, causing me to get even less sleep than I'd hoped. Just remember if you can't sleep: don't worry, don't count sheep, sit up and read your favourite book, and if you've got lots on your mind, write down your thoughts in a journal, that way you can have a calm mind to fall asleep on.

I hope you've found this post helpful. I'm still not 100% perfect with my sleeping routine, but I'm trying and I think that's what counts. Even if you only work on 1 of these tips a week, or a month, go at your own pace and you'll soon see how easy it is to get a good nights sleep, and feel so much more refreshed after waking up each day! 

What are your top tips for getting a good nights sleep?

CUTE Summer Clothes You NEED for Under £30 ♥

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Summer is well and truly here (for the most part!) and I'm obsessed with purchasing pretty, summery clothing! My poor bank balance. I'm in love with all things bright, colourful and embroidery. Summer is just the BEST for finding  and wearing pretty clothes! I thought I'd put together a cute little wishlist of all of the lovely Summer clothing I'm lusting over and that I love, and a few of the items I'll hopefully be purchasing when Payday rolls around! I actually already have a few of these items already - oops, I just couldn't help myself and had to share them with you guys! I hope you guys love all of the items I've featured, there are 36 different items, so hopefully something for everyone! Best of all everything in this cute little guide is under £30, so it's pretty affordable, I got you guys... unless you buy it all of course! I won't judge. (I'm contemplating doing that right now...) ♥

Which item did you like the best? 
Will you be making a sneaky purchase of any of the items I featured?
 Have a lovely day! 

Current Hair Saviours. ♥

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Warning: this post contains lots of pink! ♥
If you didn't know already, I'm slightly obsessed with all things haircare. I spend a lot of money on haircare products, because I just love making my hair look and feel amazing. Haircare is one thing, I like to spend that little bit more on, as I really notice a difference in my hair if I spend a bit more money on products. Don't get me wrong, there are some real bargains that are great for your hair, but over the years I've become obsessed with a few 'higher end' brands, that can still be found in my local Boots. More recently I've gave a few 'high end' products a try, and although I was skeptical to hand my cash over, I've become a luxury haircare fan and I've fallen in love! I'm also a sucker for pretty packaging...who isn't? Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite haircare products from high street to high end, that have become staples in my collection recently. Ones that I cannot go without and that have made a huge difference to my hair! ♥

 ♥ Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Golden Girl Hair Oil - £9.99 - available here 

I noticed this little beauty on offer in Boots recently and had never tried it before. It sounded really interesting, being a hair oil specifically created for blondes, with toning ingredients to keep brassiness at bay. I needed this. I'm always struggling to maintain that lovely ashy look in my blonde hair, and after a few weeks out of the salon, it tends to start to look a dreaded yellow colour, so having a product that combines the importance of hydration, moisture and shine, as well as keeping brassiness away is PERFECT. This stuff really is a kiss of life for bleached hair, as it states on the bottle. I simply pump 2-3 pumps of this lovely stuff out of the handy pump function, and comb it through my mid-lengths to ends. Particularly focusing on the ends. I'm so pleased with the results, I've noticed my hair is feeling a lot less dry, and it's definitely not as brassy as it usually would be. I've even had people thinking that I've had my hair re-done in the salon because it's still got a lovely ashy tone to it. Nope, I've just been using this gorgeous stuff daily to maintain that lovely ashy colour, and to keep my blonde locks shiny and hydrated. You can use this on both wet or dry hair, to keep adding a little bit of moisture to your locks, so it's great to use, every, single, day! Blondies, you need to try this! 

  ♥ Lee Stafford 'Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length' Hair Growth Treatment Mask - £8.49 - available here

This beauty has been around for years. I used to use this when I was growing my hair as a teenager, so it always brings back fond memories, and the scent takes me back to being a teenager, obsessed with the idea of having Rapunzel locks! Also, can you tell I'm a fan of Lee Stafford products? I promise there will be other haircare brands featured in this post too, aha, I just love Lee Stafford so much and couldn't write this post without mentioning a few of my favourites. This mask is a deep conditioning treatment, that aims to nourish and moisturise your scalp, and fertilise hair follicles, allowing your hair to reach it's potential, full length.

It also strengthens your hair, giving it the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy, whilst preventing hair loss, and we all know strong and healthy hair = hair growth. I couldn't be without this hair mask in my collection now. I've used it for years and I swear by it. You simply apply an egg sized amount of this gorgeous stuff after you've washed your hair, and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing away. You can use this every wash until you're happy with results and then once a week to maintain the lush results.

Every time I use this, it never fails to amaze me how amazing my hair feels, and it also smells amazing! The scent, is classic Lee Stafford, very fruity and zesty! It always leaving my hair feeling super soft, hydrated, much more manageable, and it just feels so much stronger and healthier. I can definitely tell when I've not used this for a while, as I notice more hair shedding and breakage. Over time, I can say this stuff has definitely contributed to the growth of my hair and made it so much stronger. It's amazing! If you want to grow your hair, make it stronger, healthier and look lush - I totally recommend this.

♥ Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil for Coloured Hair - £39.50 - available here

Yes, I know you're all gasping at the shocking price of this hair oil, at £39.50 it's breaking the bank, however bear with me, you'll adore this. This is honestly the BEST hair oil I've tried for coloured hair, and believe me, I've tried many. This beauty, specifically created for coloured hair, treats, protects and strengthens your locks. It is enriched with a blend of rich, hair loving oils including Argan and Maize. It suits my fine hair really well, it doesn't leave it looking limp, weighed down or lifeless, and is also suitable for all hair types. I apply just a small amount (2-3 pumps) of this to the mid-end lengths of my hair daily, on either wet or dry hair. The handy pump function makes it really easy to dispense just the right amount of product that you need. I adore the scent of this product, all I can say is, it smells expensive! Best of all, the results are amazing. The condition of my hair has improved vastly since using this oil and I see amazing results every time I use it. Frizz is under control, shine is out of this world, and my hair looks and feel so hydrated and healthy. I've also noticed that I have a lot less split ends, and breakage since using this hair oil, and my colour looks so lovely and vibrant for a lot longer. It's a really amazing hair oil, and the results make the price somewhat justifiable. Now that I've tried this, every time I try a cheaper alternative, I'm left somewhat disappointed. Nothing compares to this beauty! Give it a go yourself and you'll see what I mean! 

♥ Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Balm - £6.99 - available here 
♥ Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Mask - £6.99 - available here 

These two beauties are new favourites in my collection. As you know by now, I'm a huge fan of Lee Stafford so when I noticed the Coco Loco range on offer in Boots I just had to try some of the products for myself.

First off I'm obsessed with the Coconut Balm, which is a solid balm, that you can smooth into wet or dry hair, to maintain, protect, and moisturise, your hair. I like to apply this daily, I scoop just a small amount of this and rub the product together using my fingers, which turns the product into an oil, before applying to the mid-end lengths. The results are instant, you are left with gorgeous, shiny, hydrated, smooth locks, and unwanted frizz is banished. Your hair looks so sleek and healthy. I recommend this as well for if you want a sleek up-do. I'm thinking this sort of Kim Kardashian ponytail style, where you don't want any flyaways. This product is perfect for taming those flyaways ladies! My only advice with this product is to use it sparingly, if you use too much, like I did in first application (I used a grape sized amount!!!) it can start to make your hair look a little limp and greasy. I would use just a pea sized amount, obviously depending on your hairs texture and thickness and build it up, a little goes a long way! It's a really lovely product to keep inside your handbag and apply on the go to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing, and best of all - it smells like coconuts! Good enough to eat!

Next from the Coco Loco range is the Coconut Mask, which I knew I had to try as soon as I spotted it, on offer in Boots. The mask is a really thick, creamy treatment, that smells absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure you'll be aware that the benefits of using coconut oil on your hair are amazing, as coconut oil contains natural nutrients that restore, health, vitality, hydration and life back into your hair.  This treatment mask is no exception, it helps to repair dry, damaged hair and reduce protein loss, so that your hair is healthier and stronger. On first use, you reap the benefits of using this treatment, hair is noticeably softer, manageable, glossy, shiny and hydrated and just looks really light and glossy. Over time, I've noticed a difference in the strength of my hair, I've had a lot less breakage and my hair has been given a real boost of life! It's a really lovely mask to use once a week, to give your hair a real treat and it's pretty affordable too and leaves your hair smelling lush!

 ♥ Toni & Guy Volume Addiction Shampoo* - £7.50 - available here
♥ Toni & Guy Volume Addiction Conditioner* - £7.50 - available here

I've always been such a huge fan of Toni & Guy, their haircare is amazing and every product I've tried by them, I've always fell in love with immediately and it was no different after I tried these beauties. After having my hair highlighted, it was feeling quite limp, dry and lifeless. Not only was I looking to add moisture and hydration back into my hair, but also that 'oomph' of volume that it was so desperately lacking in and lusting over. Specially formulated for fine hair, this shampoo and conditioner are the perfect combination of products to give you hydrated, shiny hair full of life and fabulous volume. After 1 use I noticed an immediate difference in how my hair felt, but after regular use I can say it's definitely improved the volume of my hair, restoring body, fullness and texture, without weighing it down. As well as adding the boost of hydration and shine that I was looking for too. Not only that, but my hair always feels so silky soft, and light after I've used these two products together and definitely stronger over time! If you have fine hair, I'd really recommend giving these a go!

So these are my current hair favourites and saviours, I hope you've enjoyed today's post! 
What are your current favourite hair products? I'm always on the look out for new products to try and fall in love with!

Have a lovely day!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Review and Swatches ♥

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Ok, so I officially have a new favourite lip product. Scrap that, I have three favourite new, lip products. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I've always been a huge fan of Revlon make up products, so when I was lucky enough to try three of the gorgeous Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors, I was delighted. If you're a fan of velvety, matte finishes, gorgeous shades and exciting formulas, you need these in your life as soon as possible!  

In true Revlon style, the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors boast of 12 stunning, vivid and natural shades, sure to compliment any skin tones, ranging from nudes to bright, bold shades. Today I'll be discussing shades that you all need in your collection and love: a nude, a pink and a red. 

I don't usually opt for matte finishes, due to bad experiences using matte lipsticks, and them clinging to drier areas and making me look ridiculous. I'm much more of a glossy lip kinda girl, but after giving these a try, I was really surprised and instantly fell in love with the amazing formula, and wearable matte shades. I just had to share these with you guys, the formula is seriously insane, and has really converted me to a matte/semi-matte kinda gal.

♥ Revlon Ultra HD Lip Color £8.99 - available here (from left to right) - Seduction*, Passion*, Devotion* 

10 Things I'm Loving Right Now. ♥

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Hi beauties, today I thought I'd share 10 Things I'm absolutely obsessed with right now, that I've been reaching for tons and that are really, really pretty! Sorry in advance to your bank balance. 

♥ Bag - River Island - £26 - available here
♥ Sunglasses - New Look - £7.99 - available here

I'm so in love with this beautiful Peacock print, pink bag, that I purchased from River Island. My eyebrow beautician actually has it, and as soon as I saw her with it, I made a beeline for it and instantly had to order it from the RI website. It's so pretty and the detailing is simply, gorgeous. It's a really girly bag, that is soooo me. I'm loving teaming it with simple outfits and these lovely Rose Gold tinted sunglasses from New Look, to make it look instantly cute and classy. I just can't get enough of it. Can we take a moment just to appreciate how lovely this bag is please? ♥♥♥

♥ Red Posy Sliders - £18 - Miss Selfridge
♥ Embellished Bag - £25 - Accessorize (bought last year, similar here

I've been reaching for this beautiful, embellished bag from Accessorize, which I purchased last Summer and these lovely bright red, sliders from Miss Selfridge so much recently. As soon as the sun makes an apperance, I've been desperate to wear sandals and the beautiful Accessorize bag compliments the colour of these sliders so perfectly! The sliders are such a unique shade of red and so comfortable to wear, you can literally team them up with anything and they look really cute and stylish. You might have spotted them in my sidebar wishlist < I'm desperate to buy the pink shade now I know how lovely the red ones are!

♥ Purse - £18 - River Island - available here
After purchasing the beautiful, baby pink, peacock print bag, shown above, and instantly falling in love, I had to purchase the matching purse to go with it!  Obviously! It is so beautiful and just as gorgeous as the bag, and best of all, it has rose gold detailing inside! Honestly it is soooo me. I'm in love with it. 

 ♥ Toni & Guy Volume Addiction Shampoo* - £7.50 - available here
♥ Toni & Guy Volume Addiction Conditioner* - £7.50 - available here

I've always been such a huge fan of Toni & Guy, their haircare is amazing and every product I've tried by them, I've always fell in love with immediately and it was no different after I tried these beauties. After having my hair highlighted, it was feeling quite limp, dry and lifeless. Not only was I looking to add moisture and hydration back into my hair, but also that 'oomph' of volume that it was so desperately lacking in and lusting over. Specially formulated for fine hair, this shampoo and conditioner are the perfect combination of products to give you hydrated, shiny hair full of life and fabulous volume. After 1 use I noticed an immediate difference in how my hair felt, but after regular use I can say it's definitely improved the volume of my hair, restoring body, fullness and texture, without weighing it down. As well as adding the boost of hydration and shine that I was looking for too. Not only that, but my hair always feels so silky soft, and light after I've used these two products together and definitely stronger over time! If you have fine hair, I'd really recommend giving these a go!

 ♥ Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster - £20 - available here 
I mentioned this little beauty, that I've been reaching for so much over the past two months, on both my blog & Instagram recently. This is the product that keeps my face looking healthy, glowing and tanned. So many of you have asked me what I use on my face to help it glow, and give it a tanned finish and this is that product that gives me that effect! For years I've struggled to find a suitable solution for maintaining a tan on my face, that doesn't irritate my skin, make me look orange or break me out, but I've found a real winner in this beauty. You simply add 1-3 drops of this liquid into your regular moisturiser, mix it together with your regular moisturiser and apply to your face like you usually would. I can't say enough good things about this beauty, it's an absolute life saver and a real holy grail product in my skincare & tanning routine. Read my full review here.

 ♥ Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Golden Girl Hair Oil - £9.99 - available here 
I started using this gorgeous stuff about a month ago and it's become a real staple in my haircare routine ever since. I've always admired Lee Stafford products, and found them to work wonders on my hair. This hair oil, is specifically formulated for blonde hair in need of some TLC. I'd recently had my hair highlighted again, it was feeling quite dry and needed some love so I thought I'd give it a go and I'm really impressed with the results. It's a really lightweight oil, that isn't greasy in the slightest, and it smoothes into my hair like a dream, adding much needed hydration, shine and moisture to my blonde hair. Best of all the formula contains ingredients that neutralise and tone down any of those unwanted brassy tones that us blondes tend to get, so it keeps my hair looking vibrant and the gorgeous shade of blonde that I desire! No brass in sight! I really love how this makes my hair look and feel. I'd recommend it to any of you blondies! Full review on it's way soon! 

♥ Stationery* - Phoenix Trading - see links for different prices.

Can all of this gorgeous stationery count as just 1 part of this whole 10 things I'm loving right now post, pretty please? There is way too much pretty stuff to include this stationery as multiple items, sorry! :) I was kindly sent this beautifully illustrated stationery as part of National Stationery Week, and it has been sitting so prettily, on my desk in my office, ever since. I've really enjoyed using the lovely China Cups Notepad*, to keep up with my to do list, and I have sent multiple cute notes to my friends and family using the really beautiful Cupcake Note Cards* I think this is a really lovely way to let someone know you're thinking of them, without using technology and how lovely and girly are the illustrations? Finally, I could't write this post without mentioning the Fashion Boutique Sticker Activity Book*, the child in me was so excited when I received this, it's such a beautiful activity book that I've really loved sharing with my niece, full of beautiful sticker clothing and a very shabby chic inspired boutique. I fell in love with it! If you have younger family members, I'm sure they'd love this as a gift, it's so affordable, yet really cute and pretty and a gift any little, or big girl in my case, would love. 

What are you loving at the moment?
Have a lovely day!

How to Find the Perfect Work/Life Balance. ♥

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I don't know about you but sometimes I really do let work take over my life and forget that you're supposed to work hard, but play harder. It's really easy to work all day long, and come home & continue to let work consume you.

It's taken me years to get to the point where something a colleague said or a small mistake I'd made at work, didn't stay with me for days, and I'd worry about it all night for weeks, even after leaving work. It sounds ridiculous, but I'm a natural worrier anyway so when it comes to work, I work hard and I used to take things to heart quite a lot. I've learned over the years, not to take things personally, unless, somebody knows me, personally. Basically I'm getting good at not giving a shit. Don't get me wrong, I still work really hard, but I've also been working hard on leaving work behind and getting my work/life balance right, as I think it's really important to look after yourself, and not let work take over your life. It's taken me a long time to get my work/life balance right, and some days I'm still not there 100% but I'm trying, and I think that's all that matters, right?!

Blogging has been a great way in which I can leave work in the office, come home & write & do blog stuff and just generally escape from all the work craziness. Whether it be writing up posts, taking photographs or just reading my favourite blogs, my little corner of the web has become the perfect place to escape!

However work isn't always fairy lights & flowers, call the blogger police, but sometimes it's been such a bad day in the office, that I don't even want to blog. You know it's been a bad day if this happens. On days like this, I tend to have a huge hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, light all the candles & relax whilst watching a bit of Netflix, maybe even having a lovely, LUSH bubble bath. I've also tried to be a little bit more social recently and even go for a catch up with a few of my girls or family, or doing something fun with my fiance. It makes such a difference to my mood instead of the usual: work, eat, sleep, repeat routine I'd been getting myself into.

I guess  I'm not the only one that finds it hard to find a happy medium between work and play at times. So I thought I'd share 12 of the ways, I've been finding the perfect work/life balance, without burning myself out, every, single day. ♥

♥  1. Have breakfast without checking your phone/emails on the go - I'm a sucker for a good scroll through Instagram whilst eating breakfast, whilst replying to twitter mentions, whilst replying to emails, etc. Although I've become pro at multi-tasking, I often forget that this is causing me to feel stressed and feeling like I can't keep up. So I'm trying to stick to a 30 minute free social media & phone/laptop ban while I allow myself to prep for the day ahead by having a good, hearty breakfast. Nothing sets you up better for the day ahead, than breakfast.

♥  2. Take a good lunch break - at least 30 minutes away from your desk, or work surroundings. Even if you go to a local coffee shop, and eat your lunch there, and escape the office or whatever. Just give yourself a break.

♥  3. Be brave & speak up when your workload is becoming too much - it doesn't make you weak. You've got to put yourself first at all times. Will that deadline you've got to meet by the end of the week, really matter in 10 years?

♥  4. Exercise to relieve stress - I am still working on this one, and a lot of the time after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym, so I find getting a little exercise in, in the mornings really works for me, and it's a fab way to the start the day. I've also been loving Yoga recently to relieve stress, it makes me feel so good and relaxed, which is perfect after a long day. I'm loving Yoga with Adrienne, which is completely free to use, on YouTube.

♥  5. Plan holidays/events outside of work, to look forward to - it sounds sad, but something that always gets me through work when I'm feeling stressed or I have a lot of deadlines to meet, is an upcoming holiday! I love having a countdown app on my phone that tells me how many days away my holiday or special event is, to keep me motivated! #YepI'mThatSad

♥  6.  Try to get a good nights sleep - this one speaks for itself. Nothing sets you up for the day ahead better. Aim for at least 8 hours sleep, every night. Put that phone down and stop scrolling girl.

♥  7. Make time for the things you love - At least an hour each day, whether it be blogging, reading, watching YouTube videos, sewing, drawing, playing an instrument, exercising, gaming, etc whatever you LOVE make more time for it, it will make you feel so good about yourself. Pinky promise! :)

♥  8. Make time for the people you love - life is way too short, and it's really important to make time for your loved ones, whether it be friends/family or both. Even if it's just a phone call, or a text to see how they are, it doesn't always have to be meeting up, just don't let work stresses, hours or commitments get in the way of showing & telling people how much you love them. It will also make you feel grounded and good about yourself.

♥  9. Have a routine and stick to it - I'm such a sucker for a good routine. I like to have really structured days, where I know exactly what I'm doing, what's on my to do list, and what my priorities are for that day. Sad, I know, but I can't cope if not and I end up burning myself out, trying to squeeze too much into one day. I even schedule in, down time, so for example, I'll relax from 7pm onwards, after I've completed my to do list and been to the gym. That way I'm not allowing myself to work past 7pm, I'm forcing myself to relax and have some all important "me time".

♥ 10. Invest in lots of candles & lovely bath products & take a good, old bubble bath- melt your worries away by lighting a good old candle, so that you can inhale your favourite scent and exhale your stresses, whilst relaxing in a good old bubble bath. This is one of my favourite things to do, to make time for myself and leave work and work related stress, in the office.

♥ 11. Leave work tasks and any thoughts about work, at work - says it all. It's easier said than done, but believe me, once you start trying to do this, you'll notice a huge difference in how you feel. Even if a thought of work, pops into your head when you're home, tell yourself, you'll worry about that tomorrow in office hours, now is your time to relax.

♥ 12. Take time to do absolutely nothing at all - my favourite way to forget about work, and relax is to do sweet nothing!

 If you haven't read it already I've written a post on ways in which I de-Stress every single, day. Many of the tips featured in that post, could also help you find the perfect work/life balance. You can read that post here ♥

And just a reminder, in case you didn't know already, don't take your job/career too seriously. I'm a real advocate of being a girl boss, and slaying your career, working hard and getting that paper, being Miss Independent and all that. I've always been a really career driven person, and I've worked hard to become established in my career, however I've realised that looking after yourself and actually living life, is really important. Keep working hard beauts, but just remember:

You can't do your job, if your job is all you do. 
Don't confuse having a career, as having a life. 

I hope you've found this post helpful. 
What are your top tips for finding the perfect work/life balance?


5 Pretty & Affordable Wedding Guest Outfits ♥

Sunday, 28 May 2017

So Wedding Season is finally upon us! I absolutely love this time of year, and I really do adore dressing up and going to weddings! I'm going to a wedding in a month, but I've been really struggling to find anything pretty to wear that's affordable?! I don't know if it's just me that's having this difficulty? Anywho, to make my life easier come payday when I'll be purchasing my outfit, and to inspire any of you who have been kindly invited to any Weddings, I thought I'd put together some of my favourite wedding outfits in a variety of beautiful colours including: blush pink, electric blue, red, duck egg blue and lilac. I have 5 of my favourites for you guys to have a peek at! I hope you love them and their pretty accessories just as much as I do. But which one should I wear to the wedding? Help me decide! ♥

Pretty in Blush Pink ♥
Delightful in Duck Egg Blue ♥

The Best High Street, Summer Foundation. ♥

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

♥ Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - £10.99 - available here

Summer is nearly upon us, and with warmer weather promised in the next few months, I thought I'd prep you early for those lovely, warm summery days by telling you about a high street foundation I reach for religiously during the Summer months. I'm sure you've all heard of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum before, it's the sister foundation of Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, which has rave reviews flying around the interwebs, but this little beauty is often wrongly pushed aside and least favoured of the two! However I much prefer the serums formula to the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation's formula, it's absolutely amazing and definitely my preferred base during the warmer months and holiday season. If you love having, healthy, radiant, glowing, dewy (without the added grease) skin, with a foundation that offers fab coverage, you'll love this beauty. Here's what the fuss is all about...

This foundation is one of those foundations that tick all the boxes for me. It behaves exactly how I want it to, and does everything I crave for in a foundation. Stays put all day long, doesn't cling to dry areas, gives me a lovley, healthy glow, and offers buildable coverage.

The foundation is gel based, and claims to give the skin a 16 hour healthy boost of radiance, even complexion, and an instant anti-fatigue result. It has a vitamin enriched formula that promises to make your skin glow, and provide even coverage with no mask effect. I totally agree with this description. Although I'm not sure about the 16 hour claim, read more below...

The consistency of this stuff, is much better to that of the Healthy Mix Foundation which is a lot thicker. This beauty has that perfect in-between consistency, it isn't too thick nor too runny and the gel formula makes it really simple to blend into the skin, it glides on like a dream with the help of my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It comes with a handy pump function, which makes application simple and easy too as you can dispense just the right amount you need.

Coverage is most definitely buildable. I'm not going to lie and say this is the best high street foundation for coverage, because it isn't but that isn't it's main purpose. The results aim to provide a lovely, light, healthy glow for up to 16 hours, but the added bonus is that the coverage is quite good, as usually foundations that add a lovely dewy finish aren't great coverage wise. However with this beauty, you can apply one coat of this stuff and any spots or blemishes are covered, imperfections are erased, and you instantly look fresh and healthy, with an added lovely glow, although you probably will still want to add concealer to any spots. Your skin looks clear, and even with no redness. It's a really beautiful finish and offers great coverage. However if you do want that little bit more coverage, don't be scared to build up the foundation to your desired finish, as it doesn't turn cakey in the slightest, nor does it look unnatural, I'd say 3 coats tops before it starts to look a little odd though.

Review - Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster ♥

Sunday, 21 May 2017

♥ Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster - £20 - available here

As you all know, I'm a real fake tan kinda girl. When March rolls in and I've spent the winter months looking rather pasty and pale, there is nothing I love more than slapping on a bit of fake tan, to make myself look and feel so much better and healthier. In my opinion everyone looks better with a tan, as long as you don't look like you've rolled around in some Wotsits and resemble any of these sorts of fake tan disasters you're good.

 Over the years, I've loved applying fake tan but one thing up until recently, that I've always struggled with is getting my face tanned, to the level that my body is, without breaking out, looking greasy or orange. There are plenty of products on the market that suggest they will tan your face, whether it be your usual tanning products, or products specifically created for tanning the face. But I'm gonna be honest and say none of them have ever worked for me, up until now. I've tried many facial tanners, from well known brands and they've either broke me out, been far too heavy for facial application, or just looked super unnatural. So for years I've just been wearing a darker shade foundation after I've applied my fake tan. Not the prettiest or most flattering of sights if I'm wearing any make up. My body has always looked a lovely shade of tan brown, and my face looked like Casper the ghost. Not a look I'd recommend at all.

After seeing a poll on Twitter about what everybody else does when it comes to tanning their face after applying fake tan to their body, I realised I wasn't alone in this whole tricky face tanning situation. I did a bit of research online and found that lots of people seemed to be raving about the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster. I'd never even heard of it before but decided to look into the product in more detail. It claimed to provide all the benefits of a self tanner, without the drawbacks. However it wasn't an actual tanner per say, rather it was a liquid you could adjust the dosage to create your own made to measure results. To gain a lovely tanned complexion, you had to  add 1 to 3 drops of this stuff into your regular day or night moisturiser and you're basically a tanned goddess. It had rave reviews across the interwebs and before and after pics seemed really fab!

Ok so I needed this in my life, asap. It sounded so interesting! The only drawback was that it was £20 for a tiny 15ml bottle. However, yolo and all that?

Ok, now time to hear my thoughts on this unique and interesting stuff. Not to spoil the review, but it is honestly amazing, and thanks to this stuff, you can now have the most beautiful, glowing, golden and healthy face with no fuss. You're welcome. 

♥ Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster - £20 - available here

The formula is a self concentrated which means you simply cater the effect of this stuff yourself by adding between 1 to 3 drops of it into your regular moisturiser depending on how tanned you'd prefer to be. Clarins claim you should use one of their moisturisers to see the benefits of this stuff, but I use my regular Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser and still get amazing results!

I tend to apply this before bed, as it does take a while to develop. I've never tested applying it in the morning and wearing it throughout the day, as it develops, so I can't tell you the exact time it takes to develop, nor does it state how long it takes on the packaging. However it does take a good few hours, at least. So it's not an instant tanning product. However it does come with a useful note of instructions that tell you exactly how to apply this stuff, which is perfect if you haven't used it before and I would really recommend following those instructions as it makes application fuss free and simple.

The formula is lightweight, and grease free, it doesn't dry your skin out nor does the tanned results make you look orange. The liquid you squeeze out of the small bottle, is literally just a liquid that you mix in with your normal moisturiser. You don't have to compromise having hydrated skin with this beauty, and it doesn't break you out. I've had no spots since using this, which is a massive deal for me, as I've always found it tricky when tanning my face with other tanning products as they always seem far too heavy for my skin and tend to break me out.

My Soap & Glory Bath Time Favourites. ♥

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, or you read my blog often, you'll know I am the biggest Soap & Glory fangirl, ever. I'm constantly posting photographs of Soap & Glory's make up, bath, or skincare products on my Instagram, and you'll often peep a little bit of Soap & Glory in random blog photographs, somewhere in the background too. Oops. Whether it's their packaging, or their amazing quality products, that instantly tick all the boxes for me, I've always been obsessed. Ever since I was a a teenager and I fell in love with their beautiful, bright, bold packaging on a trip to Boots with a few of my friends, I've been hooked. I know a lot of you love and adore Soap & Glory just as much as I do, so I thought I'd do a somewhat little series featuring my favourite Soap & Glory products. As much as I love them all, I had to narrow it down, and only a few products have made the cut, which means they're pretty special, and at holy grail level. Todays post will feature Soap & Glory's shower/bath products and my next one will feature my favourite Soap & Glory make up products. That way if you're a Soap & Glory virgin, you can read what all the fuss is about, and if you're a huge fan like me, you could possibly try something you haven't used before, and fall even further in love. Without any further ado, here are my favourite Soap & Glory bath and shower time products, the ones I reach for when I want a real treat, after a long day, and a beaut pampering session that will leave me feeling brand new.

♥ Soap & Glory 'The Righteous Butter' Moisturising Cream £10 - available here 

This little beauty has always been one of my favourite beauty products to use when I really want to feel good. It's often one I'll reach for after a big pampering session, and a lovely soak in the bath. As well as when my skin is feeling extra thirsty, and needs added moisture pronto. It's a rich, highly hydrating moisturiser, that offers a rich, creamy texture and instant hydration and moisture that lasts all day long. 

It comes in a large size 300ml tub, packaged in, the ever so beautiful, signature Soap & Glory, = pink, bold and vintage inspired packaging. The tub lasts me a fair while, at least 8-10 months, as I apply once a week as a weekly treatment. I do this because the cream has a very rich, creamy texture. My best advice with this beauty is to apply just a little bit at a time, you'll know what I mean if you've tried this before, the formula is amazing and you don't need to use tons of this to notice the instant difference in your skin, a little really does go a long way. 

When you apply this, it absorbs into your skin instantly despite the thick, creamy consistency, and doesn't feel heavy or greasy to wear on your skin. You are left with amazingly hydrated skin, with added moisture that lasts for days. I apply this like I said, when my skin is lacking moisture and needs a real pick me up. This banishes any dryness instantly and leaves you with baby soft, silky skin. 

The scent of the butter is amazing, it's quite strong, and is described as packed full of leafy greens, Bergamot and Mandarin, with fruity and floral notes throughout as well as soft, and sexy musk. I have to agree that this is a very distinct scent, if you catch a whiff of it, you'll instantly know it's a scent that belongs to the Soap & Glory family. I can't describe it any better than that, it's just a really gorgeous, beautiful, unique scent that lingers all day long once you've applied. It leaves you smelling absolutely LUSH for hours, and I can still smell this gorgeous stuff in the morning if I've applied it overnight and I can still smell it lingering all day long. It's an added bonus, as you're not only left with amazingly hydrated skin, but you smell good enough to eat. What more could you ask for? Luxury in a tub and it also makes me feel really good. 

♥ Soap & Glory 'The Scrub of Your Life' Body Scrub £7 - available here 

This is that exfoliator that I will never not be able to have in my life. I'm a real fake tan lover, so a decent exfoliator is an absolute must in my collection. Over the years, I've tried many body exfoliators, but none quite compare to this beauty. Again, classic Soap & Glory packaging, it's right up my street, very pink, pretty, bold & vintage inspired. It ticks all my packaging boxes! 

The product comes in a 200ml squeezy type bottle, which I find really handy as you can dispense exactly the right amount of product out, easily, with no waste. 

The scent is honestly to die for. Again, like most Soap & Glory products it has a very unique scent that makes it easy to instantly know it comes from the Soap & Glory collection. I really love this about Soap & Glory products. The amazing scent is described as a combination of strawberries (delicious), rose, jasmine, peach, and fresh bergamot and Mandarin. It's a very fresh, fruity scent that honestly smells good enough to eat. It's quite a strong scent, as with most Soap & Glory products but I love and adore that about them and it's nothing too overpowering. 

The texture of this exfoliator is quite thick and pasty, but again like with many Soap & Glory products a little goes a long way and you don't need to use tons of this stuff to reap the benefits. The thick consistency of this gorgeous stuff means it doesn't slip and slide on wet skin, while you are getting ready to apply which I've found with other watery exfoliators. The formula contains small beading that makes it easier to remove dirt, however the beading doesn't feel too rough against the skin but instead leaves you feeling refreshed. 

This is an exfoliator I use on a weekly basis, as it does the job of removing dead skin, old fake tan and general dirt and grit perfectly without being too harsh on my sensitive skin. It's the only exfoliator that can remove any clustered, patchy, old fake tan without scrubbing for hours, or without being left with red, blotchy skin. It removes dirt with no problems at all, and leaves my skin feeling ridiculously soft, smooth and refreshed. Best thing is, it's basically two products in one as it lathers like a shower gel, meaning you can skip the shower gel and just use this gorgeous stuff instead. Added bonus! I apply this by squeezing a small amount onto my hand, and using some exfoliator gloves like these, I then go onto rub in circular motions and it does the job perfectly. 

♥ Soap & Glory 'Hand Food' Hand Cream £2.50 (travel size as shown above compared to lipstick, full size £5) available here

If you're anything like me, I hate having dry hands and I have to apply something to my hands regularly to keep them hydrated, or it bugs me. I know a lot of people like to just use a regular body moisturiser for their hands or your facial moisturiser after you've applied it, to keep hands hydrated, however I really like using a specific hand moisturiser as it doesn't feel like it's too heavy on my hands, or like it's not very hydrating. One of my all time favourite hand creams is Soap & Glory's  'Hand Food' it's a classic, I love the name, dreamy scent and the beautiful packaging. Best of all I love how it leaves my hands feeling smooth, nourished and hydrated.

The scent is typical Soap & Glory, it is packed full of feminine goodness, with a combination of strawberries, vanilla, and floral and fruity goodness. Like with all of the products mentioned today, when you grab a whiff of this, you know it's Soap & Glory and the scent lingers for a good hour on your hands after you've applied, if not longer, so it's like applying a dab of perfume but with the added bonus of having lovely, moisturised hands too.

The first time you use Hand Food, you will be surprised to know you get instant, visible results, with long lasting hydration, chapped areas, and dryness banished. You are left with smooth, moisturised and well nourished skin that just feels and looks amazing.

A little goes a long way as the creamy texture is quite thick. It's perfect because you don't need to use tons of this to see results. It smoothes into the skin like a dream, and the squeezy tube makes it effortless to add moisture and hydration to your hands. The cream instantly absorbs into your skin, and you aren't left with any annoying grease or residue, just a beautiful scent and lovely, well moisturised skin. 

The travel size option of this gorgeous stuff is perfect to fit inside your handbag and to carry on the go! I'm always doing this and then applying fresh top ups on the go to keep my hands looking and feeling amazing. I simply can't live without this stuff. 

♥ Soap & Glory 'Clean on Me' Shower Gel £6.50  - available here 

This beautifully fragranced Shower Gel with built in body lotion, is the perfect cleansing companion. Not only does it leave your skin feeling well cleansed and refreshed, but it also leaves you with silky soft, smooth hydrated skin once you've applied. 

The shower gel is packed full of Soap & Glory's signature scent, which I'm obsessed with. Once you smooth the luxury shower gel into your skin and rinse away, the scent stays put, lingering for hours. I adore the creamy texture of this shower gel, it feels very luxurious to apply. It's my go to shower gel that I use daily, and the pump function makes applying this stuff a dream as you can dispense just the right amount, without having to waste any product. 

It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry, chapped or irritated, instead moisturised, soft and smooth. I still apply a lotion to drier areas when I've used this, but if your skin isn't very dry you could skip this step as the shower gel in itself is highly hydrating and moisturising. 

You can purchase this gorgeous stuff in a 500ml bottle (which lasts me at least 8-10 months) or in a handy travel size 100ml bottle, which is perfect for holidays! I just can't get enough of this stuff and it's a shower gel that I feel so lost without. 

I hope you've enjoyed todays post.
As you can tell, I'm slightly obsessed with Soap & Glory. My other Bath Time and Pampering Session favourites are Ted Baker and LUSH products. What are your favourite products to use during Bath time or when you're in need of a full on Pampering sesh?

I'll be posting the second part to this Soap & Glory series, featuring my Soap & Glory make up favourites, very soon. So keep your eyes peeled.

Have a lovely day,

Pretty, Rose Gold Homeware Haul. ♥

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Honestly, I've become obsessed with all things Rose Gold recently, yes I know I'm about 4 years too late but GIVE ME ALL THE ROSE GOLD PLS! I decided to jazz my dressing room up recently, and buy a few new accessories to make it look pretty again, and of course they HAD to be all things girly & Rose Gold. I went a bit crazy, but I'm so happy with it all. It all look so, so pretty. I could sit and admire all the Rose Gold beauties in my dressing room all day long now! And best of all the purchases I made were really affordable, and such bargains, so I thought I'd share them with you!

♥ Candle Light Holders with Rose Gold detailing (set of three) - £8 Tesco - available here
 I made this myself, I bought the cute white jug from eBay, and then bought some Rose Gold ribbon and wrapped it around it to add to the Rose Gold cuteness. The artificial flowers are also from eBay. This cost me approx £6 to make, which I think is a total bargain!

♥ I picked up these beautiful Rose Gold draws for just £14.99, reduced from £24.99 from eBay, they're still in stock here. I'm using them to store some of my favourite jewellery, they're so classy and pretty and look so much more expsensive than they actually are! 
♥ This cute little pot was just £3 from George at Asda, available here, it could be used to hold a variety of things, including make up brushes but I like to display my cute, pink straws which were just £1.99 available here
♥ I made my first Oliver Bonas order recently, and could have literally spent my entire life savings there. The Homeware section is beautiful. I picked up this lovely, rose gold, heart shaped, dish for just £7.50 - available here
♥ I also purchased this beautiful Rose Gold & Pink Marble effect trinket tray, with the quote 'Little Things' scribbled on the top of it. I thought this was so beautiful, and it's a really gorgeous way to add a bit of colour and prettiness to any room. It was just £11 from Oliver Bonas - available here
♥ I'm also obsessed with New Look Homeware at the moment. They're absolutely KILLING it. They have so many beautiful pieces, at an affordable price too. This lovely plant with Rose Gold detailing was just £8.99 and is available here

♥ Also from Oliver Bonas is the beautiful Cat Ring Holder. I'm not actually using it as a ringer holder at the moment, rather just sitting it prettily on my dressing table. This is SO cute. It was just £8.50 and is finally back in stock here

♥ Finally if you can peep the cute rose gold/copper lips on top of my lovely new jewellery draws, those lips are actually a Polaroid Photo holder. It's the perfect size to store your favourite FujiFilm Instax photographs, and I cannot wait to place a cute little picture in there! For just £7.50 from Oliver Bonas, you can't go wrong! You can purchase this beauty here.

As you can see, I've become pretty obsessed with all things cute & Rose Gold. Who else loves Rose Gold? Where do you find the best Rose Gold or Copper homeware pieces?

Have a lovely day!

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