Be Back Soon. ♥

Sunday, 3 December 2017

♥ Hi my loves,
Just wanted to leave you a short note to say I haven't forgotten about my little corner of the web, or any of you guys for that matter, it's just that this little space has to take a back seat for a little while. As you know I'm currently renovating my dream home, so spare time is very rare and any time I do get I'm trying to spend with loved ones, and indulge in a bit of self care. It's been a really stressful few months but I can say it's totally going to be worth it once the house is finished. I'm in love with it already.

 I've also had some problems with my wisdom teeth and have been really poorly over the past few weeks, so sorry I've been so quiet on here! I really hope that you're all enjoying the festive season and getting into the Christmas spirit. I promise I will be back with lots of exciting content as soon as I can. I'm constantly updating my Instagram and posting on Insta Stories so follow me here on Insta for a daily dose of all things Sharna, or on Twitter, here to keep up to date with my daily life!

I will be back very, very soon! I cannot wait to get back into writing on here!
Lots of love,

My Favourite Binge Worthy TV Shows ♥

Friday, 3 November 2017

 ♥ So, it's been a while. As most of you guys know it's been a little crazy, at all things Sharna HQ of late, with the house move, renovating, etc, etc and much to my disappointment I haven't just been binge watching Netflix during my absence. Nope. Not at all. No seriously, I've been really busy, but I'm back today sharing my all time favourite binge worthy TV shows with you all, as I know you all love a good binge watch, just as much as I do! These shows will have you snuggled up in your duvet, in bed, this Winter, accompanied by your favourite share size bag of chocolate, with a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows in hand, not leaving the house for days, they're that good. I purchased a new TV recently for the new house, because I thought, why not, treat yo'self and all that, I'm not usually into gadgets or anything, but I've found myself noticing that the type of TV you watch your fave shows on, definitely makes a difference to your experience. I bought a Panasonic TV as they never do me wrong, I've been purchasing from their brand for years and will continue to do so. The next TV from them, that's on my wishlist has to be the Oled 4k TV Panasonic, it's just TV goals and would totally add to your viewing experience with professional picture performance, you're sure to get the most from your Netflix binge.

I decided to feature shows that I'm currently binging, as well as shows that have a special place in my heart, that I've binge watched previously. These are shows that will interest and suit all likes/interests/preferences. I have something for you girly, girls who love a Rom Com/Chick Flick, as well as those of you that love a good laugh after a long days work with shows that don't take themselves too seriously, to you Murder Documentary loving nerds (like myself), I hope there is something for everyone.

 In no particular order, prepare to binge...

 ♥ 1. Breaking Bad - Crime Drama
 ♥ 2. Stranger Things - Science Fiction Horror
 ♥ 3. Pretty Little Liars - Teen Mystery/Thriller Drama
 ♥ 4. Gossip Girl - Teen Drama
 ♥ 5. Orange is the New Black -Comedy/Drama
 ♥ 6. Confession Tapes - Murder Documentary Series
 ♥ 7. Making a Murderer - Murder Documentary Series
 ♥ 8. Line of Duty - Crime/Police Drama
 ♥ 9. 90210 - Teen Drama
 ♥ 10. Power - Crime, Thriller, Drama
 ♥ 11. Desperate Housewives - Comedy, Mystery, Drama
 ♥ 12. Sex and the City - Romantic Comedy
 ♥ 13. Gilmore Girls - Comedy/Drama
 ♥ 14. Prison Break - Crime/Prison Drama
 ♥ 15. Jane the Virgin - Romantic Comedy/Drama
 ♥ 16. Friends - American Sitcom
 ♥ 17. Scandal - Political Drama
 ♥ 18. Once Upon a Time - Fairytale Fantasy/ Drama
 ♥ 19. Riverdale - Teen Drama, Thriller, Mysteryx
 ♥ 20. Broadchurch - Crime Drama, Thriller

10 Things I Love About Autumn ♥

Sunday, 22 October 2017

OHMYGAWD. It's AUTUMN!!! My most favourite time of year! (bar Christmas, of course) From October through to December, I'm just so happy, these months really do bring out the happiest and most content, excited Sharna, as there's always so many exciting things going on, and despite how much I prefer the sunshine, compared to colder weather, theres something so lovely about crisp, Autumn mornings, and the cosy dark, evenings, before it starts to get way too cold during the Winter months. I just get so excited about this time of year, and I cannot wait to make the most of it this year, by appreciating all of my favourite Autumnal things! :) Today I thought I'd share 10 things that I love about Autumn, with you all, because despite it being the biggest blogger cliche, I just thought why not? Everyone loves a bit of Autumn in their lives! ♥

 ♥ 1. Lighting all the candles-  there's just something so Autumnal and cosy about lighting candles, and settling in for a relaxing, cosy night full of Autumnal scents. 
 ♥ 2. Going for crips, autumn walks - one of my favourite things to do is to wrap up all lovely and cosy, and step out into the fresh, crisp Autumn breeze, and going for a stroll in the crisp leaves, before the weather gets ridiculously cold. It's so relaxing and I just love seeing the change in season!

 ♥ 3. Transitioning all of my homeware, and making everything look autumnal: cushions, duvet covers, accessories etc - this is another one of my favourite things to do in Autumn. I really love changing up my homeware, so that it is that little bit more Autumnal. Gone are the bright Summery shades, and in come more moody, Autumnal, berries, and neutrals! 
 ♥ 4. Reading - you all know how much of a bookworm I am. There's nothing I love more than getting lost into a good book, so of course any old excuse I have to sit down, chill and read, I grab with both hands. Autumn is the perfect excuse to wrap up all lovely and cosy and get lost into a good book! With candles lit and a hot chocolate in hand of course. 
 ♥ 5. Cosy evenings, with your favourite, comfy, fluffy blankets - Autumn is the perfect excuse to dig out your favourite most fluffy, cosy blankets and to just relax. These types of evenings are my favourite. 
 ♥ 6. Buying & Wearing Autumn clothing - Any old excuse for a touch of retail therapy? I love the transition from Summer to Autumn and stocking up on cosy jumpers, and buying my new A/W coat is just the best. I love putting together Autumn outfits and searching Pinterest for A/W clothing inspiration. 
 ♥ 7.  Sipping on all the hot chocolates - Of course?! With marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate shavings!!! 
 ♥ 8. Getting to wear cute matching hats, scarves and gloves - I mean is there anything better? My favourite place to shop for cute Autumn/Winter hats, scarves and gloves has to be Accessorize. Although it's slightly on the pricey side, they do the loveliest quality pieces, that are so unique! 
 ♥ 9. Halloween & Bonfire Night - I mean who doesn't love Halloween and Bonfire Night?! 
 ♥ 10. Getting Autumn nail shades - as you know one of my favourite treats, is to get my nails done in the salon every month, and I really love to celebrate all things Autumn by going for really neutral, nude shades to all things Berry and Dark. Gone are all things bright and Summery! 

I hope you all feel super cosy, and Autumnal right now. I know I do :) Bring on the next few months. I cannot wait! 

What are your favourite things about Autumn? 
What is your favourite season?
What do you love the most about Autumn?

Have a lovely day!
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